Bathmate Shower Strap Reviews 2024 – Bathmate Shower Strap Results Before and After

Bathmate shower strap reviews

The invention of penis pumps to manage Erectile Dysfunction(ED) is a relief to most men.  With the ability to help one get and keep an erection, penis pumps are an easy, safe, non-invasive, and less costly treatment option.

The typical penis pumps require you to hold them while exercising your penile muscles. This is quite inconvenient for some users. To help their customers have an easier and more convenient penis pump exercise, Bathmate invented the Bathmate Shower Strap to use alongside the hydro penis pumps.

The Bathmate Shower Strap enables you to use your hydro penis pump hands-free. With this strap, you can exercise as well as take a bath at the same time. This lifts the burden of paying attention to the pump for as long as the exercise lasts.

In this article, we review the Bathmate Shower Strap to help you decide whether it is worth your money or not. Read on.

What is Bathmate Shower Strap?

Bathmate Shower Strap is one of the accessories designed by Bathmate to accompany the hydro penis pumps. Other Bathmate hydro pump accessories include sex lubricants, cleaners, cushion rings, sex toys, and much more.

The Bathmate Shower Strap is exceptional at making the use of hydro penis pumps convenient. Designed to make your Bathmate penis pump workout hands-free, this strap is a must-have for most users. All you have got to do is attach the connector to the pump, place the strap around your neck, and get to enjoy your penis pump routine without worrying about holding the pump in place.

You can buy the Bathmate Shower Strap as a single unit or get it for FREE when you buy one of the hydro pumps in the Bathmate HydroeXtreme series.


Bathmate Shower Strap

Bathmate shower strap product


  • Boost blood flow, health and well-being.
  • Approved by doctors, clinically tested.
  • Improve your erection size and hardness.
Side Effects
  • No side effects
Package includes Bathmate Shower Strap
Price $29.90
Shipping Free Shipping
Rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5/5
Refund Policy 60 Days

How does Bathmate Shower Strap work? Does Bathmate Shower Strap really work?

To use the Bathmate Shower Strap, you must have one of the hydro pumps from Bathmate. You will also need water for the best results. Below is how it works:

Bathmate Tips
  • Gently massage your genital area to relax the muscles.
  • Fill your hydro penis pump with warm water.
  • Close the pump using the valve and add the comfort insert/cushion.
  • Attach the Bathmate Shower Strap to your pump from the end with the universal connector.
  • Insert your penis into the hydro pump and pull it into the body to create a vacuum seal.
  • Firmly squeeze the handball to create more pressure around your penis. Continue pumping until you are at the maximum comfortable pressure.
  • Adjust the strap to hang around your neck from the other end. Continue adjusting the strap until the pump is straight and comfortable.
  • Turn on the shower/ or get into the bathtub to enjoy your bath and penis pump exercise simultaneously. You can work out your penis muscles for up to 5 minutes before removing the pump.

Does Bathmate Shower Strap really work

How to remove the Bathmate hydro penis pump and the Bathmate Shower Strap

  • Carefully hang off the Bathmate Shower Strap from your neck.
  • Press down on the valve cap until all the vacuum is released.

  • Safely pull out the penis from the pump.
  • Disconnect the strap from the pump immediately or later, depending on your routine.

For a more detailed illustration on how to use the Bathmate Shower Strap, check out this video.

Side note: For the best results, consider exercising your penis muscles using the Bathmate Hydromax pump and Shower Strap for up to 15 minutes daily.

How do you use Bathmate Shower Strap for the best results?

Bathmate Shower Strap is designed to give you both convenience and ease when using any hydro penis pumps. When used correctly, this combo helps you to get and maintain a firm erection, necessary for sexual intercourse. You can also expect your penis to grow in girth as well as length after several correct exercises.

To get the best results from Bathmate Shower Strap, ensure to ONLY use one of the Bathmate hydro penis pumps. These pumps come in 3 different series (Hydro, Hydromax, and HydroXtreme), and each pump has an attachment knob for connecting to the shower strap. This is a feature that you won’t find in other penis pumps. Therefore, trying to fit the Bathmate  Shower Strap on other penis pumps may cause it to slip off and hurt your penis.

Bathmate Case and Pump

Just like every other exercise, consistency is critical in achieving your desired results. Consider using the Bathmate penis pump and shower strap daily for at least 15 minutes to improve your erections and increase your chances of a bigger penis.

How long does it take for Bathmate Shower Strap to work?

How long it takes for Bathmate Shower Strap to begin giving you gains solely depends on your commitment. The Bathmate workout involves exercising the muscles in your genital area to improve their ability for optimal blood flow in the vessels and also for firmer erections.

Using the Bathmate Shower Strap to support your penis workout will work for you as soon as you begin. However, you will start experiencing noticeable changes after 4 weeks of regular exercise.

