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Six Star Testosterone Booster reviews can confuse users who are in search of the best bodybuilding supplement or a testosterone booster.One will come across both positive and negative Six Star Testosterone Booster reviews. The brand claims rapid results however, one has to personally test the supplement to see how it works and why we come across mixed responses from the users. Before you start using this supplement, you may want to review the alternative options too so that you can decide whether to go with this supplement or you should find a better alternative.

In this review let us explore the Six Star Testosterone Booster pros and cons, Six Star Testosterone Booster side effects and the latest Six Star Testosterone booster reviews. We will also quickly explore the alternative options based on the credibility of the testosterone boosters. It is important to make the right choices when buying the testosterone boosters. Some of them could have a negative impact. It is important to make well-informed choices. We have an elaborate review that will help you make an objective decision about the supplement. Do not blindly rush to make hasty choices and regret your decision down the line as the industry offers countless options to the users.

What is a Six Star Testosterone Booster?

Six Star Testosterone Booster as the name suggests increases the testosterone levels in the body. The brand claims that the test subjects experienced an increase in testosterone in just 7 days. Another benefit the brand claims is that it maintains peak testosterone to cortisol ratio. The third major benefit is that it works as an excellent PE or performance enhancer. As per the brand website this supplement has been designed specifically for male athletes. Even older men will benefit from this testosterone booster. The sex drive and the erection quality will improve when this supplement is regularly used by older men. If you have bodybuilding goals and bulking goals, you can consider this supplement. However, we have also featured below even more effective testosterone boosters. 

Better Alternative
Six Star Testosterone Booster TestoPrime
Product Six Star Testosterone Booster Testo Prime
Effect Increases free testosterone

Increases energy and stamina

Boosts performance

 ✓ Increase testosterone 
 ✓ Gain quality muscle
 ✓ Enhance sexual performance
 ✓ 100% Safe & Natural
Possible risks Headache❌ Nausea  ✓ No risks
Content 60 pills 60 Capsules
Dosage 2 capsules per day 2 Capsules per day
Enough for
One month 30 Days
Price $10.99 per bottle $59,99
Shipping Additional FREE
Reviews ⭐⭐⭐3/5  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5/5
Refund Policy 30 Days 60 Days

Top 5 Testo Booster Supplements of 2022

We have some great recommendations that could be considered as highly effective alternatives to testosterone booster Six Star supplement. When using a testosterone booster, it is important to ensure that it is safe and that it is a legal option. All the testosterone boosters that we have recommended below have been in the industry for several years and they enjoy a very good reputation. You do not have to waste your time scouring the web looking for better alternatives. We have shortlisted the top five testosterone boosters of 2022.

1. TestoPrime

TestoPrime is a highly powerful testosterone booster. It is a great alternative to testosterone booster Six Star supplement because TestoPrime is made of all natural ingredients. It is very safe and not only that this supplement has proven to be highly effective in all the clinical tests. TestoPrime is made of carefully selected twelve important ingredients. Unlike a number of other supplements, TestoPrime is manufactured in the US and in FDA approved facilities. You do not have to therefore worry about the negative side effects or other risks. 

TestoPrime is clocked to be one of the fastest acting testosterone boosters. You will be able to get exceptional results in just less than four weeks. You can at last get back your sexy body, enjoy higher energy levels that boost your performance in the fields and also in bed. The supplement keeps the stress level under control by blocking the cortisol production. It cuts down the fat level in the body by sixteen percent.



All natural ingredients
✅ Increases natural testosterone level
✅ Reduces stress significantly
✅ Enhances muscle strength

Price: $59.99 for 120 capsules

Cost of TestoPrime: 

  • Starts at $59.99 per bottle for one month supply
  • Two months supply with one free month – $119.99
  • Three months supply with three free months – $179.99

2. Provacyl

Provacyl emerges as a great sex booster for aging men. As men age, the testosterone production levels will come down and this will reduce the sex drive and affect the erection quality. Provacyl literally turns back the hands of time and helps your body to increase the testosterone production. The brand promises harder erections that last long. You will be able to reclaim your sex life at last in a safe and healthy way. The brand claims that the mental capabilities will also improve with the regular dose of Provacyl. You will be able to enjoy all these benefits in thirty days or less. If you are experiencing muscle loss due to aging, you will be able to build lean muscle mass as well and sport a sexy physique despite aging. 



