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Mindvalley Reviews

For a lot of people, personal development is a rigorous task. This is because it takes a whole lot of time— months, years, and even decades. And the truth is, many don’t have the patience and time to stick with a thing for that long. However, this is where Mindvalley comes into play. 

Mindvalley assists people in building good habits over time by ensuring that they stick with habits that will lead to personal development. Developing good habits can be likened to going to the gym. The first few days are the hardest and most painful, but with time, you get used to the routine and it becomes easier. And that’s how it is with learning either physically or via educational platforms. 

But, according to Mindvalley, people are five times more likely to finish a course on the platform compared to any other educational platform. This is due to scientifically-backed tools like daily micro-learnings and community motivation that simplify complex topics into easy-to-understand portions. 

Now to the main question! What is Mindvalley

What is Mindvalley? 

Mindvalley is an online educational platform that seeks to teach and educate its students on how to live joyful and extraordinarily fulfilling lives. It does this by helping students recognize and identify the elements that matter most in life. 

Mindvalley can also be identified as an edutainment (education + entertainment) platform that specializes in classes that are both esoteric and practical. The platform has more than 12 million students in over 80 different counties across various continents. 

What is Mindvalley

Mindvalley platform was established by Vishen Lakhiani to help individuals in their lifelong learning and spiritual development. Vishen kicked off his career as a computer engineer occupying the role of a senior leader at a Silicon Valley startup. However, meditation transformed his life and he went further to study it and teach many individuals across the globe. 

Vishen is enthusiastic about changing how the world thinks of education, politics, spirituality, and business. To this end, Vishen founded Mindvalley in 2002 (almost two decades ago) and established its headquarters in New York City. 

The program and curriculum at Mindvalley are centered around unlocking the full potential of the spirit, mind, and body. It also centers around connecting with other people within the community, finding fulfillment at work, and sharing individual talents with the world. Mindvalley looks to be a way of life rather than a company in the actual sense. Its authenticity has led to educators and instructors joining the platform. 

Mindvalley offers a wide range of courses on topics like quantum jumping. Quantum jumping helps individuals to reach their deepest thinking and feeling to conquer their trauma. There are also hundreds of Mindvalley Talks on the Mindvalley YouTube channel. These videos talk about various topics following the TED talks format. 




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How does Mindvalley work? How good is the effect of Mindvalley?

Individuals can enroll with Mindvalley by registering for a 7-day free trial. Once you’re sure that Mindvalley is the platform for you, the next step is to enroll as a member. There are various membership options like Mindvalley All Access or you can choose to pay for specific courses if that’s best for you. There’s also the option of free masterclasses available on the Mindvalley platform. They share useful knowledge, giving you a taste of what each quest entails. 

Mindvalley Courses

Mindvalley offers more than 50 courses on a wide range of topics which include longevity, unlimited abundance, meditation, and goal settings. Other topics include hypnosis, being extraordinary, energy healing, bending reality, weight loss, conscious parenting, and developing strong memory

The courses are grouped into various categories which include Body, Mind, Soul, Entrepreneurship, Kids, Relationship, Performance, and Teens and Parenting. As mentioned earlier, Mindvalley claims people are five times more likely to finish a course on the platform compared to other educational platforms. This is due to scientifically-backed tools like daily micro-learnings and community motivation that simplify complex topics into simple portions. This learning approach is founded on neuroscience, speed learning strategies, and peak performance. 

Mindvalley Courses

It’s vital to mention that Mindvalley’s tutors and instructors are megastars in their crafts. The tutors are CEOs of huge companies, spiritual teachers, celebrity coaches, entrepreneurs, famous therapists, international speakers, and New York Times Best-selling authors. All of these individuals share their knowledge and wisdom on the Mindvalley platform where people can learn from them. 

One of Mindvalley’s highest-rated Masterclass was a parenting course titled How to Be Less Reactive So You Can Raise Confident, Authentic Children. The course was taught by best-selling author Dr. Shefali. It helped parents tackle and face their fear and quit projecting unfulfilled needs onto their kids. The class also assisted parents to recognize the three essential needs of every child. This further helped parents to understand a five-minute exercise to settle disruptive behavior.

Out of the many instructors of Mindvalley, a renowned figure that stands out is Deborah King. He is a spiritual leader, meditation teacher, New York Times best-selling author, and a leading authority on energy medicine. 

Types of Mindvalley Classes

Mindvalley Quest

Mindvalley quest Mindvalley's Quests/Courses are divided into various sized pieces. A video is expected to be completed every day including one practice test which lasts for about 20 minutes. Normally, every quest or course lasts for about 30 to 50 days. 

One exceptional attribute of Mindvalley is its curriculum. They teach and talk about elements that matter in real life. Mindvalley courses are not about academic knowledge, rather they are about transformative learning. A lot of courses feature meditation exercises to push individuals to surpass their limits and help accomplish great results. 

All programs and courses on the Mindvalley platform are available in the All-Access membership option except Lifebook Online, WildFit, Unlimited Abundance Live, Evercoach, Soulvana, and Unlimited Abundance. 

Mindvalley Quests make use of daily microlearning to assist individuals complete personal growth programs. Quests take pride in having a 333% better completion rate than any other regular online course. Members can have access to all courses with various devices like laptops, desktops, and smartphones. Learning experts and filmmakers expertly created the videos to make learning as enjoyable and addictive as possible while offering the best possible experience. The best of it all, learning only takes an average of 20 minutes per day. 

Mindvalley Mentoring

Mindvalley Mentoring Mindvalley Mentoring (previously known as Tribe Membership) is also one of the available classes on Mindvalley. This class is ideal for individuals looking to take their journey of self-discovery to the next level. Mindvalley features more than 100 hours of training exercises on beliefs curated by Vishen Lakhiani himself and passed on by over 80 prominent instructors. 

