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Antibiotics are one of the most important scientific discoveries of our time. It has eradicated morbid diseases and saved billions. Antibiotics, also called antibacterial, are drugs that kill or slow the growth of germs. They include a variety of strong medications that are used to treat bacteria related disorders. Terramycin is such an antibiotic.

In veterinary science, antibiotics are used to treat many diseases, and Terramycin is one of the most famous ones. Since it is an antibacterial, it is used to fight against bacterial infectious diseases caused by bacteria in animals, specifically domestic pets such as dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, etc. This antibiotic disables the protein supply system in bacteria which is an integral part of protein and thus destroying it and fulfilling its role as an antibiotic.

What is Terramycin?

Terramycin (Chemical name: Oxytetracycline) is an antibiotic spectrum of tetracycline that is used as an antibiotic medication for commercial uses. Terramycin works by way of interfering with the capability of bacteria to provide essential proteins. Without those proteins, the microorganism cannot develop, multiply and grow in numbers. This antibiotic consequently stops the spread of the contamination, and the last microorganisms are killed via the immune device or eventually die. However, a few lines of microorganisms have evolved resistance to this antibiotic, which has decreased its effectiveness for treating a few forms of infections.

It is by far one of the most versatile of the broad-spectrum antibiotics and is powerful in the remedy of infections due to gram-positive and gram-negative microorganisms, each cardio and anaerobic, spirochetes, rickettsia, and sure of the bigger viruses. Predominantly it is used for animal medication, mainly household pets like cats and dogs, etc.

Product name





✅ Remedy bacterial eye infection,

✅ Mitigate eye discomfort and irritation,

✅ Total recovery from infection and reduce the risk of recurrence,

✅ Also used when Penicillin and other drugs are resistant,

✅ Also effective against Mycoplasma and Rickettsia.

Possible Risks

Rash, Hives,


Result yields in generally 2-3 weeks

Age Range

Not younger than 8 years (special condition applied)


On average $22.88



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Delivery Duration

6-7 business days

What are Terramycin Ingredients?

  • Chemical Form: Oxytetracycline Hydrochloride with Polymyxin B Sulfate.
  • IUPAC name: (4S,4aR,5S,5aR,6S,12aR)-4-(dimethylamino)-1,5,6,10,11,12a-hexahydroxy-6-methyl-3,12-dioxo-4,4a,5,5a-tetrahydro tetracene-2-carboxamide formula of C22H24N2O9
  • Composition (Qualitative and Quantitative): Ophthalmic Ointment with Polymyxin B contains 0.5% oxytetracycline and 10,000 units of Polymyxin B per gram of sterile petrolatum base.
  • Potential of Hydrogen (pH): 1% solution in H2O is acidic (pH 2.5). Potency is decreased in solutions with more acidity than pH 2, and it is rapidly destroyed by alkali hydroxides.
  • Molecular Mass: Molecular mass of oxytetracycline hydrochloride is 496.90. A bitter, odorless, yellow crystalline powder soluble in water.
  • Polymyxin B Sulfate: It is a buffed or white-colored, odorless, or faint odor hygroscopic powder. Soluble in water with a 2% solution producing a pH of 5 to 7.
  • Active Ingredients: Oxytetracycline Hydrochloride (5 mg per gram).
  • Inactive Ingredients: White Petroleum, Mineral Oil.

How does Terramycin work? How good is the effect of Terramycin?

The main component of Terramycin, Oxytetracycline, decreases cell growth by inhibiting translation. It binds to the ribosome’s 30S subunit and prevents amino-acyl tRNA from attaching to the A site. The binding is cyclic in nature. Due to its lipophilic nature, oxytetracycline can easily pass through the cellular membrane or seep passively through bacterial membrane porin channels.

In anhydrous H.F., oxytetracycline 6,12-hemiketal 42 undergoes exocyclic dehydration, forming a C6-C13 double bond 43, which when the 11a halogen is removed with reducing reagents yields metacycline 44, also known as Rondomycin, an antibiotic that has activity against a broad range of bacteria and is used clinically in countries other than the United States.

In simple terms, Terramycin Ophthalmic ointment and one of its primary ingredients, oxytetracycline, basically blocks bacteria protein which is essential for their multiplication and growth.

How does Terramycin work? How good is the effect of Terramycin?

How to use Terramycin for best results? How much Terramycin should you take?

Wash your hands before applying oxytetracycline/polymyxin b sulfate ointment to your eyes. Pull the lower eyelid away from your eye with your index finger to form a pouch. Fill the bag with a thin strip of ointment. Close your eyes gently for 1 to 2 minutes after applying oxytetracycline/polymyxin b sulfate ointment. Remove any drugs from your hands by washing them. Using a clean, dry tissue, wipe the applicator tip.

Do not contact the applicator tip on any surface, especially the eye, to prevent germs from contaminating your medicine. Keep the container closed securely.

Use oxytetracycline/polymyxin b sulfate ointment as soon as possible if you miss a dosage. If your next dosage is approaching, omit the missed dose and return to your usual dosing plan. Do not take two doses at the same time.

How to use Terramycin for best results? How much Terramycin should you take?

Terramycin ointment is normally applied out as a skinny film to the internal of the lower eyelid 2 to 4 times daily. If applying any other medication to the identical eye, wait 10 minutes before the subsequent application.

For cats: Ointment is generally applied as a skinny film to the interior of the decreased eyelid 2 to four instances daily. If applying some other medicinal drug to the identical eye, wait 10 minutes before the next dosage.

