Lift: 10 Reasons to Strength Train

All too often the benefits of strength training (also referred to as weight lifting or toning) are overlooked. Women especially fall into a cardio rut and forget to work on sculpting those ever important muscles. Here are 10 key reasons to add strength training to your fitness regimen.

Living with Diabetes – The Diabetes Health Profile

Patient reported outcomes (PRO) from a national survey of people with diabetes using the Diabetes Health Profile

Most Cost Effective Way Of Exercising

An infographic created by London design agency ‘The Surgery’ for personal finance company Nutmeg. It details the most cost effective way of exercising.

Mr. Poo

Having trouble in the bathroom? Maybe Mr. Poo is trying to tell you something about your diet.

Overcoming Anxiety

Anxiety may contribute to harmful habits such as smoking, excessive drinking, overeating, or even drug use/abuse. Excessive stress, worry and anxiety are detrimental to your well being on many levels and reduce the quality of your lifestyle. Persons suffering from high anxiety often have difficulty functioning in social activities and may become reclusive due to […]

Positive Self-Talk

This infographic displays how negative thinking can be changed by using positive self-talk to more positive thinking. This will result in feeling better overall.

Self Care in the New Year: Keeping Our Resolutions

Spending on Healthcare in North America

Shows healthcare spending per capita on in the US, Canada and Mexico and relative percentage of global spending on health.

Superfood Berries

Many believe that berries are incredible superfoods that could be very beneficial for your well being. Here’s our list of 4 heroic super berries and information about how these tiny heroes can help protect you from the villainous clutches of free radicals

Take Your Routine on the Road with Our 30-Minute Workout

Take your routine on the road with an easy 30-minute workout from Bob Greene’s Best Life.