How big can you get from using Bathmate Shower Strap?

Using the Bathmate Shower Strap for support makes your penis pump exercise both fun and easy. As a result, you get to work out frequently and meet your penis enlargement goals.

Bathmate shower strap

Depending on different psychological and physiologic factors, there are varied gains in length and girth among other users. However, exercising your penile muscles regularly using the Bathmate Hydro pump and Shower Strap can increase your penis up to 2 inches longer than it was.

Warning: Do not carry out your Bathmate exercise for more than 15 minutes in 24 hours. Too much exercise might damage the tissues in your penis, causing severe ED and other complications.

What is the packaging of the Bathmate Shower Strap?

You can order Bathmate Shower Strap as a separate accessory or find it enclosed in your Bathmate HydroeXtreme pump package. Whichever your option is, you can be guaranteed a safe and discreet delivery for your Bathmate Shower Strap. The manufacturers do an excellent job of ensuring that your product’s quality is protected from external damage during shipping and delivery. The firm carton boxes and interior casings also provide a seamless and discreet Bathmate Shower Strap delivery at your doorstep.

Bathmate Hydromax Reviews

Bathmate Shower Strap 2024 clinical trial assessment and results. Is Bathmate Shower Strap safe to use?

The Bathmate Shower Strap is one of the accessories created by Bathmate to accompany the hydro penis pumps. To ensure the users’ safety, the manufacturer has carried out substantial trials on all the products. These assessments have led to FDA’s approval to use Bathmate products both in the US and worldwide.

For instance, the Bathmate Shower Strap is made from high-quality US materials, making it sturdy and effective at holding the pump in place. A sturdy strap means you can enjoy your shower and penile workout simultaneously without worrying about the pump falling off.

In addition, the Bathmate Shower Strap is designed to adjust and fit men of different heights. This allowance protects your neck, back, and penis from getting hurt while you exercise.

For maximum safety, ensure you only use the Bathmate Shower Strap along with Bathmate hydro pumps. Penis pumps that do not fit well with the Bathmate shower strap may slip off and cause damage to your muscles and blood vessels.

Bathmate Shower Strap results before and after: Does Bathmate Shower Strap really work, or is it a scam?

Most of Bathmate’s customers have reported that both the Bathmate hydro pumps and shower strap work well when used together. The shower strap is praised for its ability to support any size of the hydro pumps to give you both comfort and convenience.

Bathmate Shower Strap results before and after

In a survey by Bathmate, about 80% of the users reported experiencing better and longer erections when using the Bathmate pump and shower strap. What’s more! About 93% of those who used the Bathmate shower strap with the HydroeXtreme pump saw significant improvements in penis growth.

Bathmate Shower Strap results after 2 weeks: At two weeks, most Bathmate users can have an erection faster than before. Up to 50% of men can have penetrative sex at this stage, although this might not last for a long time.

Bathmate Results

  • Bathmate Shower Strap results after 1 month: After a month of regular exercise, most men experience harder erections than before. There is also a significant improvement in the blood flow to the genital areas.
  • Bathmate Shower Strap after 2 months: After 2 months, most Bathmate users experience noticeable changes in the hardness of their erections. The erections are more firm and last longer than usual-up to 30 minutes. Some individuals also begin noticing a slight penis growth, especially in girth.
  • Bathmate Shower Strap after 3 months: At 3 months, the results get better for most men. They report experiencing more gains with erections that make them feel more confident with their partners. At this point, most users admit to being able to have penetrative sex without difficulties. Those who exercise more frequently also report a slight growth in the size of their penises.

Bathmate Shower Strap results

Our Bathmate Shower Strap review and rating: Bathmate Shower Strap pros and cons

We have grazed the internet to find what customers have to say about the Bathmate Shower Strap. Similar to every product in the market, the strap has both advantages and disadvantages. Below are some of the reviews (positive and negative) by those who have used Bathmate Shower Strap.

Bathmate Shower Strap positive reviews

Bathmate Shower Strap negative reviews

Bathmate Shower Strap negative review

Bathmate Shower Strap pros

  • It makes your Bathmate penis workout comfortable.
  • It is easy to use.
  • It gives you balance while you work out.
  • It comes with a 60-day return policy for unsatisfied customers.
  • It safely holds the pump in place.
  • It comes with discreet packaging.
  • It can attach to any of the hydro penis pump models.
  • It is free when purchased with the high-powered Hydroextreme models.
  • It facilitates growth when used regularly.
  • It is sturdy.
  • It can adjust to fit your height.
  • It maintains suction for the best vacuum pressure.
  • It is cost effective-you only buy once and use it forever!

Bathmate Shower Strap cons

  • You can only use it alongside Bathmate hydro pumps.

