Nugenix Reviews 2024: Does Nugenix work & ist Nugenix safe?

Revisões Nugenix

Nugenix Testosterone Booster enhance production of Testosterone, and testosterone is the male hormone, which is responsible for a number of bodily functions such as building muscle mass, aiding strength and stamina, deciding the sex drive in men, supporting penis growth, production of sperms.

Testosterone is also commonly referred as sex hormone however, there is more to this hormone than just being a sex hormone. It covers a much wider spectrum of male vitality and male health.

Not everyone produces an adequate amount of testosterone. Also, when men age, the testosterone levels come down drastically. If there is a deficiency in the production of this hormone, all the above functions will be affected. This is one of the reasons why when men age, their sex drive comes down.

Best Testosterone Booster of 2024

  • Todos



  • Todos os ingredientes naturais
  • Aumenta o nível natural de testosterona
  • Reduz significativamente o stress
9.5 5 estrelas



  • Ajuda a aumentar o seu nível de Testosterona
  • Aumenta a massa muscular e a densidade
  • Facilita a rápida recuperação muscular
8.0 5 estrelas



  • Reduzir a Disfunção Eéctil
  • Aumenta a resistência
  • Fórmula 100% Natural
7.6 5 estrelas



  • Aumentar a massa muscular
  • Ter mais energia
  • Aumente a sua força
8.3 5 estrelas



  • Combater a Menopausa Masculina
  • Testosterona de Impulso
  • Aumentar HGH
8.6 4,5 estrelas

Do not worry, in order to supply for the deficiency, we have a number of products and brands such as Nugenix and Testo Prime. Let us take a closer look at Nugenix Total-T and what it exactly offers. We will be looking at the effectiveness of Nugenix, how to use Nugenix Total-T, how safe it is and whether it is legit.

O que é Nugenix?

When you hear people mentioning the name Nugenix, they are probably referring to just one of the products of Nugenix, such as Nugenix Testosterone Booster or Nugenix Total-T.

Melhor alternativa
Nugenix Total T Garrafa TestoPrime
Produto Nugenix Total-T Testo Prime
  • Aumenta o nível de testosterona no corpo
  • Melhora a libido
  • Aumentar a testosterona
  • Gain quality muscle
  • Melhorar o desempenho sexual
  • 100% seguro e natural
Possíveis riscos
  • Estômago perturbado
  • Swollen legs
  • Blood clots in the veins
  • Bloqueio
  • Sleeplessness
  • Sem riscos
Conteúdo 90 Cápsulas 60 Cápsulas
Dosagem 3 Cápsulas por dia 2 Cápsulas por dia
O suficiente para
30 Dias 30 Dias
Preço Verificar preço Verificar preço
Expedição X $4.99
Comentários ⭐⭐2/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5/5
Política de Reembolso 30 Dias
  • 60 Dias

What you need to understand here is that Nugenix is not just a single product, but it is a brand that features a number of products relating to male vitality and male enhancement supplements. This brand features the following products:

  • Nugenix Testosterone Booster
  • Nugenix Total-T
  • Nugenix Multivitaminas
  • Nugenix Thermo
  • Nugenix GH Boost
  • Nugenix Energia Celular
  • Nugenix Ultimate
  • Próstata de Potência Total Nugenix
  • Nugenix Maxx
  • Regulador Nugenix Estro
  • Nugenix PM ZMA
  • Nugenix Estimulador da Vitalidade Sexual
  • Nugenix Essentials Erva de Bode Excitado
  • Nugenix Essentials Pine Bark
  • Nugenix Essentials Maca
  • Nugenix Essentials Tribulus

Para os nossos propósitos aqui, iremos concentrar-nos no Nugenix Total-T, uma vez que é um dos produtos mais populares desta marca e sempre que o Nugenix for mencionado abaixo, é favor notar que estamos a referir-nos ao Nugenix Total-T.

Quais são os ingredientes de Nugenix?

Nugenix Total-T has eight carefully chosen ingredients that are meant to act as testosterone boosters. The brand claims that these ingredients are scientifically formulated.

