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People are increasingly discovering the benefits of cannabidiol (commonly referred to as CBD), as many countries and regions continue to acknowledge medical marijuana and its benefits.

Meanwhile, many companies are offering hemp-derived CBD in its standard oil form. Unfortunately, many of these manufacturers use ineffective processes resulting in products that do not deliver the desired results.

To correct the limitations of standard CBD oil, American Shaman uses nanotechnology to make a water-soluble CBD-CPS product, now their bestselling wellness product.

What is American Shaman CBD?

This is a gluten-free, ultra-concentrated hemp oil supplement rich in terpene. This CBD oil is derived from all-natural, superior quality industrial hemp and manufactured through special proprietary nanotechnology, making it the only hemp extract soluble in water.


According to the company, the nanotechnology used in the American Shaman CBD manufacture results in a fast-acting wellness product that is up to ten times more bioavailable than the traditional hemp oil.

Even though CBD oil is an extract of the cannabis Sativa plant, it is not marijuana. It does not cause addiction because it does not have the part of the cannabis plant responsible for causing a high.

The oil has no THC, the psychoactive part of cannabis responsible for addiction and making people high. This quality makes the American Shaman CBD an appealing option for people looking for relief from various symptoms without the side effects of different pharmaceutical drugs or the mind-altering effects of marijuana. It is also one of the reasons that give CBD its vast popularity. Anyone can consume it and reap the numerous health benefits associated with its consumption.


American Shaman CBD

Country of Origin


Extraction Method

CO2; nanotechnology


It eases joint and muscle pain.
Eases headaches
Contributes to better mood
Helps hydrate skin

Psychoactive status

THC-free, non-psychoactive

Recommended Dosage

2X Daily. (mL measure is on dropper). Use 1/2 mL in 8oz of liquid. Stir and drink. 1 mL contains 10mg of CBD.

Container information:

Glass bottle with a dropper


$59.99 a Bottle

Available flavors

Cherry limeade, hemp, grape, lemon, piña colada


300mg per bottle



Customer Rating


Benefits of American Shaman CBD

The consumption of American Shaman CBD is associated with enhanced ability of the body to maintain its internal balance and better manage occasional stress. According to available research data and feedback from actual users, the CBD supplement relieves anxiety and can alleviate symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder or depression.

Some users also report sleeping better after taking the American Shaman CBD. This is in line with the manufacturer’s claim that the product promotes sleep.

Furthermore, the oil is known to help support focus and contribute towards good health and well-being. Here is a summary of the medical benefits of CBD American Shaman.

  • It eases joint and muscle pain.
  • Eases headaches
  • Contributes to better mood
  • Helps hydrate skin


Which ingredients are in the American Shaman CBD?

The product consists of high concentrations of terpene derived from all-natural, superior quality industrial hemp.

This manufacturing process is a departure from the standard CBD made by extracting cannabidiol from the cannabis plant and dissolving it in a hemp seed oil as the carrier.

Because it is THC-free and does not cause addiction or related problems, American Shaman CBD is legal in all 50 states.

Since the oil in the American Shaman CBD product has been broken down through proprietary nanotechnology, it is water-soluble, with smaller particles than standard hemp CBD oil.

Because the particles are much smaller, the body quickly breaks them down and lets them into the bloodstream. The CBD quickly takes effect in the bloodstream, leading the user to realize its numerous benefits, including pain relief and enhanced mood.

The water-soluble product can be dissolved in water and ingested or taken alongside food or drink as an additive.

The water-soluble quality sets the American Shaman CBD apart from regular CBD oil, which is immiscible with water and can separate if added to water-based foods and drinks. The heavier particles of standard CBD oil also mean it takes much longer for the body to absorb it. The digestive system must first break down the oil to unlock the CBD in it before it can work and deliver the desired effects.

This means that your body has to put in some extra work to benefit from standard CBD oil, which is not the case with the American Shaman CBD. There is no additional work for the body when you use the latter CBD because it is water-soluble and readily absorbed.

How do you use and dose American Shaman CBD for best results? Our dosage recommendation – How much American Shaman CBD should you take?

The water-soluble CBD has somewhat taken a new form that allows you to consume it alongside pretty much any food or drink. You can add it to water and drink, or put it inside your meal and consume it over lunch or dinner.

