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Jelqing exercises

Jelqing raised many eyebrows in the past. Today there is a better understanding of Jelqing or Jelking. There are several scientific studies that try to establish the effectiveness of Jelqing, whether it works and whether it is safe. Jelqing reviews will indicate there is a mixed response among those who have tried Jelqing. For some it works like a charm, but for others it does not produce any dramatic results. Let us find out what is the deal about Jelqing of Jelking, how to use Jelqing and before and after results of Jelqing.

What is Jelqing?

Size counts, men like and want their penis to be large, but not everyone is gifted with a large penis. Some men are not confident in bed because they have a small penis. There are several penis enlargement products in the market and many order these penis enlargement devices discreetly and use them secretly. There are also penis enlargement exercises and one of the most popular penis enlargement exercises is Jelking

The proponents of Jelqing or Jelking claim that by following a certain set of penile exercises regularly for about fifteen to thirty minutes per day it is possible to increase the length and the girth of the penis. The penile tissues are massaged in a specific way and by stretching the skin micro-tears are created which while healing forms new tissues which result in a gradual buildup of the penile muscles when the micro-tears heal resulting in a thicker and longer penis. 

This manual penis enlargement exercise is not something new. It has been around for centuries and its origins are traced to the ancient Middle Eastern countries. Based on how this technique works, various other terms are used, including penis milking. Various forms of Jelking exercises are found in various countries across the globe. This technique has pervaded the West, too. 

The Best Jelqing Device 2022 Comparison: Which Penis Jelking Devices are the best in 2022 ?

The original Jelqing or Jelking exercises do not require any specific equipment or device. You can use your hands to perform these exercises. However, those who have used penis enlargement devices such as penis pump for their Jelking penis exercises obtained better results. 

1. Bathmate HydroXtreme

Bathmate HydroXtreme is one of the most popular penis enlargement devices. Bathmate HydroXtreme comes with a user-friendly handball. This model of penis pumps creates maximum pressure possible for the best results. Bathmate HydroXtreme series comes in a number of sizes. Depending on your penis size, you can pick the right Bathmate HydroXtreme. This penis pump is available in the following sizes: 3”, 5”, 7”, 9” and 11”. Bathmate HydroXtreme uses water assisted vacuum, unlike the other penis pumps. You are recommended to use three times per day for up to five minutes per session.

2. Bathmate Hydromax

Bathmate Hydromax comes in five different sizes. Bathmate Hydromax can fit any penis size easily. You need to use Bathmate Hydromax in the bath or shower. When compared to the other penis pumps, Bathmate Hydromax uses water powered vacuum, which ensures uniform pressure and it is much more effective when compared to the regular penis pumps that use just air based vacuum. Bathmate Hydromax is easier to use. The results obtained are phenomenal. One has to use Bathmate Hydromax as a part of their Jelqing exercise for up to five minutes per session three times a day to get exceptional results.

3. Bathmate Penis Ring

Bathmate penis rings come in three variants, namely Bathmate Power Rings Barbarian, Bathmate Power Rings Gladiator, and Bathmate Power Rings Spartan. Using these penis rings along with the Bathmate penis pumps will make your Jelqing exercises even more effective. These penis rings will increase your erections and make the Jelqing exercises a lot more enjoyable. These penis rings are made of trademarked material called Elastomex. This is a flexible material which makes using the ring very easy. 

4.Phallosan Forte

Phallosan Forte is a wearable penis enlargement device. This brand promises that after using the device for six months, there will be close to a 2-inch increase in the penis size. The girth of the penis would increase by almost one inch after six months. Unlike the penis pumps that we discussed above, this device can be used even in public because of its unique design. One can use this during the day or night, even when sleeping. The brand claims it is a research based design that produces excellent results. Along with the Jelqing exercises, Phallosan Forte will prove to be a very effective device for increasing the penis size.

