Ideal Weight

Ideal Weight

Use this tool to determine your ideal body weight. The ideal weight calculator can help you determine if you should be considering a diet.

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Using an Ideal Weight Calculator

In the past, many fitness books would publish a chart of proper weight. Often, the figures would list height corresponding to weight. Many readers would look at the charts and discover they are “way above” their ideal weights. Then, they would look in the mirror and wonder why they don’t look overweight. It is probably because the chart simply was not accurate. One criterion (height defines weight) is simply not enough to ascertain the proper healthy weight. Thankfully, these charts are a thing of the past thanks to accurate ideal weight calculators.

A calculator like this is an innovative concept. It provides a more detailed and accurate explanation of what a person’s weight should be based on a number of criteria. That is, all someone has to do is plug vital stats into the calculator. These stats include age, height, weight, etc. When the calculator provides the information, it will be far closer to accurate than what appears in a book. Again, the information will be compiled by examining specific figures as opposed to presenting a “ready made” figure based on extreme generalization.

However, it is also important to note that a perfect weight is sometimes subjective and sometimes it is objective. That is, if you are 8 lbs over your ideal weight, it may not necessarily mean your physical appearance will be poor. After all, even if you are carrying extra fat tissue it may not seriously affect appearance. Personal preference and opinion will weigh heavily on how you wish to approach the goals of your weight.

More ideal weight information can be found here.

Another important measurement for you to consider is you body mass index, also known as BMI, you can find out your BMI with our BMI Calculator

Growth charts for children can be found here:

Calculator Source: Ewald G, McKenzie C (editors). Manual of Medical Therapeutics, 28th edition. Little, Brown and Company. 1995. page 30 (“Hamwi method”)

This will compute your ideal healthy weight, not the weight you look good at.


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  1. Roberto Gimenez Reply

    You forgot to account for muscular dudes. I’m 165 cm and 80 kg, but my waist is just 96 cm. I’m thin at 74 kg aprox. People already say I’m not fat.

    1. Mick

      A waist of 96cm, especially for your short height makes your waist/height ratio over 0.58! And your BMI is over 29. You’re def over weight and on the edge of being obese. To be healthy your waist should be under half your height, so <83cm and your BMI ideally 23. So for your height 62.6 Kg. You need to lose over 17Kg dude!

    1. Kay

      The government and healthcare in America wants everyone fat and slow. Easier to manipulate that way.

  2. Yitbarek Belay Reply

    Im 59 kg and 1.84 m so i need to be 76 kg to be ideal thats alot of weight to gain. Anyone know any tips to gain weight here?

  3. Obehighe Deborah Bamikale Reply

    I’m pregnant with a baby in my 30wks now, and my weight is 113kg with the height of 1.68cm. What do I do to loose weight even as I am an expectant mother? Thanks

    1. Danielle White

      Getting the proper nutrients for you and the baby is the most important thing at this time. PLEASE get with your OB/GYN and get a healthy eating plan for you and the baby.

  4. Nissim Levy Reply

    I’m 6’1″ with a 33 inch waist and I weigh 215 lbs. According to the BMI I’m obese, but ironically I can see my abs and I have 18 inch muscular arms. The BMI is a joke

  5. August Wolf Reply

    I am 11 yo/r, 75 pounds, and 149 centimeters. Is this a good body weight? Also, I have a friend my age who is 152 centimeters and a hundred pounds.

    1. HealthStatus

      Hi James, ok you are muscular, bones are usually about 35% of your body weight, so there really isn’t a thing as “big boned”. The thing you have not taken into account is that your heart and vascular system were designed to pump blood for a certain size human. If you get bigger than that, your heart has to work harder. Now your age and fitness help, but the calculator isn’t judging how you look, it is calculating the healthiest weight for you where your organs will be properly fed and not overstressed.

  6. KC Greene Reply

    Actually what is being promoted as more accurate than BMI, as a general reference to determine if you are at a “healthy” weight, is waist-to-height ratio, which should be 0.5 : 1.0, or lower. That is, your waist circumference should be half your height, or less.

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