As cannabis continues its slow but steady return to acceptable use after the general bans it faced throughout most of the twentieth century, even long opponents are starting to wake up to the benefits that can be realized by allowing its utilization. Republican Senator Mitch McConnell, the Majority Leader in the US Senate, is now backing legalization of hemp.

Of course, those who have not been opposed to cannabis know hemp has a wide variety of industrial uses that always made it a very curious thing to include in the banning of cannabis. Now those applications are starting to be recognized, and steps are being taken to allow American industry to make use of them.

McConnell’s proposed legislation seeks to fully legalize hemp, removing the legal stigma it has suffered under. If the law passes, hemp would be considered the same as any other agricultural product that can be grown and processed in the United States. After it is approved on the Federal level, individual states would then be free to manage hemp production and application the same as they govern things such as corn or wheat, cotton, even tobacco.

Opposition still exists though. The Drug Enforcement Agency is not keen to allow its charter to be removed over hemp and cannabis, and is arguing against the announced bill.

Key Points:

  • 1Some Legislators believe that the production of hemp will lead to the leniency of other drugs such as mass cocaine “hence the devil is in the details section”
  • 2Research is the most informative and in depth reason that it can be used for other purposes
  • 3The CDB oil can be mass produced, which also leads to other reason that can results in raids by police into illegal grow shops

Though the text of the bill is not yet available, the goal is to remove agricultural hemp from the Controlled Substances Act, preventing government agencies like the Drug Enforcement Administration from interfering with hemp growers or vendors of hemp products like CBD oil.

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