Where Your Mind Goes, You Go

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Where Your Mind Goes, You Go a mental journey toward a healthy body and a successful life.

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This book needed to come out of me. It was meant to happen. I  don’t care that I lost a business deal and contract with my company because  I wrote a book that is changing thousands of lives around the  world. So the most important lesson I can teach you from experience  is this: Nothing will ever work for you until you understand that your  thoughts and words are directly responsible for your successes and  failures. The mind is powerful and is an amazing tool when it comes  to your fitness goals. In fact, you cannot live a healthy life while  focusing only on the body. Fitness only comes from working on the  mind, body, and spirit. Having a free mind frees the body to engage  in activity that will manifest in a healthy and vibrant existence. A free  mind opens the spirit, opens the heart, and opens every possibility  to experience TOTAL health.

With that in mind, I put together a simple, yet very effective thirty-day mental journey to help you take control and move yourself in  a positive direction toward whatever goals you have. If you use this  program every day for the next thirty days, it will absolutely have  a significant impact, as these concepts have had with me. There’s  nothing in this book that I haven’t done for myself over the years and  I believe it will give you the tools to make your life better. Trust me.

Your mind is a powerful tool you can use to change your life. So do  yourself a favor and fully engage in this process. Great things are  going to happen to you.


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