Here are the ingredients of Nugenix Total-T–Boron (as boron glycinate), elevATP® Blend [Ancient Peat Extract (trace minerals) and Apple Fruit Extract], Eurycoma longifolia Extract (root), Fenugreek Extract (seed) (50% Fenuside™) (Testofen®), L-Citrulline Malate (2:1), Vitamin B6 (as pyridoxine hydrochloride), Vitamin B12 (as methylcobalamin) and Zinc (as zinc chelate).

These ingredients are responsible for boosting muscle mass and male vitality. Let us take a detailed look at what each one of these eight ingredients do.

  • Boron (as boron glycinate) –This is not a totally new ingredient; our body knows this mineral already because it gets its daily boron dose from the food that we eat and the regular water we drink daily. Boron is helpful in boosting both total testosterone and free testosterone levels. It is also maintaining a balance in the estrogen levels and protects your body from osteoporosis. Boron is also helpful in dealing with post workout inflammation.
  • elevATP® Blend [Ancient Peat Extract (trace minerals) and Apple Fruit Extract] - elevATP® Blend is a proprietary blend which is designed to increase the energy levels and thereby support performance in sports, athletics and energy training. It also improves the metabolism rate.
  • Eurycoma longifolia Extract (root) –This ingredient fights bacterial infections and it is also considered to be a treatment for ED or Erectile Dysfunction. It also acts as a stress reliever and mood enhancer. Further to that, it also provides support with athletic performance, endurance and lean muscle mass building.
  • Fenugreek Extract (seed) (50% Fenuside™) (Testofen®) - This extract is obtained from fenugreek seeds. This ingredient has a very strong testosterone boosting properties, which supports lean muscle mass building, vitality levels and the libido. Further to that, its anti-inflammation properties are helpful in dealing with post workout injuries in the tissues.
  • L-Citrulline Malate (2:1) –This is a vasodilator; it enhances blood flow in the body. It improves energy levels and boosts performance with weight training exercises.
  • Vitamin B6 (as pyridoxine hydrochloride) –This acts as a mood enhancer, increases RBC or red blood cells, supports the cardiovascular system reducing the risk of heart attack. Most importantly, it boosts the metabolism and increases the energy levels.
  • Vitamin B12 (as methylcobalamin) –Supports RBC production and prevents anemia. It enhances bone health. It also enhances the testicular performance.
  • Zinc (as zinc chelate) –Increases the immunity level and reduces oxidative stress and it reduces inflammation. Zinc is another powerful testosterone booster which prevents impotence in men. Zinc can be found in the Testo Booster Testro X, that we reviewed too.

Como é que funciona o Nugenix? Até que ponto é bom o efeito do Nugenix como um potenciador da vitalidade masculina?

All the ingredients in Nugenix Total-T aimed at achieving a significant testosterone boost in the body. This supplement does not have testosterone, but it just contains testosterone booster ingredients that support the body to produce adequate testosterone to achieve the required bodybuilding results and to achieve better libido.

When this supplement is combined with regular workout and the right diet, it increases muscle mass. Those who are on to their bodybuilding goals, will be able to notice a significant boost. Another known benefit of testosterone boost in the body is increased sex drive and better sexual performance. In terms of its effectiveness, Nugenix performs reasonably well.

However, there are other more effective brands like TestoPrime which offer better results.

É importante acrescentar uma formação adequada para ver os benefícios do suplemento Nugenix Total-T de culturismo.

Como utilizar e dosear Nugenix para obter melhores resultados? A nossa recomendação de dosagem - Qual a quantidade de Nugenix que deve tomar?

Nugenix Total-T comes in the form of capsules. The recommended dosage is 3 capsules per serving. This supplement is to be taken on a daily basis and the brand claims that taking it daily optimizes free and total testosterone levels.

This supplement can be taken with or without food. It is best when taken before the workout, as the brand claims that it starts working in 60 minutes and its results will improve training performance.

Even though the packaging recommends three capsules per serving, those who have used it noticed better results when these capsules are spaced out at different times of the day. At least for the initial few days, you may want to pay close attention to the side effects.

Many users do report negative side effects. You need to be vigilant of such side effects and if you should feel any discomfort when using the supplements, you must discontinue it immediately and reach out to your doctor for immediate medical attention.