The manufacturer recommends taking half a milliliter of the product in eight ounces of liquid twice a day (Mix 1/2 mL of CBD in 8oz of liquid—2X daily.

The product comes with a dropper for measuring the doses. Mix well by stirring it before drinking. Each milliliter of the product contains 10mg of CBD.

As soon as it hits the body, it will readily enter the bloodstream through the gut lining and get to work in minutes. And, the product is available in five different flavors to choose from and add to a drink of your choice.

How much American Shaman CBD should you take

How long does it take for American Shaman CBD to work?

The American Shaman CBD’s fast-acting delivery system means it will take up to ten times less time to work compared to standard CBD oil. Since the product is more bioavailable, your body will start experiencing the effects in minutes.

The effects will typically become noticeable within moments of taking a dose. This is quite different from regular CBD that is locked up in hemp oil that the body must digest before accessing the CBD.

With the American Shaman CBD, you no longer have to wait for 30 to 90 minutes for the effects to kick in and become noticeable.

American Shaman CBD Benefits

American Shaman CBD 2024 clinical trial assessment and results: Is American Shaman CBD Safe to Use?

The American Shaman CBD represents an exciting host of benefits backed by multiple clinical studies. While the product comes from the cannabis plant, studies reveal that it contains no THC responsible for causing a high.

No addiction problems have also been linked to CBD use. This means people can safely consume the American Shaman CBD product for the long term without experiencing any addiction or noticeable side effects.

Instead, science has linked the long-term use of CBD to multiple health benefits, including pain relief and treatment of some allergies and tumors. A recent study published on Science Direct found CBD to have anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antioxidant, anticonvulsive, antidepressant, antibiotic, anti-diabetic, anxiolytic, and neuroprotective attributes. This only means the product could alleviate the symptoms of a wide range of life-threatening conditions.

The product is rich in terpenes, which have been used in traditional medicine for centuries as well as in biomedicine. Terpenes are also extensively used as food additives due to their low toxicity.

Is American Shaman CBD safe to use?

American Shaman CBD results before and after: Does it really work, or is it a scam?

American Shaman CBD is one of the most efficacious cannabis extracts that work within moments of use. Unlike standard CBD oils that require several minutes of digestion before unlocking the CBD for absorption into the bloodstream, the American Shaman supplement’s effect is immediate.

Once ingested, the body absorbs the substance, leading to immediate results. This fast-acting quality is due to the small particles of the product. It is manufactured through proprietary nanotechnology, making it water-soluble and highly effective.

According to the manufacturer, the product undergoes a rigorous third-party test to be proven safe and effective. These tests are also responsible for ensuring the highest quality reaches the market.

American Shaman CBD results after two weeks: Due to the special technology used in the manufacture of American Shaman CBD, the product works immediately after ingestion.

American Shaman CBD results after one month: After one month of usage, patients typically report reduced anxiety and chronic pain cases. Persons with insomnia at the time of starting to use the product typically report no trouble sleeping by their one month of use.

American Shaman CBD results after two months: After two months, users report sustained relief for depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder. They sleep better and feel less anxious at all times of the day.

American Shaman CBD results after 3 months: While CBD effects are immediate, continuous use of it tends to see the best results. After three months, these users report no pain or symptoms of depression or anxiety. Their sleep is mainly uninterrupted, and their overall wellness is improved.

American Shaman CBD - Our dosage recommendation

Our American Shaman CBD review and rating

Despite being a relatively recent entrant into the supplement industry, American Shaman CBD is now the company’s bestselling product and one of the most preferred by users worldwide.

One of the main reasons people like it is that it consists of non-GMO organic hemp, safe for human consumption. The proprietary nanotechnology employed in its manufacture and the CO2 extraction method also contribute to the superior quality that users find unequaled.

Pros of American Shaman CBD oil

  • It is Authority Hemp certified, meaning it has passed the standards that every CBD manufacturer must uphold.
  • The product has undergone third-party lab testing to prove it safe and effective.
  • The company offers a 45-day money-back guarantee when you buy the CBD supplement, so you have adequate time to test the product and ascertain if you are happy with it.
  • The CBD works in moments, unlike standard CBD oils that require digestion before the body can absorb the CBD and reap its benefits.

