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Meclizine is an antiemetic. One could experience dizziness, nausea or vertigo occasionally or at frequent intervals. Some of us experience these symptoms due to motion sickness. Such symptoms could prevent us from performing their regular chores and minimize our daily productivity. There are many antiemetics in the market but not all of them are made equal. When you want to buy an antiemetic, you need to make sure that it offers you complete relief from symptoms such as dizziness, nausea, vomiting, and vertigo. 

This detailed review will help you find the required information on what is Meclizine, Meclizine side effects, what is meclizine used for, Meclizine for vertigo, Meclizine dosage, general Meclizine uses, where to buy Meclizine 25 mg tablet and Meclizine 12.5 mg tablet and much more. We will also check the user reviews and ratings so that you could decide whether Meclizine for vertigo is right for your needs.

What is Meclizine?

If you have not used this drug before then you may not know what is Meclizine used for. Meclizine is a prescription drug to treat symptoms such as vertigo, nausea, vomiting, and dizziness that are caused by motion sickness. You will find Meclizine 25mg tablet and Meclizine 12.5 mg tablet. It is also used to prevent the above symptoms, and it is found to be very effective in both treating and preventing the above issues. Meclizine is also used to treat dizziness caused by ear conditions. In case of infection of the vestibular nerve which is located in the inner ear and supports the balancing function of the body, this nerve is inflamed. As a result, one may experience symptoms such as vertigo, nausea and dizziness. Meclizine is also prescribed to treat these symptoms. Meclizine is one of the most popular antiemetics and it is important that you know what Meclizine is used for so that you can use this drug correctly. 

Product name



Prevents and treats symptoms of motion sickness.
✅ Treats balancing issues caused by inner ear infection.
✅ Treats vertigo

Side Effects

❌ Headache
❌ Drowsiness
❌ Dry mouth
❌ Fatigue




100 mg maximum per day

Supply for

Depends on the dosage


$40.99 for 60 pills
$51.99 for 90 pills





Refund Policy

Only on non-delivery of orders

What are Meclizine Ingredients?

Active ingredients of Meclizine: The active ingredient in Meclizine is Meclizine HCL or Meclizine Hydrochloride. 

Inactive ingredients of Meclizine: There are other inactive ingredients including colloidal silicon dioxide, lactose monohydrate, magnesium stearate, microcrystalline cellulose, sodium starch glycolate and talc. 

Meclizine 12.5 mg tablet:  They will also contain FD&C Blue #1 Aluminum Lake. 

Meclizine 25 mg tablet: They will also contain D&C Yellow #10 Aluminum Lake.

How does Meclizine work? How good is the effect of Meclizine for nausea, vomiting, vertigo, and dizziness?

Meclizine hydrochloride medical reports indicate that the exact mechanism of the Meclizine’s therapeutic effects is unknown. It is presumed that the process involves antagonism of the histamine H1 receptor.

How to use Meclizine for the best results?

In case you are using Meclizine hydrochloride to treat motion sickness related symptoms, then you must take Meclizine 25 mg tablet or Meclizine 12 mg tablet one hour before traveling. 

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Meclizine Dosage – How many Meclizine pills should you take?

You need to take Meclizine 25mg tablet or Meclizine 12.5 mg tablet once every 24 hours if you are traveling or just take one dose 1 hour before traveling. In case of vertigo, you may need to take Meclizine hydrochloride multiple times every day. 

How long does it take for Meclizine to work?

It will start working in one hour and that is why you are required to take a Meclizine 25 mg tablet or a Meclizine 12.5 mg tablet one hour before you travel. 

Meclizine vs Dramamine

Those who are looking for antiemetic often get caught up in the Meclizine vs Dramamine debate. Dramamine is the brand name drug of Dimenhydrinate. This is an antiemetic, and it works very much like Meclizine, as both of them belong to the same category of drugs. Dramamine is also used to prevent and treat symptoms such as dizziness, nausea and vomiting caused by motion sickness. In the Meclizine vs Dramamine debate, you should take note of the fact that Meclizine hydrochloride is a milder option to Dramamine. 

Meclizine vs Dramamine

Meclizine vs Dimenhydrinate

Like the Meclizine vs Dramamine debate, Meclizine vs Dimenhydrinate is another common debate. Dimenhydrinate is the generic drug for the brand name drug Dramamine. So, whatever holds for the Meclizine vs Dramamine debate will also hold for the Meclizine vs Dimenhydrinate dilemma. Dimenhydrinate is an antiemetic. It is used to treat and prevent motion sickness related symptoms. If you want a milder drug to treat these symptoms, then Meclizine is ideal.

Meclizine vs Dimenhydrinate

Meclizine 2024 clinical trial assessment and results: Is Meclizine safe to use?