Se tiver alguma condição de saúde prévia, é melhor consultar o seu médico antes de tomar o suplemento de testosterona.

Quanto tempo demora a Nugenix a trabalhar?

This varies from one person to the other. The brand claims that within one hour of taking Nugenix Total-T, the blood and muscles will show a boost in the adenosine triphosphate or ATP. The supplement will also start supporting cellular energy production within one hour.

The brand further claims that in the first hour itself, there will be an improvement in the exercise performance and training volume. This supplement will continue to work progressively, and it will increase libido and sexual vitality. In six to twelve weeks, free and total testosterone levels will be balanced. It takes up to 12 weeks to see the fullest benefits in a progressive manner.

Nugenix 2024 clinical trial assessment and results: Is Nugenix safe to use?

A marca afirma que o Nugenix Total-T é um produto cientificamente formulado, e que é seguro para utilização. Não existem estimulantes ou enchimentos neste suplemento. Contudo, temos relatórios de utilizadores que indicam que existem efeitos secundários quando se utiliza este suplemento.

Se procura um reforço de testosterona mais seguro, uma marca mais fiável que poderia considerar é a Testo Prime.

Nugenix resulta antes e depois: o Nugenix funciona realmente ou é um esquema?

Nugenix Total-T claims that it starts working within the first sixty minutes. However, as a daily dose supplement, the benefits are seen progressively.

The effectiveness of the supplement varies from person to person. Not everyone shows the same effectiveness graph. What we have below are just the representational results after taking Nugenix Total-T. You may have a totally different experience taking this testosterone booster.

  • Nugenix results after two weeks: The brand claims the supplement will start working from the first sixty minutes after taking the dose. It will support cellular energy production and it will improve exercise performance. When taken daily, it will continue to work, improving the energy and vitality levels.
  • Nugenix results after one month: After three weeks, there will be a significant boost in the libido, sexual performance, and overall vitality.
  • Nugenix results after two months: From six weeks onwards, the following benefits could be seen – free and total testosterone level optimization, improvement in lean muscle mass, better strength and endurance and an overall improved body composition.
  • Nugenix results after 3 months: The above results will continue to get better and by the end of three months, you would start experiencing the fullest benefits of this supplement after three months. To continue enjoying the benefits, you need to continue the supplements. At the same time, continuously taking testosterone supplements is not recommended.


Resultados do Testo Prime

Durante este período, se por acaso sentir quaisquer efeitos secundários ou desconfortos, que sejam de natureza persistente, terá de descontinuar o suplemento e consultar o seu médico para obter atenção médica imediata. Não está em posição de decidir se o efeito secundário pode ou não ser ignorado; é melhor que o seu médico o determine depois de o examinar.

A nossa revisão e classificação Nugenix: Prós e contras de Nugenix:

Like all the supplements, Nugenix also claims that Nugenix Total-T is the most effective testosterone booster. However, we are able to find varied responses from those who used the supplement.

Not all of them are positive and at the same time not all of them are negative either.

Revisões positivas de Nugenix

  • Very Effective Testosterone Booster: I was able to see the impact right from the third day. My energy level was high, and I was able to experience better training performance. One of the best testosterone supplements that I tried in the recent past.

Revisões negativas de Nugenix

  • Did not work for me: I was totally disappointed with Nugenix Total-T. I thought that it would work as the brand promised. I used it for over a month and I did not experience any great results that the brand claims to offer. Did I waste my money?!?
  • Terrible stomach upset after Nugenix: I started experiencing bad stomach upset problems after taking Nugenix Total-T. I thought it would subside after a day or two, but it did not and I had to discontinue the supplement. A very bad experience with Nugenix.
  • Disappointing results and bad side effects: Nugenix is not a supplement that I would try again. It is one of the worst testosterone boosters that I have tried. It did not produce any results expected but the side effects were also bad. I ended up with swollen feet.
Prós e Contras

Nugenix Pros:

  • Aumenta os níveis de testosterona
  • Fácil de usar

Nugenix Cons:

  • Os resultados não são fiáveis
  • Estômago perturbado
  • Pés inchados
  • Bloqueio
  • Sleeplessness

As revisões Nugenix na Internet e fóruns como Reddit ou Consumer Reports:

Nugenix is a popular brand but unfortunately its products do not live up to its own promises. They fall short, disappointing the users.

