Burn Lab Pro Reviews 2024: Burn Lab Pro Results before and after

Burn Lab Pro Reviews

Physicians, doctors, and health professionals all over the globe now consider obesity an epidemic. According to the World Health Organization, about one-fourth of the global population is suffering from obesity and is overweight. Current data also suggests that every year, approximately 2.8 million people die from obesity-related health complications.

Obesity has taken the form of a slow killer that gradually endangers both our physical and mental health. People with obesity have a higher chance of having a stroke, diabetes, and certain kinds of cancer. Aside from these physical obesity-related health complications, obesity also takes a toll on the individual’s mental health.

Overweight and obese persons often have a negative self-image, many of them believe they are awful and hideous, hence, withdraw from social interactions. This negative belief and actions have been noted to result in low self-esteem and depression along with many suffering from obesity.

To combat obesity, dietitians, nutritionists, and health professionals advise that a safe, effective, and evidence-based dietary plan in combination with regular exercise is the way to go. However, that has not been an easy practice for dieters as it takes a lot of hard work and consistency to achieve desired weight loss goals.

Fortunately, reputable and giant wellness companies have manufactured a wide variety of weight loss supplements to help give dieters the helping hand they need on their weight loss journey. Many of these weight loss supplements advertise themselves as safe and effective products for weight loss treatment. However, one supplement that has remained consistent and true to its claim of being an effective and safe weight loss supplement is Burn Lab Pro.

Burn Lab Pro is a weight loss supplement produced by Opti-Nutra, a wellness and fitness company that has strongly established itself in the United Kingdom. Opti-Nutra carefully formulated Burn Lab Pro to help athletes and fitness zealots achieve their fitness and weight loss goals faster while maximizing their outputs during workouts.

Ever since Burn Lab Pro was launched, the weight loss supplement has helped thousands of persons suffering from obesity reach their fitness goals. So if you are contemplating getting this product, this Burn Lab Pro review is for you. This review will expressly discuss the benefits, side effects, ingredients, pricing, and working principles of Burn Lab Pro. 

Keep reading to learn more about Burn Lab Pro. 

What is Burn Lab Pro?

Burn Lab Pro is a safe vegan-friendly and healthy fat-melting supplement that is formulated to help optimize weight loss without losing muscle mass in your fitness journey. The supplement is formulated using safe, natural, and powerful ingredients, with every ingredient having a role to play in achieving a process of gradual weight loss.

Burn Lab Pro also helps to boost workout performance, thanks to its incredible format that enhances muscle growth and shreds fat at the same time. According to the manufacturer, the product is primarily designed to assist fitness zealots to achieve the perfect body composition and maximizing performance during workouts. However, Burn Lab Pro is also for anyone looking to shed some excess weight off the scale.

Burn Lab Pro
Product Burn Lab Pro
  • Expediting muscle recovery
  • Increase energy levels
  • Curbs fat accumulation
  • Balance blood sugar
  • Suppress cravings
Possible Risk No
Content  90 capsules
Dosage 2 capsules per  a day
Enough for 30 days
Price    $59.00
Shipping Free shipping available
Reviews 3.5 out of 5 stars
Delivery Time 1-7 days

How does Burn Lab Pro work? How good is the effect of Burn Lab Pro for Weight Loss?

How does Burn Lab Pro work

Talking about the best weight loss supplements available on the market, Burn Lab Pro ranks top. Each ingredient contained in the Burn Lab Pro formula has distinct properties that help in weight loss treatment and help you achieve your weight loss journey.

Burn Lab Pro is designed to boost athletic performance and help consumers go the extra mile during workout sessions to burn fat and achieve an ideal physique and fitness level. Burn Lab Pro achieves rapid weight loss by following four principles which include

Reducing Calorie Intake

One of the primary reasons why people gain so much weight which ultimately results in obesity is excessive calorie intake. As such, Burn Lab Pro is designed to help tackle this primary problem. Thanks to the presence of red hot chili pepper contained in the Burn Lab Pro formula, excess calorie intake is put to check.

Red hot chili peppers have been scientifically proven to help suppress appetite and cravings. It gives the stomach a feeling of fullness, discouraging Burn Lab Pro users from consuming more carbohydrates. Another ingredient contained in Burn Lab Pro or Appetite Suppressant that also helps suppress appetite is HMB. HMB also helps maintain peak performance and suppress muscle breakdown during calorie depletion and fasting.

