The Future of Health Insurance For Millennials & Gen Z

Health insurance has been tied to traditional employment since the 1940s. This means you either need to have a fullt-time job at a large company or you need to be married to someone who does in order to be able to afford health insurance. Unfortunately the economy is changing, and it’s leaving many people in the dust. As Millennials and GenZers adapt to a rapidly changing economy where more than half of people freelance and where gig work is on the rise, how will people be able to get and keep health insurance?

Because Millennials and GenZers need more flexibility in their work lives, they also need benefits that can follow them wherever they go. Younger generations lack the protections older generations have come to expect:

  • 60% of nontraditional workers are without health insurance
  • 75% of nontraditional workers are without dental insurance
  • 79% of nontraditional workers are without life insurance
  • 95% of nontraditional workers are without long-term disability insurance


Millennials want a better value and to know what they are getting up front. Individualized plans can save money for younger, healthier people, but these plans come with significant challenges to privacy and the potential for discrimination. Learn more about the future of health insurance in the future gig economy below!



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Written by Danielle White
Medical Writer & Editor

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