5. Eddie by Giddy Penis Ring

This is not a penis pump but a penis ring that helps people with erectile dysfunction. Unlike the traditional circular rings, Eddie By Giddy has a unique shape that follows the natural shape of the penis, which makes it highly effective. This allows the blood to flow into the penis and lets the arteries fill. The open end of the penis ring keeps the urethra open, which is not the case with the regular penis rings. You can perform your Jelqing exercises wearing this penis ring to increase the overall effectiveness of your penis exercises.

The Best Jelqing Device

How does Jelqing work? How good is the effect of Jelq?

The manual pulling and stroking of the penis when it is in semi-hard condition results in the stretching of the skin over the penis. As noted above, when this exercise is repeated frequently, it results in microtears in the skin. The body’s natural response is to heal the microtears. When the skin heals, new tissues are built as a part of the healing process, which in turn increases the thickness and the length of the penis. 

The question of how effective Jelq is a debatable question. This penis enlargement exercise is found in all cultures. Men report that they have managed to increase the size of their penis through regular use of the Jelqing of Jelking exercises. However, one has to be using these exercises regularly for months together before they could see some noticeable results. At the same time, some who have tried Jelqing exercises indicate that they did not get any results. 

Vacuum pumps and traction, however, have scientific backing when it comes to penis enlargement. Instead of just betting on Jelqing or Jelking, if you could combine with one of the most effective penis pumps from Bathmate, you are bound to see noticeable change in three to six months. The best part is that the penis enlargement benefits that you obtain are for yours to keep for life. 

Penis growth results

What are the best exercises for Jelqing?

There are several variants of Jelqing. You can try various Jelqing routines and find out which Jelq gets you the best results. Here is one of the most popular and highly effective exercises for Jelqing.

Before you get started, you must make sure that you warm up by wrapping your penis with a towel dipped in warm water or by running warm water over the penis for a few minutes. 

Secondly, all the Jelqing exercises should be performed only when the penis is in a semi-hard state. You should not use any Jelq when you reach complete erection as it can result in penis injuries.

Let us get to the actual Jelq now. Grab the glans and pull the penis up as much as possible and hold it in the stretched condition for up to ten seconds. Just make sure that you do not overstretch it. Stop pulling when you feel any kind of pain or discomfort and hold it there for ten seconds.

As a next step grab the glans and pull it to the right keeping the above factors in mind and hold it in the stretched condition for ten seconds. Similarly, pull it to the left and hold it for ten seconds. Repeat the entire cycle for three to four times per day for the best results. 

Another most common and highly effective Jelqing routine is penis massage. Make sure that you follow the warmup routine before you get to the Jelqing massage. Find the right lubricant when you are following this routine. 

Start by holding at the base of the penis with your index finger and thumb. Hold the circular form of your finger tightly against the pubic bone and start increasing the pressure by shrinking the circle formed by your index finger and thumb. This will work like a penis ring. Once you reach a point where you cannot increase the pressure without feeling uncomfortable or without feeling the pain, move your finger towards the head of the penis. Let the movement of the hand be gradual and take a full three to five seconds, moving your fingers from the base of the penis to the penis head. Repeat this for up to fifteen minutes daily.

What are the best exercises for Jelqing

How to Jelq for best results? Our recommendation.

We have recommended two very effective Jelqing exercises above. You will be able to extract better results with your Jelqing exercises when you club your exercises with Bathmate penis pumps. Bathmate features three powerful variants of penis pumps, namely Bathmate Hydro, Bathmate Hydromax, and Bathmate Hydroxtreme. We recommend that you use Jelqing along with one of the Bathmate penis pumps.

Hydromax Success

How long does it take for Jelqing to work?

There are various questions and doubts regarding the effectiveness of Jelqing. If it is working as promised, one has to understand that you cannot get overnight results. Jelqing banks on the natural and biological response of the body. It will take several months before you could see some noticeable results. 

How to increase penis size with Jelqing quickly?

If you want to make Jelqing work for you quickly, make use of Jelqing along with Bathmate penis pumps. This will speed up the results. Jelqing and Bathmate penis pump will complement each other.

How to increase penis size with Jelqing quickly

Jelqing 2022 clinical trial assessment and results: Is Jelking safe?

