Superfood Berries

Many believe that berries are incredible superfoods that could be very beneficial for your well being. Here’s our list of 4 heroic super berries and information about how these tiny heroes can help protect you from the villainous clutches of free radicals

Take Your Routine on the Road with Our 30-Minute Workout

Take your routine on the road with an easy 30-minute workout from Bob Greene’s Best Life.

The American Healthcare Crisis

It really is shocking how much this country spends on healthcare. Our system is severly flawed it’s an embarrassment really.

The Business of Obesity

Obesity is a tremendously huge drag on our nation’s bottom line through increased health costs, but also presents business opportunities for companies who cater to the obese and those who serve the obese. This infographic looks at both sides of the coin.

The Caffeine Poster, How Much Caffeine Are You Drinking?

What do you know about caffeine? Other then the fact that many of us rely on it every morning for a quick perk-me-up, there is little else that is widely known about America’s legal drug of choice. Here are some interesting facts lying within your morning cup of joe.

The Conversation: Prostate Cancer

The causes of prostate cancer are hard to pinpoint but certain factors do increase your risk. Age, family medical history, and race are the leading factors. Other factors include weight and region. American males are most likely to become diagnosed than males in any other country. The statistics are staggering; One in six men will […]

The Sleep Deprived Nation

Sleep apnea is a potentially serious sleep disorder that affects about 18 million Americans. It has been linked to higher risk of heart disease, depression, high blood pressure and sleep deprivation. The two new studies now link sleep apnea to the higher risk of dying from cancer.

The Truth about Health Related Bankruptcy

Top 10 Foods for Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the greatest experiences that a woman can have. However, the period needs extra care regarding nutritious diet for the mother-to-be. It is important for the woman as well as the growing baby. With this post, we have come up with some foods that could help women experience their motherhood in its […]

U.S. Natality

The 20th century was a time that brought great change in the world. Things were nothing then like what we take for granted today. During the American civil war more soldiers died from infection than died from bullets. Merely a small cut could cause an infection that would kill you.