CBDfx Reviews 2024: Proven CBDfx Results Before and After

CBDfx Reviews

There are very few pills in the market that can deal with anxiety, depression and chronic pain, all at the same time. CBD happens to be one of them. So, if you’ve gone under and fast, as a result of taking the wrong medicine, CBD can pull you out.

However, not all CBD products are created equal. So, it’s essential you buy from a credible company. CBDfx happens to be one of the biggest CBD brands, with a product line of over 50 CBD products. The company came on the scene in 2014, and despite the maddening crowd of CBD products and brands already in the market, they’ve managed to establish themselves as one of the go-to sources when looking for safe CBD products.

Their products address various health concerns ranging from sleep problems to chronic pain, fragile nails and hair, depression and many more. They can also contribute to your general wellness.

In this CBDfx review, we will dissect the brand and answer some very important questions that relate to the safety and efficacy of its products. 

What is CBDfx?

CBDfx is a CBD brand founded in 2014 by Ali Esmail and James Rodgers in San Fernando Valley in California. Presently, they hold the badge of the second-largest privately held CBD company worldwide. The company has over 50 products listed on its website, which is a huge accomplishment. You will be hard-pressed to find a CBD brand with as many product offerings. 

The massive catalogue by CBDfx makes it possible for customers looking to try out different CBD products to find them all in one place. 

All the products are made using natural organic ingredients and following strict quality control and a lengthy production process. They don’t contain any GMOs and are pesticide-free. Some of the more popular ones are topicals, gummies, pills, tinctures, vaping supplies and pet products. 

Talking about the production step, CBDfx uses a methodical organic farming approach that involves collecting the best quality organic hemp, mainly from Kentucky and Colorado, and turning them into a variety of premium CBD products. CBD is extracted from the hemp using the golden CO2 process. This ensures the products provide all the benefits of organic hemp and no chemical residues are left in the process. 

CBDfx facilities are accredited by CGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Processes). You can find all their products listed on their official site and many other retail stores across the web.

Product name


Country of Origin


Supplement type



✓ Wide variety of products
✓ Highest quality, full spectrum CBD supplements
✓ Focus on well-made, simple products
✓ Great customer service
✓ Money back guarantee

Third-party Testing

CC Testing Labs

Ingredients Quality


Extraction Method



Worldwide (free in the U.S.)

Customer rating average


Where to buy:

What are the ingredients of CBDfx products?

There are two main ingredients in all of CBDfx products – hemp extract and hemp oil. Depending on the product, other components may be added to improve the taste, increase consistency, and provide more health benefits.

For example, CBDfx tinctures include organic MCT oil, while Gummies contain turmeric, berries or spirulina, depending on the flavor. Vape pen includes vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, and different natural flavors. You will find a full list of the products (over fifty of them) and their content on the official CBDfx website.

It is worth nothing that some products are better for certain situations than others. For instance, some may be better suited for relaxing, while some might be better for the muscles. Thus, you must first resolve why you need the product before making a pick. Or, like most people, you can purchase different products to try out. 

Below is a brief review of some of the more popular products.

CBDfx Oil Tincture

It’s impossible to talk about the best CBDfx products without mentioning the oil tincture. It’s full-spectrum CBD, which makes it highly effective. Unlike broad-spectrum CBD which contains up to 0.3 percent THC, full spectrum is completely free of THC, and thus provides you with more CBD compounds. 

Oil tincture is also vegan and gluten-free, so there’s no question about its safety. 

Its main function is to reduce the effect of stress by helping you feel calm and relaxed. It can also help if you’re having a challenge with getting good sleep. 

Besides CBD oils, it is also enriched with CBN compounds which provide even more benefits. 

The bottles come with different strength options – 500mg, 1000mg, 2000mg, and 4000mg. So, it’s easier to choose the concentration you need.

CBDfx Oil Tincture

CBD Vape Pens

CBDfx also offers several CBD vape pens made from 100% organic hemp extract with the finest broad spectrum CBD. Specifically, the pens have 99 percent pure CBD isolate as one of its ingredients, which makes it really strong. Most users said they felt the effect faster compared to when they used other options. 

The isolate is used in different concentrations- 500mg and 1000mg per bottle. So, you can choose the one you prefer best or can tolerate. 

Two other notable ingredients used in the pens are vegetable glycerine and propylene glycol. They also include natural and artificial flavors. Some of the popular ones are Strawberry milk, Platinum rose, Strawberry Kiwi, OG Kush CBD, and Wild watermelon.