✅ Fight Male Menopause
✅ Boost Testosterone
✅ Increase HGH
✅ More Energy
✅ Greater Sex Drive

Price: $59.95

Cost of Provacyl

  • Starts from $59.95 per bottle for one month supply
  • Three months supply – $154.95
  • Six months supply – $268.95
  • One year supply – $388.95

3. TestRX

TestRX is a highly effective testosterone booster that is fully tested for its safety and effectiveness. The supplement is made of all natural ingredients, which makes the supplement very safe. This supplement supports your body in its protein synthesis function. When your body synthesizes protein better, it will have an ample supply of protein which is used in muscle building. The supplement is highly effective in building muscle mass and improving athletic performance. It also melts fat and thereby helps you have a clean cut look. TestRX is the bodybuilder’s favorite testosterone booster, as it helps them build muscle mass fast. 



Increase Muscle Mass
Have More Energy
Boost Your Strength
Achieve Weight Loss
Crank Up Your Sex Drive

Price: $69.99

Cost of TestRX

  • Starts at $69.99 for one month
  • Three months supply – $199.99
  • Six months supply – $389.99
  • One year supply – $747

4. TestoFuel

TestoFuel is a zero risk testosterone booster. It does not have any side effects. This testosterone booster supports fast muscle growth, enhances athletic performance, and also boosts sex drive. All the male characteristics are enhanced within a short time. The supplement delivers exceptional results in just a few weeks. This can be taken as a daily dose supplement for three to five months to stabilize the results. The supplement helps your body to produce more testosterone and thereby enhancing all the male traits, including masculine muscle growth, improved sex drive, better stamina and energy, faster workout recovery and more. 



Helps increase your level of Testosterone
✅ Increases muscle mass and density
✅ Facilitates quick muscle recovery
✅ Enhances stamina and strength

Price: $65.00

Cost of TestoFuel

  • Starts at $65 for one month supply
  • Two months supply – $135.00
  • Three months supply with one free month – $195.00

5. TestoGen

TestoGen is a clinically tested and proven testosterone booster. It is manufactured 100% in the US in FDA approved facilities. This supplement will reverse all the symptoms of low testosterone, including poor libido issues. When you regularly take TestoGen, the libido levels will increase. This testosterone booster increases the testosterone levels in the body. There is no risk of negative side effects. This testosterone booster also has antioxidant properties. Therefore, it will help your body from the damages caused by the toxin accumulation. Regular doses of TestoGen have proven to increase and maintain high testosterone levels in the body.



✅ Reduce Erectile Dysfunction
✅ Increases Stamina
✅ 100% Natural Formula
✅ Free Shipping Available

Price: $59.99

Cost of TestoGen

  • Starts from $59.99 for one month
  • Two months supply with one free month – $119.99
  • Three months supply with two free months – $179.99

Six Star Testo Benefits

Testosterone booster Six Star supplement promises a number of benefits to the customers. As per the brand website, this supplement is good for strength trainers, bodybuilders, fitness freaks and all athletes. This supplement supports your body in the production of free testosterone. It acts as a decent PE supplement. When the testosterone levels are boosted, a number of important masculine functions also get boosted. Your energy level will be enhanced and your libido also gets ramped up. 

Three major benefits promised by the brand include:

  • Increases free testosterone levels in 7 days
  • Helps you maintain high testosterone: cortisol ratio
  • Improves athletic performance

The benefits above are overridden by the negative side effects reported by users. You may want to reconsider your choice if you are thinking of using this testosterone booster.

Six Star Testo Benefits

What are the ingredients of the Six Star Testosterone Booster?

Testosterone booster Six Star supplement contains all natural ingredients, and that makes the supplement very safe. Here is the complete list of ingredients:

  • Calcium
  • Sodium

Anti-Catabolic Complex

  • Rhodiola Extract
  • Standardized for Salidrosides
  • Ginkgo Extract

Free testosterone Stimulator

  • Boron Citrate

Does Six Star Testosterone Booster work?

In the Six Star Testosterone booster reviews, we came across dual responses from the customers. Some customers claim that it works well and others are not totally happy about the results, as they feel that they have used better testosterone boosters in the past. We have more effective alternatives recommended for you above. It would be imprudent to waste your time and money on this supplement when you know clearly that there are other better options available in the industry.

What are the ingredients of the Six Star Testosterone Booster?

How to use and dose Six Star for the best results?

Does Six Star Testosterone Booster work? For the supplement to produce the best results, you need to take two pills per day and it can be taken any time of the day. The supplement should be taken with water. It produces the best results when you take the supplement before and after the workout. Do not increase the dosage. When you increase the dosage beyond the recommended two pills per day, you are bound to suffer negative side effects. Even when adhering to the correct dosage, many users experience negative impacts.

