Ideal Weight for Children

This ideal weight calculator was specially formulated for kids under the age of 18. It is important for children to maintain an ideal weight as it assures they are getting enough nutrition as they grow and that they are not putting extra stress on developing joints.

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We also have an adult ideal weight calculator.


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  1. Vanessa Lee Bauer Reply

    My step son is 15 years old he is a big boned boy ,I?m about 5 foot 4,he?s a lot taller than me. Not overy tall thought,takes a size 13 men?s shoe.I think he might weight 85-90 kilos,is very lazy and eats a very bad diet.Can you tell me what his weight should be for his body size.

    1. Danielle White

      Ideal weight is based on an accurate height measurement. If you can get your step son’s height you can plug the number into the calculator and get an ideal weight range.

  2. Erin J Addison Reply

    My little girl just turned 4 in May she is 3’7″ tall and weighs 53 lbs. She just recently started eating meat. Apparently she should weigh about 44 lbs. I feel horrible about this. She IS active she doesn’t just eat junk all day but until she started eating meat the main only thing she would eat was mac & cheese I know pasta is high in fat but what was I supposed to do. I just feel like the worst parent on the planet and I want to get her to where she needs to be! Any suggestions would be so helpful!

    1. Samantha Thompson

      Hi Erin,
      I know you posted this comment a few months ago and hopefully you have gotten some helpful information by now. Just in case you haven’t, I wanted to see if I could help. I’m a few months away from graduating with a bachelor’s degree in nutrition with a specialty in childhood.
      You shouldn’t feel guilty. You clearly love your daughter and are doing your best. While I do recommend you contact a dietitian or ask your pediatrician for advice, here is some helpful information. I suggest that you look into an eating model called “Parent provides child decides” or “division of responsibility”. It has been shown to help families and children choose healthier foods hand help with picky eaters. Basically, you choose what and how much to put on the plate and she chooses what to eat and how much to eat. You should find some good information with a quick google search or either of those terms (“Parent provides child decides” or “division of responsibility”). Also, it’s important to not focus on weight loss, but instead, maintaining weight while she grows, so when she is a bit taller she will still weigh the same as she does now. This is where you can work with a health professional to assure she stays in a healthy percentile. If you have any questions, let me know.

  3. Carina Boshoff Reply

    My son is 9 years and 9 months length is 1.48 weight 57.1 as per your calculations my son is over 19kg over weight what can I do I have noticed is my son’s metabolism is down and he is eating more and has a urge for sweet tooth what can I do to help him to lose weight or get a eating plan or something please.

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