Mindvalley Mentoring is basically an inner group of students concentrating on personal growth who are indirectly coached by Vishen Lakhiani.  Members of the Mindvalley Mentoring have access to plenty of workshops, interviews, training videos, and films. Members also get to connect with one another via online meetups and demonstrations. It costs about $199 a year to register for the MindvalleyMentoring course. 

Mindvalley University

Mindvalley University Mindvalley University is a class available for Global Campus members and All Access subscribers. The class is a one-to-three-week long event that takes place in various cities every year offering seminars and workshops for many individuals. Mindvalley University in the past has been held in cities like Pula, Croatia; Barcelona, Spain; Tallinn, Estonia. 

Wondering how good its effect is? Mindvalley courses are really effective and have a positive impact on people's lives. Classes might seem shorter than many are used to, but the classes are precise and consist of vital elements applicable in real-life situations. And this is what makes the courses have a major impact on individuals. The quality of Mindvalley courses is staggering providing an excellent experience to all members of the platform. 

Is Mindvalley safe to use?

Mindvalley courses focus on personal development and teaches people how to be more resilient to stress and develop greater intuition which is indeed safe and legit so you have nothing to worry about. 

Our Mindvalley review and rating: Mindvalley Pros and Cons


  • Mindvalley features megastar stories and instructors like Robin Sharma, Neal Donald Walsch, and Ken Wilber including more than 200 other activists, speakers, and authors. 
  • All courses are straightforward to understand. The courses are designed into small video lessons. Members learn so much in just 10 - 20 minutes each day. Also, unlike several other online educational platforms, Mindvalley online course contents are precise and straight to the point 
  • The video courses are engaging and interesting. They are designed by talented learning experts and filmmakers. 
  • Mindvalley library consists of courses on valuable topics that can be applied to real-life situations. 
  • Mindvalley membership can be shared with members of your family. 
  • New quests are always being included to existing members at no cost. 
  • At a price, members also get to enjoy additional fun and luxurious networking events. 
  • Free courses are available on the Mindvalley platform.


  • The obvious drawback here is the price. Certainly, a lesser price will go a long way in allowing more people interested in the program to be able to enroll.  
  • The cost of buying individual courses is nearly as much as the subscription cost for the All Access Membership.
  • For fast learners and growers, the quest available might not be enough. However, Mindvalley continues to add new quests to the platform 
  • Some video courses sometimes comes out too short. Although the content is also precise, engaging, consistent, and of high quality. 
  • Some premium quests such as Unlimited Abundance and Lifebook Online are not included in the All-Access membership. 
  • Presently there is no offline listening on the platform. Something which Mindvalley is working on fixing. 

Mindvalley Positive Review

Mindvalley Positive

Mindvalley Negative Review 

Mindvalley Negative

Is Mindvalley worth it in 2021?

Every course featured on the Mindvalley platform has proven and continues to prove to be vital to members’ personal development. So the answer is Yes! MindValley is still worth it in 2021. However, it’s quite practical to have it at the back of your mind that Mindvalley isn’t for everyone. If you’re the type that is flexible towards change and what to unlock your full potential, then Mindvalley might be the platform for you.

Little drops of water make the ocean. Dedicating a few minutes of your time towards your personal development makes the difference. Mindvalley as an educational platform allows you to learn vital skills that will make you strive in the world. Certainly, we all have areas of our lives that need some improvement. So, before you enroll, ask yourself if you’re ready to change your actions, thinking, and habits to have an improved life. 

Is Mindvalley Legit or are there any warnings about Mindvalley on the Internet?

Mindvalley Internet

Here comes the question we all ask when we are about to part ways with our money. Is this legitimate? 

Well, to put your mind at rest, we can boldly say that Mindvalley is legitimate and safe and you won’t be scammed. The platform was founded by Vishen Lakhiani in 2013. Vishen is an activist, entrepreneur, and author. He has a team of over 300 people working in more than 50 countries. They are charged with the mission to create new solutions for human consciousness. 

Mindvalley tutors about 10 million students across the globe with more than 200 instructors tutoring the students.

How can I Sign up with Mindvalley?

Signing up with Mindvalley is very easy. All you have to do is visit their website, click on “create an account”, then follow through with the registration process. 

What do I have to consider if I want to discontinue Mindvalley?

Nothing much really.  In fact, you don’t have to worry about your content when canceling your subscription. Your content will still be available until the end of your subscription period.

Mindvalley Review Conclusion- Our experience and recommendation:

Mindvalley is quite different from any other educational platform. The platform is rooted in the spiritual, esoteric, and self-help world. Mindvalley is a life-development platform as well and an educational platform.  Because this platform is so different, we've made sure our verdict appropriately suits Mindvalley. 

Certainly, Mindvalley will 100% improve self-development in the right person. And that right person is someone who loves learning and self-help activities. For a person who isn't excited about self-help concepts or who would rather spend $499 on something else, Mindvalley won't be worth much for such a person. 

Therefore, it's a situation you have to evaluate for yourself. If you're the kind of person who is stimulated by meditation, speed reading, and chakra healing, Mindvalley is your best bet.

Mindvalley Conclusion

Frequently Asked Questions about Mindvalley:

Before starting a class, several questions roam your mind. Here are some questions frequently asked by potential users. Hopefully, you’ll find answers to your own questions.

Is Mindvalley recommendable or are there any criticisms of Mindvalley?

Are there any Mindvalley deals and coupons?

How Much Does Mindvalley Cost and what is the cheapest plan?

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