How long does it take for a Six Star Testosterone Booster to work?

The brand claims that the supplement works in just seven days. However, the individual response rate may vary from person to person. Six Star Testosterone booster reviews revealed that not everyone got the expected results in seven days, and there were also some users who managed to enjoy a boost in their testosterone levels in just seven days. We could see mixed responses. You need to find out how it works for you.

Six Star Testosterone Booster Clinical Study and Results: Is Six Star Testosterone Booster safe to use?

In general, there are no major Six Star Testosterone Booster side effects, and it is found to be safe. However, some users do complain of minor side effects. If you do not want to experience such minor Six Star Testosterone Booster side effects, you can consider one of the top five testosterone boosters that we have recommended above. The brand claims that the formula is scientifically backed.

Is it Safe to use?

Six Star Testosterone Booster Side Effects

Does Six Star Testosterone Booster work safely? We cannot deny the fact that some users do experience some negative impacts of the supplement. Users complain of Six Star Testosterone Booster side effects like headache, nausea, diarrhea and vomiting. Mood swings and irritability are also common. Other issues include tremors and convulsions. It seems to have disruptive effects on the sleep cycle. You will be able to find a better alternative for a testosterone booster Six Star supplement. 

Six Star Results: Six Star Testosterone Booster Before and After

Does Six Star Testosterone Booster work? Users respond at different rates and you cannot expect uniform results with everyone. Some do not respond at all to this testosterone booster.

Duration Result
After two weeks
  • In the first seven days, the testosterone levels increase. Your strength and stamina get a boost.
After one month
  • There is a noticeable change in your muscle quality and muscle volume.
After two months
  • Some users do experience negative side effects after using the supplement for two months continually. 
After three months
  • Fat loss is experienced in some users along with muscle growth.

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Our Reviews and Rating: Six Star Testosterone Booster Pros and cons:

After carefully reviewing the Six Star Testosterone Booster pros and cons, we noted that some of the users are not happy. Does Six Star Testosterone Booster work, really? It does not have a uniform impact on everyone. For some unknown reasons, it does not work equally well for everyone. Some users also report negative side effects. 

Six Star Testo Booster positive reviews

  • Boosts free testosterone: I found this testosterone booster to be very effective, and it boosted my testosterone levels within a short period.

Six Star Testo Booster negative reviews

  • I wish someone warned me of the side effects: I experienced a number of negative side effects and I wish someone warned me of the negative side effects before I purchased this supplement.


  • Increases free testosterone levels
  • Maintains high testosterone to cortisol ratio
  • Boosts stamina
  • Enhances performance


  • Negative side effects common with some users
  • Results are not uniform
  • No proven results

muscle old man

Are there any warnings about Six Star Testosterone Booster on the internet?

From the user reviews and Six Star Testosterone Booster pros and cons, we were able to notice certain negative impacts on the users. You may want to go easy on this supplement and try whether it works for you. There are other safer testosterone boosters.

What you should know if you want to discontinue Six Star Testosterone Booster?

You can discontinue this supplement anytime you like. Many users discontinue the supplement as they experience negative side effects. If you think that it is not for you, then you can choose the alternatives that we have recommended above and discontinue the supplement.


Where can you buy a Six Star Testosterone Booster? Six Star for sale:

You can buy this supplement directly from our partner vendor’s website and access the best price. It is not recommended to buy this supplement from the other unreliable sources. You could end up with fake supplements that could lead to a serious negative impact on your body. You will be able to find the testosterone booster at the most competitive prices at our partner vendor websites.

Six Star Testo Booster Final Verdict - Our experience and recommendation:

After carefully reviewing the Six Star Testosterone Booster pros and cons, we are not totally happy with this supplement. We may not recommend this testosterone booster. Instead, our recommendation would be TestoPrime. It is safe, effective and consistent with the results.

experience and recommendation

Frequently asked questions about Six Star:

Find the answers to all your questions below and make a well informed decision about this supplement. 

What is Six Star?

Who makes a Six Star Testo Booster?

Where to buy the Six Star Testosterone Booster for the cheapest price?

Are there any Six Star Testosterone Booster discounts or coupon codes?

Is it recommended for older men to take a Six Star Testosterone Booster?

Does Six Star Testosterone Booster have any risks or side effects?

Is it safe to take a Six Star Testosterone Booster continuously?


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