Air Conditioning & Your Health – Infographic

Air conditioning is a vital part of our lives especially in certain climates. It’s also very much a mainstay in buildings like offices, hospitals and hotels no matter the climate. Also, in densely populated cities like New York, Toronto, Tokyo where smog can be an issue, air conditioning can be a welcome way to enjoy filtered air. However, there are some concerns related to air conditioning units and a lot of them are focused on when air con’ units are not properly or responsibly maintained. For example, mold can be a problem in connection with air con’units through lack of ducts being cleaned when they’re meant to be cleaned. Another problem that some people complain about in relation to air con’ is how it causes their nasal passages to dry up somewhat. This is happening because the air con’ units pull moisture from the air in order to cool it so it is a “normal” part of their process but one that can have side effects for people like sinus infections and so on. Other basic issues some people might have with air con’ units especially in a work environment is if they are seated, for example directly underneath an air con’ unit, it can mean they are the receiver of a lot of cold air directly down on top of them which can be really uncomfortable.

The guys from Senator Windows have put together this infographic that examines the health implications of air conditioning. It breaks down the various myths and facts associated with air conditioning and peoples health and it also takes a closer inspection of how air con’ can possibly impact the various parts of the body. Check out the full infographic below to understand all you need to know about air con’ and its possible health implications!


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