Sugar Balance Reviews 2024: Proven Sugar Balance Results Before And After

Sugar Balance Reviews

What is Sugar Balance? Diabetes is a health condition that affects millions of people worldwide. In the US alone, over a hundred million people have diabetes, and this often progresses from high sugar content in the average adult’s diet. Like Covid, this has become a global pandemic, with over 400 million suffering from blood sugar issues.

While tons of prescription drugs and over-the-counter supplements have been developed to combat this condition, they all have a major shortcoming. Instead of addressing the root cause of the problem, they focus on easing the symptoms. To make up for this, most diabetes patients resort to limiting their food intake, and this leaves them feeling weak and lacking energy. 

Sugar Balance is one of the latest supplements that promise to provide a longer-lasting solution to type-2 diabetes. And it does this by normalizing insulin production, so your blood sugar level is brought under control. In other words, the supplement can potentially reverse diabetes. 

This article will look at what Sugar Balance is, how it works; the ingredients it contains; and whether or not it is safe to use. 

What is Sugar Balance?

Sugar Balance is a 100% natural dietary supplement that claims to reverse type-2 diabetes by maintaining healthy blood sugar levels and preventing any spikes. 

One of the major causes of diabetes is high glucose levels. Sugar Balance uses a blend of herbal extracts that work toward balancing and controlling your blood sugar levels naturally. This helps to prevent the diabetes condition from worsening and, in some cases, may reverse it permanently.

Specifically, the manufacturer claims Sugar Balance addresses four main areas:

  • Balance blood sugar levels
  • Boost pancreatic health
  • Detoxifies your liver
  • Reduces your craving for unhealthy sugary foods

In addition, the supplement includes a plant-based source of insulin, which makes it sufficient by itself. So you can take it alone without adding insulin or other diabetes medication. The composition is completely free of any harmful chemical or preservative, making it safe and highly effective.

Though the supplement mainly targets people with blood sugar problems, anyone can benefit from using it.


Sugar Balance

Country of Origin



Nature's Formula, United States.


Balances and controls blood sugar levels
Detoxifies the liver 
Curbs unhealthy cravings
Improves pancreatic function


Balloon flower root
Wild yam root
Licorice root extract
Astragalus root extract
Solomon's seal extract,
Juniper berry


Three capsules per day 


60 Capsules in one bottle

Side effects




Where to Buy Sugar Balance

What are the ingredients of Sugar Balance?

The ingredients in Sugar Balance are all naturally sourced and clinically tested, and prepared in an FDA-certified lab. So, they are both safe and effective for reducing blood sugar levels. What are the ingredients of Sugar Balance

The main ones are discussed below.

Balloon Flower Root

Balloon Flower Root is commonly grown in Siberia and Japan and is known to possess powerful anti-inflammatory and pain-reliever properties. According to the findings from a study by the Food Research Institute, it can decrease the level of triacylglycerol (FAT) in the liver, which in turn can improve insulin production. 

There are studies that also show that it can support weight loss while helping to fight weight gain. Other potential benefits of the extract include improved heart health, increased metabolism, lowering blood pressure, protecting liver cells, and other cardiovascular benefits.

Licorice Root Extract

Licorice Root Extract is another herb that helps the body to achieve healthy blood glucose levels while supporting fat and weight loss. Studies also show that it possesses potent anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidation properties, and helps to boost liver cell health, thus aiding digestion.

Astragalus Root Extract

Astragalus has been used as a traditional remedy for centuries in China. And it is believed to provide numerous health benefits. And some of these include decreasing blood sugar levels and improving sugar metabolism when used in dietary supplements. Studies also show that it can help with weight loss.

Wild Yam Root

Wild Yam Root contains a compound called Dioscoretine, which helps the body to normalize blood sugar levels. It also serves as a hypoglycemic agent, which means it can be used to treat diabetes mellitus. It also has powerful anti-inflammatory properties, which might prove helpful in treating arthritis. Women taking the root may also experience increased production of estrogen.

Schisandra Extract

Schisandra is a special plant that features different tasting berries - sweet, bitter, sour, salty berries - all the same time. It is commonly grown in China and is enriched with lignans. Several studies show that lignan is a powerful immune booster. The fruit is also known to help with glucose tolerance, perspiration, coughing, stress, mental health, and overall well-being.

Solomon's Seal Extract

Also regarded as a "healing plant," Solomon's seal is highly enriched with polyphenol compounds, which is responsible for its healing and anti-inflammatory properties. It can also help in improving sugar metabolism and treating symptoms associated with diabetes.

Lyceum Chinese Fruit Extract

Lyceum extract has been used for centuries to treat symptoms linked to diabetes. It contains a natural enzyme that helps with clot removal. Studies show it can also be an effective therapy for live damage induced by diet. It may also help to reduce blood pressure and the length of sickness. The fruit is also known as Boxthorn. 

Ingredients of Sugar Balance

Juniper Berry

Juniper Berry is clinically proven to lower blood sugar levels, which makes it one of the most effective herbal remedies available. So, it's no surprise it's one of the main ingredients in Sugar Balance.