The combination of red hot chili pepper and HMB help to suppress appetite and promote optimum performance during workouts while helping to preserve the muscles.

Total Energy Expenditure (TEE)

TEE or Total Energy Expenditure is the total number of energy or calories an individual burns within 24hrs. Several factors influence the Total Energy Expenditure of an individual, some of which include; metabolic rate, thermogenesis, and exercise. For rapid weight loss, increased thermogenesis is vital; thermogenesis is the process of burning energy to release heat.

Ingredients such as BioPerine, Forslean, and Capsimax contained in the Burn Lab Pro formula help to stimulate the hormone that triggers thermogenesis and increases the metabolic rate in the body.  With consistent use of Burn Lab Pro in combination with regular workout sessions, thermogenesis is increased significantly, making it easier to burn calories and lose weight.

Oxidation of Fat

BioPerine, Forslean, and Capsimax are also the three ingredients containing the Burn Lab Pro formula that promotes the oxidation of fat. By increasing thermogenesis, fat cells are rapidly burned which ultimately leads to weight loss.

Fat Breakdown and Mobilization

Clinical tests and evaluation of Burn Lab Pro suggest that the blend of ingredients present in the supplement stimulates lipolysis through the signaling of specific hormones. The lipolysis process involves the body naturally breaking down fat cells stored in the adipose tissue.

What are Burn Lab Pro Ingredients?

Burn Lab Pro Ingredients

Burn Lab Pro is a dietary supplement that is formulated using five primary active ingredients to induce weight loss, boost training intensity, enhance muscle gain and so much more. The five primary active ingredients contained in the Burn Lab Pro formula include common ingredients such as HMB, forskolin, and capsaicin while GTF Chromium present in the Burn Lab Pro formula is quite rare.

The following are the primary active ingredients contained in the Burn Lab Pro formula; 


Forslean is one of the primary active ingredients present in Burn Lab Pro which makes it a very effective product for weight loss. Forslean is a powerful ingredient that has been backed by much research and studies to be highly effective in stimulating muscle development and melting fat.

Forslean is a more potent form of an Ayurvedic herbal root known as Coleus forskohlii which contains active forskolin. Forslean stimulates a cascade of hormones that aids the breakdown and burning of fat, as well as the development of lean muscle. The ingredient is carefully blended into the mixture to supply only 10% forskolin for an ideal weight result.

On the Burn Lab Pro official website, Forslean is also stated to offer nootropic advantages for stress resistance, clarity, mood, and focus. In fact, the amazing weight loss benefits of Forslean have been demonstrated in more than clinical trials and evaluations.


Capsimax is also another research-backed ingredient contained in the Burn Lab Pro formula. Capsimax is blended into the mix due to its natural ability to help suppress appetite and curb cravings. The ingredient also assists the body in regulating hormones that heighten the breakdown of fat and body heat. But primarily, Capsimax helps to prevent the further storage of fat cells in the adipose tissue.

The ingredient also promotes energy balance, helping the body to burn more calories than it consumes. Preliminary studies have shown that individuals on Capsimax often consume less than 140 calories while burning off 130 calories per day. In addition to this, clinical studies have also given the green light on the safety of Capsimax use. The ingredient provides stimulant-free weight loss benefits without jitters.

HMB (ß-Hydrocy ß-Methyl butyrate)

Burn Lab Pro weight loss supplement also incorporates HMB in its blend of ingredients. Scientifically known as ß-Hydrocy ß-Methyl butyrate, HMB helps to boost the development of lean muscles and also rapidly burn fat during various workout regimens. HMB offers the body a harmonious combination of muscle-sparing, muscle recovery, and muscle-building benefits that contribute to the development of lean muscles.

In addition to this, HMB effects are quite prolonged which ensures proper muscle recovery hours after your workout session. This helps to facilitate a stronger, faster, and stronger muscle mass.

Nutrigenetics GTF Chromium

A rare and unique ingredient present in the Burn Lab Pro is the  Nutrigenesis GTF Chromium. The ingredient assists in stimulating insulin activities that promote the constant use of blood glucose for energy rather than storing it as fat.

GTF Chromium is a very important mineral that promotes weight loss and ideal body composition. The ingredient is a trace mineral with cofactors that are generally found in food such as brewer’s yeast.

By optimizing insulin, GTF Chromium indirectly stimulates weight loss through balanced energy, suppressed appetite, and muscle development.

