Bathmate Hydromax 7 Reviews 2024 ➡️ Hydromax 7 Results before and after

Bathmate Hydromax 7 Reviews

A man’s sexual performance is one of his greatest sources of pride, and penis size and strength are primary contributors to that performance. 

Many companies have created solutions to help men become their best in the bedroom, but few have developed successful solutions. One such solution is Bathmate Hydromax 7, currently the world’s best-selling penis pump due to its proven efficiency and high customer satisfaction levels.

This popularity is perhaps what has attracted researchers to study the product. According to a recent survey, more than half of Bathmate users have reported size gains and are happy with their experiences. 

What is Bathmate Hydromax 7?  

The Hydromax7 is Bathmate’s best-selling penis pump designed for men measuring between 5 and 7 inches. 

It is a more powerful penis pump than its first hydro-pump model, created in response to customer demand for a more powerful tool. 

The manufacturer claims the Hydromax 7 is guaranteed to deliver size and performance gains when used correctly. There is significant credibility to this claim since more than half of the pump’s users surveyed report results consistent with this claim.

Bathmate Hydromax 7 is designed to improve sexual power, the quality of erection, and the user’s confidence. And the product currently stands as the leading penis pump in the world. 


Bathmate Hydromax 7

Hydromax 7 Penis Pump

Benefits  Boost blood flow, health and well-being.
Approved by doctors, clinically tested.
Improve your erection size and hardness.
Side Effects No side effects
Package Hydromax 7 Penis Pump
Usage 3 times a day
Price $159.00
Shipping Free Shipping
Rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5/5
Refund Policy 60 Days

How does Bathmate Hydromax 7 work? Does Bathmate Hydromax 7 really work?

Like all Bathmate hydro pumps, the Hydromax 7 works by applying gentle force to the penis in all directions through negative pressure. Once you fill the chamber with water and insert your penis in it, pumping out the water slowly creates a negative pressure around the penis that slowly and gently forces the penis forwards, sideways, downwards, and upwards.

As the penis stretches out, blood flows into its spongy tissue to occupy the space created inside the erectile tissue. This process results in a false erection. 

Remember that erection typically happens when more blood flows into the penis than leaves. By stretching out your penis, you stretch the erectile tissue causing them to experience micro-tearing and grow in size as the exercise is repeated, just like the body builds muscles through physical exercises.

The body, in turn, responds by increasing the blood flow into the penis, transporting more nutrients to the tissue for recovery and growth.  

Over time, the erectile tissue increases in size and can accommodate more blood. This results in more robust erections and a larger, thicker penis. 

This means Bathmate Hydromax 7 indeed increases the penis length and girth. However, this will not happen overnight. You must exercise with the tool repeatedly to achieve the gains. 

To better understand the working of the Hydromax 7, consider the mechanism of weightlifting that athletes have used for centuries to increase their muscle mass and overall body sizes. The bottom line in each case is consistency. The more you work out, the more you gain. 

The manufacturer is so confident in the product that they offer a 60-day satisfaction guarantee. According to the company, you are sure to be happy with the results. On the off chance that you are not, you can return the product within an entire 60-day period and get your money back—no questions asked. 

How do you use Bathmate Hydromax 7 for best results?

First, you must use the Bathmate Hydromax correctly to optimize your results and avoid any discomfort or risk of injuries from the exercise. 

Like any exercise involving the body muscles, correctly approaching the activity will directly influence your results and ensure your safety. 

Regarding penis pumps, the most important way to avoid injuries is to pump slowly and avoid creating too much pressure inside the chamber. Also, you need to start little by little, keeping each session at less than five minutes and increasing as your body gets used to the exercise. 

That said, here is the step-by-step procedure for using the Hydromax 7 penis pump. 

Step 1: Warm-up and relax your body

Blood flow into your penis is important. So is your overall body state. To put yourself in the right frame for optimum outcomes of the exercise, warm your body in the shower for up to five minutes. 

You want to ensure your body is completely relaxed by the time you perform the exercise. So, one thing you can do is relax inside the bathtub or under a warm shower for about five minutes.

This relaxation is essential; it will help stimulate blood circulation and prepare your body for enhanced response to the penis pump. The preparation also helps unstiffen your testicles, letting them dangle below the Hydromax 7’s vacuum seal for more comfort.

Step 2: Attach all the accessories and fill the pump with water

Your Bathmate Hydromax 7 comes with a number of accessories along with the user manual to guide you on the correct way to use them. Before you get started, attach them to get the device ready. Also, ensure you close the release valve on the tool to keep water inside the chamber. 

Next, fill the chamber with water either from your bathtub or the shower, whichever you are using. 

Step 3: Insert your penis inside the chamber.

To insert your penis, simply place the device on top of it, ensuring it is still flaccid while doing so. At this point, you should have positioned yourself comfortably in the shower or bathtub. 

You want to ensure you mount the device in one swift but gentle motion to minimize spillage. Then push the pump gently against the base of your penis and release the pressure valve as indicated in your user manual. 