Yes. Meclizine is safe to use. This is an FDA-approved drug. It has been subjected to a series of clinical tests and assessments. It is found to be very effective and free from risks within the recommended Meclizine dosage. 

Meclizine Side Effects

Not all users experience Meclizine side effects. Some users experience one or more Meclizine side effects. Some of the most common Meclizine side effects include headache, blurry vision, drowsiness, dry mouth and fatigue. It is important to keep to the right Meclizine dosage to stay away from unnecessary side effects.

Meclizine results before and after: does Meclizine really work or is it a scam?

Meclizine as an FDA-approved drug works effectively. It is not a scam. However, each one responds differently to the drug. 

  • Meclizine results after two weeks: Meclizine does not have any cumulative effects on the body. So, depending on the condition that you are treating, you may need to take just a single Meclizine dosage or multiple doses daily for just one day or for as long as the condition you are treating prevails. 
  • Meclizine results after one month: In the case of treating symptoms such as vertigo, nausea, vomiting and dizziness caused by inner ear infection. You may need to take Meclizine for the long term. In such situations, you may be required to take Meclizine for vertigo for one month to six weeks to treat the above symptoms.

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Our Meclizine reviews and rating: Meclizine pros and cons:

Meclizine is one of the best antiemetics available today. It enjoys a good reputation, as it is very effective. It is useful in treating symptoms of motion sickness as well as balancing related issues caused by inner ear infection. 

Meclizine positive reviews

  • ✅ Immediate relief from motion sickness: I always travel with Meclizine as it saves me the discomfort caused by motion sickness. It is highly effective for me.
  • ✅ Easy dosage: Just a single dose one hour before the travel is sufficient to keep the nausea and vomiting at bay while traveling.

Meclizine negative reviews

  • ❌ Mild antiemetic: There are other stronger antiemetics in the market. Meclizine is very mild, and it does not work for me. 


  • ✅ FDA approved
  • ✅ Safe
  • ✅ Prevents and treats symptoms of motion sickness
  • ✅ Treats balancing issues caused by inner ear infections


  • ❌ Some users can experience mild Meclizine side effects
  • ❌ Mild antiemetic

Meclizine Pros

Meclizine reviews on the internet and forums like Reddit or Consumer Reports:

Meclizine is a very effective antiemetic. It will prevent the discomforts of motion sickness when the tablet is taken in advance. As Meclizine delivers what it promises, users are happy and the online reviews are positive. 

Is Meclizine reputable or are there any warnings about Meclizine on the internet?

Yes, Meclizine is a highly reputable drug. There are no warnings about Meclizine on the internet. 

What do I need to consider if I want to discontinue Meclizine?

You can discontinue Meclizine any time as long as the condition you are treating is no more present. If the condition should persist, then discontinuing Meclizine will leave you in discomfort.

Where can you buy Meclizine? Meclizine price comparison & deals for sale:

You can buy Meclizine 25 mg tablet online from our partner vendor’s website. You will be able to save substantially when you order Meclizine from our partner vendor’s website. 

Meclizine cost:

Meclizine 25 mg tablet – 60 pills - $40.99

Meclizine 25 mg tablet – 90 pills - $51.99

Can you buy Meclizine in a pharmacy?

Yes, you can buy Meclizine over the counter pills from a pharmacy. However, you will be able to find Meclizine OTC at a cheaper price at our partner vendor’s store. 

Can you buy it in pharmacy?

Meclizine Review Conclusion - Our experience and recommendation:

Meclizine is one of the most sought after antiemetic antiemetics available today. If you get motion sickness when traveling, you do not have to worry any longer as Meclizine will keep all the motion sickness related discomforts at bay. Meclizine is the best option if you are looking for a mild antiemetic. Not everyone would require a strong antiemetic and if you need a mild antiemetic, then Meclizine is the right option. Meclizine is approved by the FDA and it is available at pharmacies. You can Meclizine over the counter pills online without a prescription by visiting our partner vendor’s website. This is a highly recommended antiemetic. 

experience and recommendation

Frequently asked questions about Meclizine:

If you have questions regarding Meclizine or if you have doubts regarding this drug, we have the answers to all your questions below. 

What is Meclizine?

How to use Meclizine?

What is Meclizine used for?

How long does Meclizine stay in your system?

How often can I take Meclizine 25 mg for vertigo?

How long does it take Meclizine to work for vertigo?

What are the side effects of Meclizine 25 mg?

How much Meclizine can I take?

Where to buy Meclizine for sale online?

Are there any Meclizine discounts or coupon codes?

Is it possible to buy Meclizine on eBay and Amazon?

Are there any criticisms of Meclizine or is it recommended to take Meclizine?

Is it safe to take Meclizine continuously?

Do I need a prescription to buy Meclizine?


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