Cons of American Shaman CBD oil

  • The American Shaman oil is not available in most local pharmacies for purchase over the counter.
  • Some customers find the product relatively expensive.

Pros of American Shaman CBD oil

American Shaman CBD reviews on the internet and forums like Reddit or Consumer Reports:

American Shaman CBD is popular on various discussion forums, including Reddit. Many users are happy with the results they get from using the product. A vast majority of people find the pain-relieving quality of CBD to be a big advantage. The product works quickly to relieve pain when you most need the relief.

The only complaint that some customers seem to raise is about the price. Some claim that the product is slightly more expensive than other CBD oils. However, the price seems justified for the American Shaman CBD being the first to use proprietary nanotechnology in its manufacturing process to offer quick results.

Was American Shaman CBD in the Shark Tank?

Even though the Shark Tank helped several upcoming businesses make their major breakthroughs, American Shaman was not one of the beneficiaries of this initiative. The company has made its own efforts to manufacture and market the product without external assistance.

Thankfully, people love the product, and it is now one of the most preferred supplements in the market.

Is American Shaman CBD reputable, or are there any warnings about American Shaman CBD on the internet?

Our research did not find any warnings on the internet regarding the American Shaman CBD. Instead, many customers seem to be pleased with the results of their use. The majority of users claim to have got quick relief from pain after trying other pain relievers over time with little success.

When buying a product online, you want to understand the company you are buying from, and you want to be sure they can satisfy your needs.

After doing our research, we learn that American Shaman is the first company to produce water-soluble CBD products. In our opinion, this speaks a lot about their dedication to bringing a valuable product to the market.

The CBD is said to work up to ten times faster than the standard CBD oil that every other company sells. Based on these details, we are convinced that American Shaman is a reputable brand worth trying out.

What do I need to consider if I want to discontinue American Shaman CBD?

American Shaman CBD falls under the dietary supplements category. This means they are safe to use and discontinue at will without any risk of withdrawal symptoms. The product will help you achieve an enhanced state of internal balance and relief from pain.

However, when you have to stop using it for some time for any reason, the only thing you would have to consider is foregoing the benefits when you will not be using it. Otherwise, it is safe to start and stop your dosage at will.

Where can you buy American Shaman CBD? Price comparison & deals for sale

We recommend buying from the company’s official website, where you enjoy the lowest and most competitive prices.

When you buy here, you also get to enjoy the company’s special discounts under the Compassionate Care program with discounts for persons in need, veterans, and those who are low-income. So, provided you fall in any of these categories of people, you can be sure to enjoy some unparalleled discounts.

In addition to the competitive pricing, the company also offers a full money-back guarantee. This policy means you can return the product within 45 days of purchase and get a full refund if you are not satisfied with it.

Other companies typically offer only up to 30 days of the return policy. So when you buy the American Shaman CBD, you have up to 15 days more to test the product and confirm if you really like it or wish to get your money back.

Where can you buy American Shaman CBD?

Can you buy American Shaman CBD in a pharmacy?

The supplement is not currently available for purchase over the counter in pharmacies. However, several retail outlets specializing in vitamins and supplements offer it in different locations.

In any case, we do not recommend buying from any of these retail outlets because they are typically not sanctioned by the manufacturer, so you would not have a way to confirm if you are getting the right quality or a mere knock-off.

The safest and most recommended place to buy your product is from the company’s official website. You are guaranteed to get the right quality at the lowest prices on this site. You will also be getting the product directly from the manufacturer, so you will not risk finding the item out of stock.

American Shaman CBD Review Conclusion—our experience and recommendation

We love that the water-soluble CBD comes in various flavors allowing you to choose your most preferred flavor. Also, being soluble in water makes the product much easier and convenient to consume in various forms, unlike standard CBD that we had tried before and had to place under the tongue as a tincture.

The supplement’s effect on pain was almost instant, which we found to be extremely helpful. When you are hurting, immediate pain relief is the best thing you can wish for, and the American Shaman CBD delivers just that.

Overall, we liked the product and how it works. Would we recommend it? Absolutely. We highly recommend the American Shaman CBD for anyone who wishes to experience the therapeutic effects of CBD without having to wait for several minutes or hours.

American Shaman CBD Review Conclusion

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