This is what reflects on the online forums, internet discussions and in the consumer forums. It works, but not for all. When you are taking a testosterone booster to improve your libido or for bodybuilding purposes, you would want to see positive results, if not, there is no fun in taking such supplements.

O Nugenix estava no tanque de tubarões?

Nugenix nunca esteve no Shark Tank. Esta marca ou os seus produtos não foram aprovados pelo programa Shark Tank nem por nenhum dos Shark Tank.

O Nugenix tem reputação ou existem avisos sobre o Nugenix na Internet?

Não temos quaisquer relatórios importantes sobre o Nugenix Total-T na Internet. No entanto, aconselhamo-lo a usar a sua discrição ao tomar este suplemento. Existem vários riscos e efeitos secundários negativos associados a este suplemento. É necessário que primeiro se analise de perto esses efeitos secundários negativos antes de se avançar a todo o vapor com este suplemento.

O que tenho de considerar se quiser descontinuar o Nugenix?

Muitos utilizadores descontinuam o Nugenix Total-T após alguns dias devido aos efeitos secundários negativos. Assim, se também estiver a pensar em descontinuá-lo, ou porque não é seguro para si ou porque não é eficaz, pode descontinuá-lo sem qualquer problema. Nos primeiros dias, sentirá um pequeno mergulho no nível de energia, mas o seu corpo reajustar-se-á sem o fornecimento adicional de testosterona.

Onde se pode comprar Nugenix? Nugenix comparação de preços & ofertas para venda:

Pode comprar Nugenix Total-T a partir do website da marca. Encontrará os melhores preços no website da marca. Custa $69,99 por uma garrafa de 90 cápsulas. Nugenix pode ser encontrado noutras plataformas online a um preço inferior mas nunca se pode ter a certeza da genuinidade do suplemento.



Todos os ingredientes naturais
Aumenta o nível natural de testosterona
Reduz significativamente o stress


Pode comprar o Nugenix a uma farmácia?

Não, não se pode comprar Nugenix numa farmácia. Nugenix Total-T não é um fármaco sujeito a receita médica. Por conseguinte, pode comprá-lo online sem receita médica.


Nugenix Review Conclusion - A nossa experiência e recomendação:

Nugenix Total-T faz muitas grandes reivindicações sobre a sua eficácia e o que poderia oferecer aos utilizadores. A questão, porém, é que não sabemos quão verdadeiras são estas reivindicações. As opiniões e classificações dos utilizadores indicam que existem outras marcas melhores, como o Testo Prime, que produzem excelentes resultados sem o receio de quaisquer efeitos secundários negativos.

Nugenix Review Conclusion - A nossa experiência e recomendação:

Nugenix Total-T works for some along with the right training regime and the right diet. For various reasons, many do not respond well to the supplement. The brand claims that its ingredients are carefully researched. While the ingredients may be researched, Nugenix Total-T, as a formula, fails to meet the expectations of the users.

Bodybuilders and those who are looking to improve their sex drive would want something more reliable. They would certainly not want to bet on the results. A better alternative brand that we would recommend is Testo Prime.

Perguntas mais frequentes sobre o Nugenix:

No que diz respeito ao Nugenix Total-T, os utilizadores têm muitas perguntas. Há um elemento de desconfiança em relação a este suplemento. Isto acontece porque a marca não cumpre as suas próprias promessas. Vejamos algumas das perguntas mais frequentes.

Quanto custa o Nugenix e onde posso comprar o Nugenix pelo preço mais barato?

Existem acordos Nugenix ou códigos de cupão?

É possível comprar a Nugenix no eBay e na Amazon?

Há alguma crítica ao Nugenix ou é recomendado tomar Nugenix?

O Nugenix tem alguns riscos ou efeitos secundários?

É seguro tomar Nugenix continuamente?

Quem está por detrás do fabricante da Nugenix Total-T?

Preciso de uma receita médica para comprar Nugenix?



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