Gymnema sylvestre is primarily native to India. It is also found in some parts of Africa. It is mainly used to restore pancreatic health by supporting the production of insulin. As a result, you will find it in almost every blood sugar supplement.  

Mulberry Leaf Extract

Studies show that this leaf can help to reduce carbohydrate digestion and absorption, which can help in controlling blood sugar. It also helps to boost the immune system and brain function and reduce joints caused by inflammation. 

Other ingredients in Sugar Balance worth mentioning include:

  • Chromium Picolinate
  • Eleuthero Root Extract
  • Shepherd's Purse Stem Extract
  • Milk Thistle Seed Extract

How does Sugar Balance work? How good is the effect of Sugar Balance for weight loss?

How does Sugar Balance work

Sugar Balance works primarily by supporting the body to produce insulin. This is important because inadequate production of insulin is the root cause of diabetes. So, when enough insulin is produced, the blood sugar level remain within a healthy range, and there is no danger of developing several complications associated with high blood sugar levels.

The good thing about sugar balance is that it relies only on herbal extracts to restore healthy sugar levels and metabolism. Sugar cravings are also suppressed to prevent future glucose spikes.

Another thing Sugar Balance does is to detoxify the liver, which prevents toxins from accumulating. It does this by targeting the fatty acids already accumulated around the organ and flushing them out. Amongst other things, a fatty liver can lead to increased production of insulin by the pancreas, which in turn leads to a situation whereby excess insulin is trapped inside the liver, inducing a variety of diseases. 

So, in addition to normalizing the blood sugar levels, Sugar Balance can help the liver and pancreas to function better. 

How do you use and does Sugar Balance for best results? Our dosage recommendation – How much Sugar Balance should you take?

Sugar Balance comes in capsule form, and inside each capsule is 800mg of the herbal blend. Altogether, there are 60 capsules in a single bottle, which equates to a 30-days supply if you were to take two capsules daily. Some people use the supplement this way. How much Sugar Balance should you take

However, the recommended dosage by the manufacturer, as displayed on the label and official website, is three capsules daily (i.e. 3 times a day). This is the way to go if you want to get the best results. You can take each pill with your meals (i.e. breakfast, lunch & dinner). It’s best to use water, but any drink of your choice will do. Try not to go overboard with your daily dosage to avoid any adverse effects. Keep to the recommended dosage!

You will need to use the supplement for at least 6 months, and if you’re not pleased with the results, you can ask for a refund. 

How long does it take for Sugar Balance to work?

Sugar Balance has a track record of delivering amazing results within the first month of use. So, don’t expect it to work overnight. Give it some time to do its work while you lookout for any changes in your blood sugar level. 

Several factors influence the exact time it takes for the product to work.

  • These include but are not limited to exercise routine, genetics, hormonal levels, and diet.
  • That said, some users may notice a decrease in their blood sugar levels in a few weeks, while some may have to wait up to a month or two to see any real change.

In general, the manufacturer recommends using the product for 30-60 days before giving your judgement. 

Sugar Balance 2024 clinical trial assessment and results: Is Sugar Balance safe to use?

According to the manufacturer, Sugar Balance is backed by numerous clinical studies and controlled trials..

For instance, one of the many ingredients, Licorice Root Extract, in 2012, was found to contain Amorfrutins, which could reduce blood sugar levels by activating a nuclear receptor known as PParY. Likewise, a study on Gymnema found that it could curb cravings for sugary foods, which in turn reduces the risk of a surge in blood sugar levels. There are also many studies that show that consuming 200mg to 400mg of gymnemic acid can cut down glucose absorption in the intestine.

Another ingredient in the supplement, Juniper, has also been proved to reduce blood sugar and prevent future spikes. 

We could go on and on. The bottom line is that Sugar Balance is filled with many ingredients that are backed by clinical research and tested in FDA- and GMP- approved facilities. And have proven to be effective in reducing blood sugar levels. There are thousands of testimonials and reviews online to back this up.

Sugar Balance results before and after: does Sugar Balance really work, or is it a scam?

According to reports from the manufacturer, Sugar Balance has been used to reverse type-2 diabetes in over 460,000 patients. Individual results may vary depending on factors such as diet, genetic background, hormonal levels, and general lifestyle (exercise habits). However, it is recommended to use the supplement for at least 60 days to see if it's working for you. It's best to consult your doctor before taking the supplement.

That said, here’s a summary of the results drawn from many users who took the drug. This should give you an idea of what to expect. 

Sugar Balance


Sugar Balance Results after the First day

Increases insulin production in the body, so the blood sugar levels begin to normalize. You may experience a little headache.

Sugar Balance Results after Two Weeks

There's an improvement in the appetite. Also, inflammation is minimized while the bladder walls are repaired.

Sugar Balance Results after Four Weeks

There's a boost in pancreatic health, and spikes in blood glucose stop.

Sugar Balance Results after Six Weeks

By this time, the body should have returned to its normal state. 

