Fit Minds – Enable Family Caregiver Program

$49.00 / month

A monthly subscription program designed for family caregivers that helps them create a positive and engaging environment for a loved one suffering from dementia

The Program Includes:

  • an assessment
  • video instruction and interviews
    • how to discuss with parents
    • how to discuss with children
    • how to discuss with siblings
  • information packets on
    • sleep disorders and hygiene
    • caregiver stress
    • how the brain works
  • five new ‘brain fitness’ activities each month
    • games and puzzles to work to keep the mind engaged
  • regular emails with new updates and information



The world of dementia changes and challenges relationships, but it shouldn’t have to end them. While the landscape changes we want to help you maintain a positive and supportive environment for both you and the individual you are caring for.

This online portal is full of resources and is also supplemented by a weekly email. The weekly email is designed to help and support you and your loved one on this journey. Each email will cover:

A ‘Brain Fitness’ exercise for you to share with your loved one. Remember that continuing to engage in mentally stimulating activities is an important way to maintain brain health.

A Brain Health Lifestyle Tip for ensuring that you are building a positive and supportive atmosphere not only for your loved one but for yourself as well. Research shows that lifestyle changes can significantly impact brain health so make sure you are integrating good lifestyle habits into your everyday.

A Caregiver Tip for you to implement so that you are taking care of yourself. Caregiver burnout is a huge problem and you don’t do anyone any favours if you don’t take care of yourself.

And finally, a Communication or Behaviour Tip to help you navigate this new journey. Challenging behaviours are the number one source of stress in caregiving relationships, so these tips should help you maintain peace.

This resource portal covers four topic areas:

  • Your Changing Role – What is Your New Normal
  • The Science Behind Brain Fitness and Cognitive Stimulation Therapy
  • Caring for the Caregiver – You.
  • Reconnecting on the Journey: The Fit Minds Enable Program

The specific topics covered in each of these areas continues to grow every month.

Hear what our community has to say about this program.

“While visiting my 91-year-old mom in Halifax, I did 8 Fit Mind Sessions with her. Fantastic interaction, quality time, sense of accomplishment for both of us. Many thanks.”

Rosemary Taylor, Family Caregiver


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