CBD Vape Pens

CBD Gummies

If you love eating gummies, then CBDfx Gummies might suit your preference. It has broad-spectrum CBD as part of its Ingredients, which increases its potency. In fact, they are just as potent as the oil tinctures; each serving contains about 50mg of CBD.

The Gummies also contain spirulina and turmeric which provide more superfood benefits. It’s a completely vegan and natural product and has no GMOs or artificial sweeteners. So, it’s safe and can be taken anytime of the day.  

Make sure you use the gummies as directed. While it’s tempting to chew on them a lot, you don’t want to abuse them. Start with 1/2 gummies and monitor the effects they have on your before increasing the dosage.

CBDfx Gummies

CBD Gel Capsules

The gel capsule presents another great way to consume CBD other than the oil. But beyond that, some people may be attracted to the ingredients.

As the name suggests, two main ingredients make up the capsules. These include MCT oil and gelatin. The MCT oil is responsible for the mild coconut taste of the capsules, which makes them easier to consume. But beyond that, it supplies your body with vitamins and essential nutrients as well as CBD effects.

The capsules are made with full-spectrum formulation and do not contain THC. So, there’s no question about its efficacy. For a good night sleep, you can take the Night Capsules, which helps to promote good sleep, while the Morning Capsules will provide you with more energy to go through the day. 

The pills are very easy to swallow and have a simple dosage. There are 30 capsules in each package while each capsule has 25mg of CBD. 

cbdfx gel

CBD Topicals

ÇBDfx also offers some premium CBD topicals to cater for various skin problems. These include serums, facial cleansers, face masks, topical creams, and even balms.  All these products are made using high-quality CBD and the finest skincare ingredients. Some of the problems they address include inflammation, dry skin, hot spots and many more. Even if you don’t have a major skin concern, it’s still a good idea to incorporate these in your selfcare beauty regime.

The CBD is completely organic and contains no GMOs. It is sourced from the US. 

cbdfx Topicals

CBD Cream for Muscle & Joint

Studies also show that CBD can help to relieve pain. That is exactly what this cream is meant for – to relieve uscle or soreness in the joints. 

Like the other products, it contains high quality cannabinoids and other organic ingredients. One of the main ones is white willow bark which is a natural remedy for soothing minor aches and pains. It also has a cool methanol sensation which improves the overall feeling around the area you apply it. 

It is worth noting that the cream contains caffeine. 

The cream is great for people who love to workout. You can use it to relax and calm your overworked muscles. But even without working out, you can apply it anytime you feel joint or muscle discomfort.

The potencies include 500mg, 1000mg, and 3000mg while the type is broad-spectrum. 

We could go on and on. There are definitely other great CBDfx products but the ones above are a great place to start. 

CBDfx Cream for Muscle & Joint 

How do you use and dose CBDfx for best results? Our dosage recommendation – How much CBDfx should you take? 

CBDfx provides specific instructions on each product in its vault, and this is readily available in the product pages on the official site.

That said, it’s generally advisable to start with a low dosage and observe how your body reacts to it. Over time, you can increase the dose. This is the route we recommend to go, especially if this is the first time you’re taking CBD.

The ideal individual dosage would depend on your degree of experience with CBD products, the severity of your condition, age and lifestyle, and your body weight. To be on the safe side, you can consult a physician on the right amount of CBD to consume. 

How do you use and dose CBDfx

CBDfx 2024 clinical trial assessment and results: Is CBDfx safe to use?

As a proof of quality, most CBD products are usually made to go through third-party lab testing. These labs are meant to provide an unbiased opinion of the product based on the result of their testing. CBDfx claims that their products are tested up to eight times by CC Testing Labs, a third-party lab with ISO 17025 accreditation. You can view the outcomes of these tests by accessing the COA (certificate of analysis) available online.

Each COA includes test results for potency, the presence of contaminants, and cannabinoid and terpene profiles. Though the amount from the COAs and those advertised by CBDfx isn’t always the same, they are usually fairly close. So, we can confidently say the products are safe to use.

Besides the many positive feedbacks they have online, CBDfx has never received any warning from the FDA, unlike many CBD companies.  

Is CBDfx safe to use?

Our CBDfx review and rating: CBDfx pros and cons:

While CBDfx products seem to perform wonderfully well, there are still areas that need improvement. Here, we review the general pros and cons. 