Meanwhile, hold the device firmly against your pubic bone to ensure a tight seal between your body and the pump. As you may have figured, your pubic area needs to be clean to get this airtight seal. So, if you haven’t shaved already, you may want to do that before commencing the exercise. 

Of course, this may take some getting used to if you are not accustomed to shaving, but you eventually realize its many benefits. One of them: your partner will have an easier time going down on you when you do not have pubic hair. And more importantly, you look bigger when you do not have too much hair covering your member. 

Step 4: Pressurize the hydro pump.

Once you have mounted the device and released the pressure valve, it is time to create a vacuum around your organ inside the chamber. To create the pressure, pump the Hydromax 7 by moving it up and down gently. 

It is crucial that you pump slowly to keep the pressure building around your penis gentle and comfortable. 

You don’t want to pump too much as doing so can overstretch your erectile tissue and risk causing injury. Thankfully it should not be hard to regulate the pressure since Hydromax 7, like all Bathmate hydro pumps, is designed to build pressure gradually. 

Also, you should not pressurize for too long. Instead, keep your usage time to a maximum of 15 minutes a day, taking a break every 5 minutes.

Step 5: Massage the penis during each interval

You are supposed to take a break after every 5 minutes of using the pump. During the break, gently massage the organ to stimulate healthy blood flow before proceeding to the following 5-minute session. 

To remove the hydro pump and take a break or end your day’s sessions, press the vacuum-release valve inwards. This will release the pressure and allow the device to detach from your body. 

Now, it is human nature to want to see the results of their efforts. However, penis pumps do not work overnight. You are exercising a set of muscle blocks, and like any exercise, the muscles need time to develop. 

So, be patient and expect to see the results gradually, not overnight. Depending on your consistency and body biology, they may take time to show, but they will come eventually. The crucial thing is to do the work correctly. 

How long does it take for Bathmate Hydromax 7 to work?

Your penis should appear plumper immediately after your first 15-minute exercise with the device. Note that these initial gains are temporary and will soon fade. According to the Hydromax 7 makers, regular use will lead to sustaining your gains more permanently

Many users report such permanent gains after one to two months or longer on some isolated occasions. If you are among those who do not see the results sooner, you may want to be patient and give yourself more time. 

Hydromax7 Penis Pump Test

How big can you get from using the Bathmate Hydromax 7?

Majority of people who have used the product report average size gains of about one or more inches. Those who participate in surveys after using the pump for several months tend to report more size gains than new users.

Those who have used the product for years tend to get the biggest. In any case, you do not have to use the product every day to optimize your results. Three to five days a week should be sufficient. 

Additionally, because Bathmate Hydromax 7 is a powerful tool, consider keeping to 3 sets of less than 5 minutes each when you are new to the exercise. Take 2-minute breaks in between the sets and use the time to massage your manhood gently. 

Like any physical exercise, you need to give your body time to recover in between the workouts. So, be sure to take some days off. 

What is the packaging of Bathmate Hydromax 7?

The product package contains a new bellows pump, swivel system, removable comfort pad, superflow latch valve, and a metric and imperial measuring guide. 

Bathmate Hydromax 7 2024 clinical trial assessment and results: Is Bathmate Hydromax 7 safe to use?

The Bathmate Hydromax 7 makers say the product is clinically tested and approved by doctors. The Hydromax 7 is made of specially selected skin-safe materials that are phthalate-free to ensure they are safe for the skin. 

Aspen Clinical Research

Since the product comprises medical-grade materials and has undergone dermatological testing, it is accurate to say it is safe to use. The Bathmate company says all their range of products is tested by Aspen Clinical Research, a distinguished specialist clinic. 

Hydromax Success

The company also sells some accessories that you can buy along with your Hydromax 7. These have also been tested separately and certified for safe usage.

Moreover, a 2021 clinical survey found that more than half of Bathmate users report size gains and firmer erection. None of these recent studies have found any complaints regarding the safety of Bathmate Hydromax 7. 

However, notice that the Bathmate Hydromax 7 is a powerful penis pump, so you need to be gentle with it, especially if you are just starting to use penis pumps. 

Ideally, you do not want to apply too much pressure when pumping or pump for too long. Stay within the recommended 15 minutes a day, with 2-minute breaks every 5 minutes. Failure to observe these directions could lead to painful discomfort or injury, which you do not want. 

Bathmate Hydromax 7 results before and after: Does Bathmate Hydromax 7 really work, or is it a scam?

Does Bathmate Hydromax 7 really work, or is it a scam The manufacturer claims that 92 percent of users report actual results with the Hydromax series. The majority of these users are happy with their results. 

These claims are consistent with the results of multiple surveys indicating that over 50 percent of Bathmate users report gains that they are happy with. 

Notice that the penis pump requires a routine to yield the desired results. So the users who are amazed by their Hydromax 7 gains may be those who use it consistently. 

Inconsistent usage can lead to suboptimal results, which is the likely cause for the remaining 8 percent in Bathmate’s user satisfaction report. 

Whatever the case, sufficient evidence points to the efficacy of Bathmate Hydromax 7, so it is worth the try. You have to use it regularly to optimize your results and make the most of your purchase. 

