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A few years ago I reached the point where unless the light was really bright I had a hard time reading a book, a menu (what is it with restaurants that they are all so dark?), and the scores of the ball games as I watched television.

I went and got some bifocals since I am also near-sighted. At first I thought it was no big deal, but now I had to wear my glasses ALL the time. Someone would hand me a report, and I would have to either stretch it waaaayyy out there, or put on my glasses. Of course my buddies couldn’t let that go and had to tease me about it.

Whenever I wanted to read a book, my glasses were in the other room, or out in the car, so I bought extra glasses, but that didn’t help. Every couple of days all my pairs of glasses would be sitting together in the same room, and I would have to go distribute them around the house again.

So I started doing a little research on my options. Laser surgery will fix my near-sighted vision but not my reading vision, and it is expensive, I wear contacts for sports so I tried the multi-focal contacts and my bad putting skills got even worse.

Then I found this video:

[mc src=”” type=”youtube”]Paul McCartney Eye Yoga[/mc]

I thought, wow, I want to be like Paul McCartney. So I started researching natural vision improvement, and this is where it really helps to be President of a large health website company. I started asking the experts in this field who their expert was, and the same name kept coming up.

After many months of contact, I can now say, she is now OUR expert! You will get more details on the program very soon, so watch your email.

Post a comment below and tell me your experiences, good, bad and funny with your reading glasses. How many pairs do you keep? You never know, I have been known to give cool stuff to people with great comments.

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