Bioperine Black Pepper Extract

Burn Lab Pro also contains Bioperine, a naturally occurring compound sound in Black pepper. The ingredient helps to increase the rate of body metabolism and nutrient absorption. Bioperine provided the needed body temperature for optimum calorie burning.

Bioperine primarily functions to boost thermogenic to facilitate weight loss. The ingredient also helps to increase the absorption, and bioavailability of other minerals in the body.

How to use Burn Lab Pro for the best results? – How many Burn Lab Pro should you take?

Muscle mass

Burn Lab Pro weight loss supplement comes in a sealed bottle filled with 90 capsules each. The dosage requirement for the supplement is boldly illustrated in the element chart inscribed on the rear of the bottle. According to the manufacturer, you are to use between two to four pills every day, on an empty stomach, 15 to 30 minutes before your workout session. Please ensure you are consistent with the number of pills and do not just use the pills randomly.

For us, we advise you to start with the smallest dosage (two pills per day) and then increase the dosage gradually. This is to give your body enough time to adjust to the supplement. Please note that if you are going to be using four pills per day, one bottle of Burn Lab Pro will not last you for a month.

Burn Lab Pro weight loss supplement is GMO-free, soy-free, non-irradiated, and contains vegan-friendly ingredients. According to the manufacturers, Burn Lab Pro is formulated and coated using natural and herbal capsules produced from pullulan. Even though the safety and efficacy of Burn Lab Pro are guaranteed, the response time of users varies from one person to the next. So we advise you to reach out to your doctor before you start using the product.

How long does it take for Burn Lab Pro to work?

As mentioned earlier, the response time of users varies from one individual to the next. But if you stay consistent with the recommended dosage, you should notice some results within the first 10 to 14 days. All things being equal, you will notice obvious changes within two weeks and weight loss will considerably increase after that. As regards significant changes on the scale, it might take up to a month to record a huge difference. If you stay consistent, you will eventually achieve that weight loss goal.

Burn Lab Pro 2024 clinical trial assessment and results: Is Burn Lab Pro safe to use?


A major selling point for Burn Lab Pro is that the supplement is not only effective but very safe for weight loss treatment. The company behind Burn Lab Pro has demonstrated so much commitment to its customers, and that is evident in the product being formulated by scientists and dietitians who prioritize efficacy and safety.

Burn Lab Pro can be consistently used for a long time without the need to cycle out. The recommended dosage is according to the guidelines established from the clinical research which certifies that the capsules are free of additives, soy, gluten, GMO, and any form of harmful chemical substances.

Since Burn Lab Pro was launched, there’s been zero reports of any side effects linked to its use. Not even mild side effects have been reported against Burn Lab Pro which is quite commendable. For this reason, without any doubt, Burn Lab Pro is one of the safest weight loss supplements available on the market.

Burn Lab Pro Side Effects

There’s been no report of Burn Lab Pro side effects since the supplement was introduced to the market. Burn Lab Pro is said to be 100% safe and free of additives, soy, gluten, GMO, and any form of harmful chemical substances. The company behind Burn Lab Pro has further made the supplement safe by ensuring 100% herbal capsules produced from pullulans are used as capsules for the formula.

Even though we can ascertain the safety of Burn Lab Pro, we still recommend you keep your doctor in the loop if you decide to try out this supplement. This is just to ensure you have a health professional monitoring your weight loss journey. Also, make sure you read through the makeup ingredients to ascertain you are not allergic to any of the ingredients that make up Burn Lab Pro.

Burn Lab Pro before and after results: Does Burn Lab Pro work or is it a scam?

Burn Lab Pro before and after

The efficacy and potency of Burn Lab Pro one without an iota of doubt. All clinical trials carried out on Burn Lab Pro points to guaranteed weight loss results using Burn Lab Pro. Asides from the clinical trials, testimonies, comments, and reviews about the efficacy of Burn Lab Pro are all positive.

However, it is still important to point out that response time to Burn Lab Pro use varies among persons. Ideally, you should start noticing little changes in the body within 14 days of consistent Burn Lab Pro use. If not you will have to be patient and wait a few extra days before these changes manifest.

The information displayed in the table below is an indication of possible changes one will experience in the course of using Burn Lab Pro at different intervals.

Results after 2 weeks  Increase in energy, reduced appetite, and improved focus
Results after one month  Weight loss of more than 10 lbs.
Results after two month  Increase in lean muscle and weight loss above 15 lbs
Result after three month  Significant body change and weight loss above 22 lbs.