The company says you should see visible, lasting results within a month of usage if you are consistent. 

Bathmate Hydromax 7 results after two weeks: If you are using the device for the very first time, your penis should appear plumper after the first 15 minutes of usage. This can repeatedly happen over the days following your first usage, seeing your penis look bigger after every pumping exercise. But expect the increase to fade after a while. 

There is no evidence to suggest any noticeable lasting changes in length or girth after the first two weeks. Real results may take longer than two weeks to appear. 

Bathmate Hydromax 7 results after one month: If you use the Hydromax 7 consistently for an entire month, you should begin to notice some visible increases in the length and girth of your penis. 

Exercising three to five days a week is recommended to see noticeable results within a month. While some people’s bodies will respond better and faster to the device, others may have to wait a little longer to see the desired results.

Bathmate Hydromax 7 results after two months: At the end of two months, the majority of Bathmate Hydromax 7 users typically report results. This explains why buyers hardly return for their money even though the company offers a 60-day money-back guarantee. 

Bathmate Hydromax 7 results after three months: After three months, most people typically report significant size gains with visible increases in penis length and girth.

The more you exercise, the more noticeable gains you should see.

Bathmate Hydromax 7 results

Our Bathmate Hydromax 7 review and rating: Bathmate Hydromax 7 pros and cons

From our experiments and feedback from actual users, the Bathmate Hydromax 7 indeed works to deliver some satisfactory results when used according to the manufacturer’s instructions. 

A good section of the users reports seeing increases in size a few weeks after using the Hydromax 7. There are others, however, who have complained of not seeing the results they expected. We learned that some of these people used the device once or twice a week upon further probing. 

Going by the manufacturer’s instructions, it is essential to note that one or two days a week may not be enough time to get the desired results with any penis pump. Nonetheless, here are the pros and cons associated with the device. 

The Bathmate Hydromax 7 pros

  • The Bathmate hydro pump has a comfort pad to cushion the penis base during stroking.
  • The Hydromax 7 is the best-selling mid-range hydro pump in the market.
  • It is made from skin-safe, medical-grade materials and certified as safe by a leading research company.
  • The device increases the length and girth by applying pressure on the manhood in all directions.
  • The device can work with a penis ring accessory to sustain an erection.
  • The device is available in different colors to choose from.

The Bathmate Hydromax 7 cons

  • The Hydromax 7 is restricted to persons measuring 5 to 7 inches long, leaving out those outside this range.
  • The product can be expensive to some potential users.

Bathmate Hydromax Positive Review

Bathmate Hydromax Negative Review

Bathmate Hydromax 7 Negative Review

Bathmate Hydromax 7 reviews on the internet and forums like Reddit:

The Hydromax 7 has garnered some very positive reviews on the internet across platforms like Reddit. While a few reviewers are less than happy with their results, the majority are satisfied with the gains they got from using the Hydromax 7. 

Is Bathmate Hydromax 7 reputable, or are there any warnings about Bathmate Hydromax 7 on the internet?

Our research did not reveal any real warnings about Bathmate on the Internet. Much of the information available on different online platforms regarding Bathmate Hydromax 7 is positive, with many users considering upgrading to a bigger model because they have outgrown their Hydromax 7. 

The product seems to work pretty well for most buyers. This lends credence to the claim that Bathmate products like the Hydromax 7 are the most prevalent penis pumps worldwide. Based on their customer experience, Bathmate is a reputable brand with a significant global reach.

We felt that their success is directly associated with the quality and reliability of the products the company makes and sells.  

What do I need to consider if I want to discontinue Bathmate Hydromax 7?

The only thing to consider when thinking of discontinuing Bathmate Hydromax is probably only the opportunity you will miss for potential size and performance gains. Otherwise, there is no real threat associated with discontinuing the Hydromax 7 usage. You can always stop the usage when you cannot keep up for some reason and resume any time you can. 

Where can you buy Bathmate Hydromax 7? Bathmate Hydromax 7 price comparison & deals for sale:

It is always best to purchase Bathmate products like the Hydromax 7 from reputable e-commerce sites with verified seller credentials or the company’s official website

Buying directly from the official Bathmate site is an excellent way to enjoy the best prices and quality guarantees. They also always have offers and coupons that you can enjoy when you shop there. 

Where can you buy Bathmate Hydromax 7

Can you buy Bathmate Hydromax 7 in a pharmacy?

Bathmate products are not available for purchase over the counter. There are sex shops in different locations that also sell Bathmate products like the Hydromax 7, but it is difficult to determine their legitimacy.

Due to the high demand for male enhancement products, swindlers could target you with a substandard product. Buying from the company’s official website is the best way to safeguard yourself from potential knock-offs.

Bathmate Hydromax 7 Review Conclusion - Our experience and recommendation:

Hydromax7 is an excellent mid-range device, especially for people who have tried penis pumps before. It represents a significant upgrade that helps optimize your results. 

Even though it might be on the pricier side for some previous penis pump users, you will find it completely worth the few extra dollars. Ideally, the product represents added comfort, safety, and most of all: added gains. 

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When should you use Bathmate Hydromax 7?




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