Sugar Balance Results after Eight Weeks

With your blood sugar level brought under control, you should notice a great improvement in your mental health and overall well-being. 

Our Sugar Balance review and rating: Sugar Balance pros and cons

Sugar Balance is an all-natural formula perfect for people looking to manage or prevent diabetes. Specifically, it helps to balance the blood sugar levels while providing other health benefits. People with type-2 diabetes can use it to manage or even prevent the condition. Here are some of the positive and negative reviews of the product.

Sugar Balance Positive Reviews:

  • Made from 100 percent natural products
  • Balances and maintains healthy blood sugar levels
  • Fast action: takes only a couple of days to notice changes 
  • Improves your neural health
  • Minimizes your food cravings, especially for unhealthy sugary items
  • Easy to use
  • Helps to improve pancreatic health
  • Helps with weight loss
  • Doesn't contain additives or harmful chemicals
  • Moderately priced (more affordable than other options)
  • Made in the US (which says a lot about its quality)
  • Made in FDA and GMP approved facility
  • Helps to detox fatty liver
  • Comes with a 6-months money-back guarantee

Sugar Balance Negative Reviews:

  • Can only be purchased online. Not available in local stores and pharmacies
  • Cannot be taken by people under 18 years of age, pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers. 

Sugar Balance reviews on the internet and forums like Reddit or Consumer Reports

Sugar Balance reviews on Consumer Reports, Reddit, and other social platforms online have been mostly positive. In fact, it’s suggested by many Redditors for diabetes treatment, and that is because it’s not as expensive as other medications and has no serious side effects. Over 90% of customers said they were satisfied with the results they got from using the supplement. Sugar Balance reviews on the internet and forums like Reddit or Consumer Reports

Offline, Sugar Balance also has some great reviews, especially among diabetic patients in the United Kingdom. Many said it helped to keep their blood sugar levels under control while improving their overall health. 

So, the general internet consensus is that Sugar Balance does WORK!

Was Sugar Balance in the Shark Tank?

No, we are yet to see Sugar Balance on Shark Tank. So as it stands, it has no connection to the reality TV show. 

Is Sugar Balance reputable, or are there any warnings about Sugar Balance on the internet? 

The reports we’ve seen so far online are in favor of Sugar Balance, making it a reliable remedy for diabetic conditions. When used diligently, the supplement can cut down undesirable diabetic medication, and results can appear very fast. Up till now, there hasn’t been any case of a negative reaction. So, we can confidently say it’s one of the best choices out there. 

What do I need to consider if I want to discontinue Sugar Balance? I want to discontinue Sugar Balance

There’s basically nothing to consider if you wish to discontinue Sugar Balance. This is because it doesn’t contain any chemical or preservative that can pose a serious risk to your health. Like most herbal medicines, the capsules are made using natural ingredients that are safe to consume and don’t upset your health. Simply put, you won’t experience any withdrawal symptoms if you decide to stop using this product. Rather, it will improve your health when taken regularly. 

Where can you buy Sugar Balance? Sugar Balance price comparison & deals for sale Buy Sugar Balance

You can find Sugar Balance on the official website or third-party retail stores like Amazon, eBay and Walmart. Of course, sites like Amazon and eBay are generally trustworthy sellers, but there’s no way to guarantee the authenticity of the product you’re getting. Also, the price of Sugar Balance on Amazon at the moment is $69.99 though you can get it for $139.99 if you purchased a package with three bottles. The place we usually recommend to get Sugar Balance is through an affiliate partner. You will get it at a much lower price and may benefit from free shipping. There are also daily discounts and promotions on the site, as well as a reliable refund policy that covers each purchase. 

Can you buy Sugar Balance in a pharmacy?

Right now, Sugar Balance is not available in local stores and pharmacies. It is only found on the official website and some retail stores online. For the best price, we recommend getting it from an affiliate vendor partner. This ensures you are getting the product directly from the manufacturer while enjoying special discounts and deals you may not find on sites like Amazon and eBay. The shipment options also cover most parts of the world. 

Sugar Balance Review Conclusion – Our experience and recommendation

To crown it all, if you're looking to bring your blood sugar level under control without putting your health at risk, then Blood Sugar is the way to go. Being a herbal supplement, it is free of additives and harmful chemicals and doesn't have any serious side effects. It is not overpriced and comes with a refund policy that makes it risk-free. Therefore, it comes highly recommended for patients with type-2 diabetes or anyone looking to bring their blood sugar levels under control without making drastic changes to their diet or lifestyle. 

Frequently asked questions about Sugar Balance.

How much does Sugar Balance cost, and where can I buy Sugar Balance for the cheapest price? 

Are there any Sugar Balance deals or coupon codes?

Is it possible to buy Sugar Balance on eBay and Amazon? 

Are there any criticisms of Sugar Balance, or is it recommended to take Sugar Balance? 

Does Sugar Balance have any risks or side effects?

Is it safe to take Sugar Balance continuously?

Who is behind the manufacture of Sugar Balance? 

Do I need a prescription to buy Sugar Balance?

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