Our Burn Lab Pro reviews and rating: Burn Lab Pro’s pros and cons

Burn Lab Pro reviews Pros

  • Expediting muscle recovery
  • Increase energy levels
  • Curbs fat accumulation
  • Balance blood sugar
  • Suppress cravings
  • Boost metabolism

Burn Lab Pro reviews Cons

  • Contradictions with prescription drugs
  • Not ideal for pregnant women and lactating mothers

Burn Lab Pro's positive reviews

I’ve been trying to lose fat for a long time, and for some time, I have succeeded. However, I reached a fat loss plateau. I had tried several supplements, but they were a little problematic, so I decided to try Burn Lab Pro. On top of that, I made a few dietary and training changes. Since then, I have been losing 2lbs a week, and I’ve been gaining some muscles. I take it after my morning fasted cardio. I haven’t experienced any side effects. I think this is the real deal.” — Daniella

Burn Lab Pro's negative reviews

“I swell up from supplements with calcium. It’s no question that I’m dealing with a few medical issues. I used to have another supplement before, and it had calcium, and I used to suffer. I got this one because I thought it was different. Turns out it’s not that different.”– Jane

Burn Lab Pro reviews on the internet and forums like Reddit or Consumer Reports:

Burn Lab Pro Consumer reports

Reviews, discussions, and comments about Burn Lab Pro have all been positive. Hundreds of people on the internet have shared different testimonies that support Burn Lab Pro‘s efficacy in weight loss treatment.

But as you may expect, there have been a few negative reviews about the supplement. But overall, the positives greatly overweight the negatives. The general belief about Burn Lab Pro is that it is safe and highly effective in fat loss and the development of lean muscles.

What do I need to consider if I want to discontinue the Burn Lab Pro Supplement?

Burn Lab Pro is a weight loss supplement that is guaranteed to be safe and absent of additives, fillers, and any kind of harmful substances. So you can do away with the worry of having to experience some kind of withdrawal symptoms or getting addicted to the supplement lingering in your mind.

You can stop using Burn Lab Pro anytime you want. There’s no need to maintain a cycle and gradually discontinue the supplement. You can suddenly discontinue as long as you feel you’ve achieved your weight loss goals.

However, we recommend you use Burn Lab Pro for at least two months for the best results. After that, you can discontinue if you feel like it.

Where can you buy Burn Lab Pro?

Where to buy Burn Lab Pro

You can buy Burn Lab Pro online from the company’s official website or other certified and reputable online stores. For those looking to buy Burn Lab Pro at the cheapest price possible, our partner vendor’s online store offers the best price

Our partner vendor offers coupon codes and huge discounts for persons who make bulk purchases on their online store. All you have to do is visit our partner vendor store and make a Burn Lab Pro purchase.

Can you buy Burn Lab Pro in a pharmacy?

Burn Lab Pro in a pharmacy

No! You cannot buy Burn Lab Pro at any local pharmacy. Burn Lab Pro is not a prescription drug, hence, it can be easily ordered online in the comfort of your home.

To buy Burn Lab Pro, go to our partner vendor’s website and simply make an order. The product will be expressly delivered to you right at your doorstep.

Burn Lab Pro Review Conclusion - Our experience and recommendation

This is it; the complete Burn Lab Pro review. The supplement is one of the most effective weight loss products equipped with powerful calorie-burning ingredients. Many dietitians and dieters believe Burn Lab Pro to be the best weight loss supplement available on the market today. The manufacturer behind the supplement claims that Burn Lab Pro is of top quality, formulated to be safe and pure, considering all safety standards were duly adhered to at every stage of production.

Opti-Nutra, the brand behind Burn Lab Pro has built a reputation of being a transparent and credible brand in the wellness industry and the whole of the UK. As such, every one of its products, Burn Lab Pro inclusive, is manufactured in FDA-approved labs and facilities.

Burn Lab Pro does not contain any additives, artificial sweeteners, or preservatives. The supplement's natural blend of ingredients assists the body to burn more fat for energy during workout sessions while also preserving muscle gains. In addition to these benefits, Burn Lab Pro also helps to promote muscle recovery to help achieve rapid weight results.

Opti-Nutra claims Burn Lab Pro is the best among all weight loss supplements available on the market because it helps to burn excess fat as well as induce rapid muscle development. Before the launch of Burn Lab Pro, Opti-Nutra carried out a series of lab tests and analyses to validate the efficacy and safety of the supplement, all of which gave the green light.

Burn Lab Pro Review Conclusion

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