You may be wondering why I went off on that last tangent talking about clothing and getting the ‘Hollywood body’. The answer is that it all comes down to the same thing: getting rid of your gut is a great opportunity to change the way you look and feel and to change the way that others see you. This impacts on countless other aspects of your life but to do it correctly, you need to understand the myriad different factors currently impacted on you.

Hopefully, you understand why the best way to diet is to reduce your intake of sugars (though not entirely) and to reduce overall calories – all while trying to get enough vitamins and minerals from fruits and vegetables. A particularly effective way to do this is to make two ‘boring’ fixed meals that meet all of the guidelines and to then be more relaxed in the evening.

But if you try all this and it doesn’t work for you, then consider that it might come down to factors other than precisely what you’re eating. If you aren’t getting enough sleep, if you’re overtired or if you’re stressed at work… then you will damage your hormonal balance and you will have no energy or willpower left to eat and train right.

I hope in that case you will consider making some changes to that lifestyle that is leaving you so burned out. Even if that means quitting your job! After all, nothing is worth sacrificing your health and happiness. And as we’ve already seen, agreeing to accept this kind of lifestyle will only result in your mood and your health being beaten down further and further over time. It’s time to stand up and take back control over your own body.

From there, you will then be able to start transforming your entire look. Hopefully, if nothing else, getting rid of your belly will help you to fix your posture and to stand up taller and prouder. This instantly changes the energy that you send into the room and it tells the world that you are successful, important and proud.

Losing your belly really is that one thing that changes everything. But to achieve it, everything must change…


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