Jelqing is an age-old manual penis enlargement practice. This method of penis enlargement has been around for hundreds of years, and this practice has been seen in various cultures. This practice is safe, and it does not use any drugs or other invasive approaches. It is just your hand, and the process is very much like masturbation. We all know that masturbation does not hurt one and the only difference between Jelqing and masturbation is that Jelqing is practiced when the penis is in semi erect condition and not when it is fully hard. The second difference is that with Jelqing you do not ejaculate. 

Just to be safe, make sure that you do not exert undue pressure on your penis at any point in time. If you happen to experience any bruising of the penis, do not continue with the Jelqing exercises until the bruises heal completely.

Bathmate Hydromax Reviews

Jelqing results before and after: Do penis Jelqing really work or is it a scam?

Jelqing results before and after may not be that evident in the initial stages. This method seems to work for some and does not work for others. This is certainly not a scam, because there is no vested interest for anyone in this method of penis enlargement. There is no company or brand promoting this particular penis enlargement exercises. Therefore, it is definitely not a scam. It is just a question of whether it is effective or ineffective. 

  • Jelqing results after two weeks: You will not be able to experience any results within two weeks. You need to however continue with your daily Jelq practice without any exceptions. To speed up the results, you can use Bathmate penis pump along with daily Jelqing.
  • Jelqing results after one month: It is still too early to see any results from Jelqing. You will be able to get fast results by using it with one of the recommended Bathmate penis pumps.
  • Jelqing results after two months: After two months of Jelqing along with Bathmate penis pump results would start showing and you should continue Jelqing and the use of Bathmate penis pumps.
  • Jelqing results after 3 months: You will be able to see noticeable changes by now. Your penis size would have increased by at least one inch provided you have been Jelqing daily along with your Bathmate penis pump use.

Jelqing results before and after

Our Jelqing review and rating: Jelqing pros and cons:

Jelqing positive reviews

Safest way to increase penis size

I found Jelqing to be the safest way to increase penis size. I did not have to worry about any side effects.

Jelqing negative reviews

No results

I tried the Jelqing exercises regularly with the hope of increasing my penis length, but I did not get any results.


  • No special equipment needed
  • No side effects
  • Can be done anytime no special preparation is required
  • One of the oldest penis enlargement methods in the history


  • Results are not guaranteed
  • Even for those whom it is working, it is very slow to produce results
  • Lacks adequate scientific backing

Jelqing review and rating

Jelqing reviews on the internet and forums like Reddit or Consumer Reports:

There are many questions and doubts regarding the use of Jelqing for penis enlargement needs. The discussions and debates about Jelqing indicate that there are lots of confusions around this method.

Jelqing reviews on the internet and forums like Reddit or Consumer

Is Jelqing recommended or are there any warnings about Jelqing on the internet?

There are no warnings about Jelqing. This is a fairly safe method to increase penis size. If you want a side-effect-free method to increase penis size and if you do not mind slow results, then you could choose Jelqing.

internet and forums

What do I need to consider if I want to discontinue Jelqing?

You can discontinue Jelqing exercises anytime you like. Once you discontinue, the lack of continuity will disrupt the penis enlargement process. You need to therefore take your time before you decide to discontinue Jelqing exercises.

Where can you buy a Jelqing device? Jelqing devices price comparison & deals for sale:

You can buy a Jelqing penis enlargement device from the official Bathmate brand website. You will find three major variants of Bathmate Jelqing device on the brand website. You will find the lowest prices and the best deals on the brand website.




Can you buy a Jelqing device in a pharmacy?

No Jelqing device is not available in pharmacies. You need to visit the Bathmate brand website to order your Jelqing device.

Can you buy it in pharmacy?

Jelqing Review Conclusion – Our experience and recommendation:

Jelqing exercises are harmless if you follow the recommended guidelines. You do not have to worry about any negative side effects. Based on our research, it is evident that Jelqing is useful in increasing the penis size. However, it is questionable whether it could be used as a standalone approach for penis enlargement. This could prove to be a slow method. We also noted that by clubbing Jelqing with a suitable Jelqing device like Bathmate penis pump, the results are enhanced and the results are faster to show up.



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