Bathmate Shower Strap reviews on the internet and forums like Reddit

Bathmate Shower Strap has received reputable comments on the internet and forums like Reddit. Most users credit it for the convenience and ease of use it offers. Besides, the shower strap is an essential tool in adding to the effectiveness of the Bathmate hydro penis pumps.

Is Bathmate Shower Strap reputable, or are there any warnings about Bathmate Shower Strap on the internet?

The Bathmate Shower Strap is effective and safe to use in addition to the Bathmate hydro pumps series. Due to its convenience and comfort to the users, the Bathmate shower strap gives these pumps an edge over their counterparts. With a bit of commitment and the pump/strap combo, you can be assured of better gains from your penis pump exercises.

Is Bathmate Shower Strap reputable, or are there any warnings about Bathmate Shower Strap on the internet

However, there are a few warnings on the internet about the use of the Bathmate Shower Strap. There are concerns mainly associated with the strap’s inability to fit well on some hydro pumps. To prevent the strap from slipping off your pump, make sure you confirm with the manufacturer for proper fitting before purchasing the Bathmate Shower Strap.

Secondly, some individuals have concerns on whether people with bent penises should use the Bathmate Shower Strap or not. The fear is that holding the pump in position might cause the penile muscles to overstretch and cause more complications. Although there is no clinical evidence to these claims, it is vital to confirm with your healthcare provider before making the purchase.

Lastly, there are warnings on using a hydro pump/shower strap unit for individuals who suffer from blood clotting disorders. Exercising your penile blood vessels may aggravate the problem. Also, ensure to consult with your doctor whether a penis pump is the best option to treat ED if the condition is severe.

Apart from these few warnings, Bathmate Shower Strap is a convenient addition to your penis pump exercise that you should consider buying.

What do I need to consider if I have to discontinue using Bathmate Shower Strap?

The Bathmate Shower Strap is a complementary accessory to your Bathmate penis pump exercises. Attaching it to your Bathmate hydro pump makes your workout easy and comfortable. You can enjoy both the bath and exercise at the same time without having to focus on the pump.

However, if you intend to discontinue using the Bathmate Shower Strap, there are no special considerations to take. The shower strap is a safe item made from US-approved materials that do not have any side effects upon discontinuing. (Note: Talk to your doctor about the decision if they recommended your penis pump and strap)

Where can you buy Bathmate Shower Strap? Bathmate Shower Strap price comparison and deals for sale

Where can you buy Bathmate Shower Strap

You can buy Bathmate Shower Strap from Amazon, eBay, and some drug stores. However, we recommend buying from our partner’s official website for the best prices and sale deals.

Why buy from our partners? The Bathmate Shower Strap comes as part of the gift when you buy the Bathmate HydoeXtreme pumps. When you buy from Bathmate’s official website, you can be assured of receiving an approved quality shower strap that will give you the best results. Other advantages of buying from our partners include:

  • Reliable 24-hour shipping and delivery services.
  • Dedicated customer support to assist with your inquiries.
  • Reduced prices.

  • Guaranteed safety for your money. The manufacturer’s website offers you a 60-day no-questions and full-package return policy if you are not satisfied with the strap’s results.
  • Discreet packaging for your Bathmate Shower Strap.
  • FREE shipping.

Can you buy Bathmate Shower Strap in a pharmacy?

Can you buy Bathmate Shower Strap in a pharmacy

Yes, you can buy Bathmate Shower Strap from pharmacies that have affiliate connections with Bathmate. However, make sure to check for the mark of quality assurance to avoid being conned. We recommend carrying out a little due diligence about the pharmacy before making your Bathmate Shower Strap purchase.

Bathmate Shower Strap review conclusion - our experience and recommendation.

The Bathmate hydro pump series are an exceptional pick for treating mild symptoms of ED. Although these pumps can work well outside water, they give you the best results when used in the water. For this reason, Bathmate invented the Bathmate Shower Strap to assist you in working out hands-free while in the shower or bathtub.

With the Bathmate Shower Strap, you get to focus on your bath without the interruptions of holding the pump. Designed to fit on the hydro pump and hang on your shoulder, the shower strap makes your penis pump exercises more fun and less strenuous.

From the experiences and reviews by most users, Bathmate Shower Strap adds double to the effectiveness of the Bathmate hydro pumps. With the extra convenience, you get to exercise more regularly and enjoy better results than when holding is involved.

In conclusion, we recommend using Bathmate Shower Strap to support your Bathmate workout routine. A smooth hands-free session goes a long way in giving you the benefits of better and longer erections.

Bathmate Shower Strap review conclusion - our experience and recommendation

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Bathmate Shower Strap

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Is it safe to use Bathmate Shower Strap continuously?

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When should I use Bathmate Shower Strap?

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