unKanni Extra Strength 4-pack SAVE 20%


Our Extra Strength Formula contains a full 1200 mg of organic hemp derived CBD oil.

unKanni makes the best hemp derived CBD oil. NO THC, all organic, non-GMO hemp. Certified by The Hemp Authority.

unkanni’s Hemp Farms are in Denver, Colorado.  We chose Colorado to source our hemp derived CBD isolate because they adhere to the strictest regulation in all of the US.  Colorado has the best ground to grow the raw materials of our product because they haven’t had the decades of pesticides used by some of the other cash crop states.

We monitor and track every batch of isolate hemp derived CBD to our pharmacy in Indianapolis, IN where our pharmacists make our hemp derived CBD products.  Our formulas are designed to designed intently to optimize the spectrum of benefits of the hemp derived CBD extract, while maintaining less than .03% THC in each bottle.

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unKanni was formed by a few like minded people that believes the mysteries of health and wellness are far from discovered.  We believe in finding better more natural ways for our customers to feel better and live better.

We have believe in nature’s ability to heal and the bounty it provides.  We believe in research and development of the best product that can be introduced to the human condition to improve the quality of all our lives.

We want our customers to live an unKanni life,  to serve an unKanni mission and to make an unKanni dent in the universe.

We exist to make our customers lives better,  to make the world a healthier and more abundant place and to further the mission of a better life through nature.

How:  We research the globe on the greatest wellness and life improvements in general health,  we find the highest quality resources and optimize the manufacturing process then we help our clients do a experiential understanding of how to be well and we show them the products that best hack their personal health.

What:  We make pharmacy grade  products that exceed the industry standards for quality and purity.  Its our goal to main a life long customers with our products as a ongoing improvement to the their well-being.

We will make our products  less to give our clients a better life and to feel better.

HealthStatus is the official online supplier of unKanni.

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