  • Offers a wide variety of products
  • Reliable quality (if you buy from the official website)
  • Discounts are available when you buy in bulk from partner vendors
  • No adverse side effects
  • All supplements are vegan and are made using only natural ingredients
  • Products are non-GMOs and gluten-free
  • Products do not contain sweeteners, artificial additives, or harmful chemicals
  • Products are reasonably priced
  • Offers 60-day money-back guarantee on each product
  • Great customer service
  • Third-party lab reports are available for each supplement
  • Free shipping is available for US residents


  • Products are not available in local stores and pharmacies
  • With an extensive product line, choosing can be a bit challenging for newbie CBD users


CBDfx Positive Reviews

The majority of reviews on the web about CBDfx products are favorable. Most buyers said they were satisfied with the results they got. Here are what some customers said on Reddit and Amazon. 

CBDfx Positive Reviews

CBDfx Negative Reviews

One of the greatest aspects of CBDfx products is that they don’t have any significant side effects. As a result, they have very few negative reviews. Most of the poor feedbacks were centred on the solution not working or causing an adverse reaction or symptoms. But these were mainly customers that bought the product from retail sites. There’s no denying the web is filled with many fake CBDfx dealers. This is why we recommend you get the product directly from the manufacturer. This will save you from purchasing the wrong item and all the troubles that might come along with it. 

CBDfx Negative Reviews

CBDfx reviews on the internet and forums like Reddit or Consumer Reports

CBDfx reviews across the web are overwhelmingly positive, especially on user news generated sites like Reddit, Quora and Consumer Reports. People who used the products said it made them feel better and helped relieve their anxiety, stress and chronic pain. Others said it helped improve their sleep and overall fitness level. The exact outcome of CBDfx will depend on the particular product you purchase. But with each product, you will get the benefit of CBD. 

Was CBDfx in the Shark Tank?

CBDfx is yet to be featured on Shark Tank, so it doesn’t have any connection with the Reality TV show. Nevertheless, the brand has garnered many positive reviews online, so there’s no question about its efficacy. 

Is CBDfx reputable, or are there any warnings about CBDfx on the internet?

Yes, CBDfx is a reputable CBD brand with a huge offering consisting of only high-quality CBD supplements. Being the fifth largest private-held CB brand says a lot about their credibility. As long as you buy their products directly from the official website and take them as directed, you should get the expected results. Overusing the product or buying from a fake dealer site can bring about undesirable side effects. Also, mixing with other drugs can interfere with the ingredients, and consequently, the results.

What do I need to consider if I want to discontinue CBDfx?

There’s basically nothing to consider. You can stop using the products anytime you want as they don’t cause any withdrawal symptoms. However, if you’re already on some other medications, we recommend you inform your doctor to determine whether you can include CBD or not. 

What to consider if you want to discontinue CBDfx

Where can you buy CBDfx products?

We recommend buying CBDfx products from the official company’s website via our partner provider. This ensures you get the genuine product and also qualifies you for a discount. That said, the supplements can also be found on e-commerce sites like Amazon and eBay, but they are offered by different suppliers, so the prices are slightly higher. Also, there’s no assurance that you’re getting the original product.

Can you buy CBDfx in a pharmacy?

No, CBDfx cannot be found in a pharmacy. You can only get it online via retail stores or the official website. We recommend buying from the official website to ensure you get the original product and at the best price. 

Can you buy CBDfx in pharmacy?

CBDfx Review Conclusion - Our experience and recommendation:

So, is CBDfx a good brand? The short answer is YES! They come highly recommended, especially if you're looking to find several CBD products from one provider. This increases your options in terms of flavors and strengths while saving you time and shipping costs. The company sells almost any type of CBD product you can think about. 

Safety-wise, CBDfx uses only CBD from hemp cultivated in the US under organic conditions, which ensures the products are the safest. This, combined with the added nutritious ingredients, make them even more effective. 

Other things like free shipping, price discounts, and product bundles are perks CBDfx offers that you will rarely find with other brands. 

The company also has a 60-day return policy which you can take advantage of if you are not satisfied with the results. So, you have nothing to lose but everything to gain. Again, we can't recommend CBDfx enough.

CBDfx Conclusion

Frequently asked questions about CBDfx.

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Is it safe to take CBDfx continuously?

Who is behind the manufacturer of CBDfx?

Do I need a prescription to buy CBDfx?

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