Wellness Pays Off

Your Health = Business Profits = National Economic Security

The economic security of America rests on its workers health!  Here is how I got there:

  • Skyrocketing costs of healthcare threaten to bankrupt businesses.
  • Businesses are sending the jobs they have to other countries where costs are lower putting more Americans out of work.
  • American businesses must be competitive in the global market.

America spends 1.7 trillion dollars in healthcare nationally every year.  More than any other country.  And yet more than ½ of all Americans live with at least 1 chronic disease; heart disease, stroke, diabetes, or cancer.

According to the CDC it costs employers an average of $1300 per year for an employee who smokes.

The National Safety Council estimates that 1 million employees are absent on an average work day.

Here is the good news:  We now have confirmed studies that are showing that dollars spent on preventing disease; getting are workforce healthier before disease sets in; is paying off for business in a big way.

The Trust for America”s Health says that if we spend $10 per person per year on increasing physical activity, improving nutrition and preventing smoking and other tobacco use the country could save $16 billion annually within 5 years.  That is a savings of $5.60 per every $1 spent.  If businesses could save over $5 in healthcare costs buy spending $1 on programs to keep their workforce healthy profits would go up.  And that is good for employers, employees, stockholders and the nation.

Companies are having success:

Caterpillar”s Healthy Balance Program will save $700 million by 2015

MetLife is showing a 2.52% return on investment from its fitness program.

Motorola”s Wellness Program saves the company $3.93 for every $1 invested in wellness benefits.

Lincoln Industries in Nebraska has lowered its healthcare costs by providing on-site massages and pre-shift stretching.  The company keeps 3 full time employees devoted to the wellness of their employees.  The company also requires all employees to have quarterly check up measuring weight, body fat and flexibility.  Annually they conduct blood, vision and hearing tests.  The company ranks employees fitness and works with employees to eliminate smoking.  Hears the wonderful news, the company is saving more than $2 million per year on health care costs.  That makes the yearly investment into the health of its employees of $400,000 a bargain.  The company is winning and so are the healthier employees.

Clarian Health Partners will begin to charge its employees if they don”t meet the companies weight, cholesterol, and blood pressure guidelines in 2009.  This is a different approach to focusing your employees on changing damaging habits.

Obesity and inactivity are risk factors in more than 20 chronic diseases.  Employers and employees need to get informed and improve nutrition and increase physical activity before disease takes hold.  A great way to know your risk areas and get help with improving is to log on to Healthstatus.com and take a free health risk assessment.  That will get you started.  Your job security and America”s national economic security may depend on your health.

Abigail Epps-Kluttz

Abigail is from Kansas City, Kansas.She began her journey in the Health industry as a personal trainer/ nutritionist.She became a group instructor for Kansas State University and was the strength and conditioning coach for Manhattan Christian College women's basketball Team. During that time she began the hobby of competing and then on to coaching women to stage and keyed in on her passion for research and writing.She quickly became a featured model/ writer for many magazines, newspapers and websites.After a few years, she hung up her heels and created her company Absrenewal.She wanted to stay home with her daughter and began coaching hundreds of people from all demographics across the nation through her Absrenewal lifestyle System programs.She is an innovator in the health industry with a fierce passion to help people and an innovative and entrepreneurial spirit.She is a public speaker on lifestyle and the benefits of a higher fat and lower carb paradigm. This past year she teamed with a company called Pruvit and helped launch the first exogenous ketones to the public. She is also the owner of a seasonal Online Tea Company called Castle and Fables.

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