Core 4 – Weight Loss

Core 4 – Weight Loss

Weight loss made easy! Reset your metabolism so it burns fat and builds muscle with Core 4 – Weight Loss. Boost your “skinny hormone” (adiponectin) so you are working WITH your body not AGAINST it. Plus, enjoy deeper sleep and more natural energy.

  • Burns fat and builds muscle
  • Boosts the skinny hormone (adiponectin) for continued weight loss
  • Aids the body in detoxification and cleansing of the digestive tract

Pack Contains:

Super Meal L. O. V. – Vanilla Chai
Super Meal L.O.V. – Original (30)
Power Shake – Apple Berry – 30 Servings
Power Shake – Original – 30 Servings
Power Shake Terra Pouch – Apple Berry – 30 Servings


Daily Fiber Organic – Original 30 Serving
Daily Fiber Organic – Caramel Apple 30 Serving


More Information

Organically maintain your health with daily vegan protein, fruits, veggies and fiber. This pack of 4 products is the easiest way to get high-quality protein, fruits, veggies and fiber into your body every day. Along with a healthy diet, this pack can help you stay on a healthy track daily. We recommend consuming Flex Foods, Flex Beverages and Lifestyle Meals with this daily plan for ideal nutrition.

Core 4 – Weight Loss Schedule Guide

NOTE: Produce up to 40% more of your “skinny hormone” (aka adiponectin) with 100 days use of this pack.


Feel more energy, improve digestion, increase mental clarity, get deeper sleep and increase your skinny hormone. Follow this schedule and you will feel great and continue losing weight.

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Greg lost 18 pounds and his wife lost 6 pounds with the 10 Day Transformation. The Purium product line is something he highly recommends and uses himself every day. Greg founded HealthStatus in 1998 and continues to deliver high quality products and services to HealthStatus visitors.

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