For dogs: Ointment is normally carried out as a skinny film to the internal of the lower eyelid two to four times daily. If another medicine is used on the same eye, wait 10 mins before the next dosage.

How long does it take for Terramycin to work?

Generally, after administering the treatment, a slightly noticeable change should occur within 48-72 hours. Treatment and time to recovery vastly vary, so there is no specific fixed time. It depends on factors such as dose, the type of dose, frequency, and the individual that’s taking the medication. A general rule of thumb is if there is no change after 5-6 days, the medication should be reevaluated.

Terramycin Medical Opinion 2024 : Is Terramycin safe to use?

Under doctor’s advice and certain conditions: Yes, Terramycin is safe to use. It is effective against streptococci, staphylococci, pneumococci, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Hemophilus influenzae, Proteus infections, and Koch-Weeks bacillus produced by susceptible strains of these bacteria.

Terramycin should only be used to treat or prevent illnesses caused by susceptible bacteria in order to avoid the formation of drug-resistant bacteria and retain the efficacy of Terramycin and other antibacterial medications. When culture and susceptibility data are available, they should be used to guide antibacterial treatment selection and modification. Local epidemiology and susceptibility patterns may help with empiric therapy selection in the absence of such data.

The use of this antibiotic, like with all antibiotic formulations, may result in an overgrowth of non-susceptible organisms, including fungus. If a superinfection arises, the antibiotic should be stopped, and a specialized treatment plan implemented. In the absence of a proven or strongly suspected bacterial illness or a preventive rationale, prescribing Terramycin is unlikely to help the patient and increases the chance of drug-resistant bacteria developing.

Antibacterial medications, such as Terramycin, should only be used to treat bacterial infections, according to patients. They do not provide treatment for viral infections (e.g., the common cold). When Terramycin is recommended to treat a bacterial infection, patients should be informed that, while it is usual to feel better early on in treatment, the prescription must be taken exactly as prescribed. Skipping doses or failing to complete the entire course of treatment may reduce the effectiveness of the current treatment while also increasing the risk of bacteria developing resistance and becoming resistant to Terramycin or other antibacterial medications in the future.

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Terramycin Side Effects

As with all drugs, Terramycin also has its side effects:

Behavioral side effects: Biting your own paw.

Allergic reactions: Itching and scratching, red skin, and rash.

Miscellaneous: Sunlight sensitive, breathing problem, irregularity in heart rate are some of the side effects of Terramycin. Even standard oral or parenteral dosages may result in a significant systemic buildup of the medication and potential liver damage if renal impairment exists. In such cases, lower-than-usual total dosages are recommended, and serum drug level measurements may be necessary if therapy is continued. This risk is especially significant when tetracyclines are given intravenously to pregnant or postpartum individuals with pyelonephritis. The blood level should not exceed 15 mcg/ml when taken in these situations, and liver function tests should be performed at regular intervals. Other possibly hepatotoxic medicines should not be used at the same time. In the context of renal impairment, especially during pregnancy, intravenous tetracycline treatment in daily dosages of more than 2 grams has been linked to liver failure fatalities.

Terramycin results before and after: do Terramycin really work, or is it a fake?

Duration Result
First 24 hours
  • Before: Swollen and Red eyes
  • After: No difference
48 hours
  • Before: Swollen, crusty red eyes
  • After: Slightly less irritation
72 hours
  • Before: Significant improvement, less swollen
  • After: Way less irritation
A Week
  • Infection completely recovered by this time

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Our Terramycin reviews and rating: Terramycin pros and cons:

Pros of Terramycin:

  • Can be used effectively against bacterial infection.
  • Significantly reduced mortality rate in pets.
  • Remedy eye infection.
  • Used against infections by spirochetal, clostridial, skin, and other areas.
  • Can be used when the patient is resistant to Penicillin.
  • Other Pathological diseases such as cholera, Lyme illness, typhus, etc.

Cons of Terramycin:

  • Side effects such as rash and itchiness.
  • Prolong use can lead to drug resistance.
  • Allergic reactions and difficulty breathing.
  • Complications during pregnancies.

Terramycin positive reviews:

Most of Terramycin's positive reviews include its effectiveness and how quickly it works against certain symptoms. Their pet's symptoms went away, and they didn't need to go to the vet and were able to save a lot of money from using the product. The majority of the time, the reviews are good to moderate. They are also used to treat other rare bacterial infections, which yield better results.

Since primary usage is in eye treatment, customers gave their satisfaction on how quickly it works and how effectively. It saves them doctor bills. It's successfully used in other illnesses. Satisfactory reactions are common in farmers and the agriculture industry because it can also be treated as a medication for breathing problems. The aquaculture industry also gave positive feedback because it can be treated against fish infections.

Terramycin negative reviews:

Most of the time, negative reviews and critiques are because of the side effects. Because the customer doesn't always take the Vet's advice, they sometimes misdiagnose the problem, and Terramycin doesn't have any effect. There are lots of nuances and complications with the drug.

Our Terramycin reviews and rating: Terramycin pros and cons: <div class="su-row"></div><div class="su-column su-column-size-"1-2" "box-positive""><div class="su-column-inner su-u-clearfix su-u-trim"></div></div>

Terramycin reviews on the internet and forums like Reddit or Consumer Reports:

Sometimes a product can be described by first-hand experience. This drug’s effectiveness and reviews are quite mixed across all boards. Some customers said it saved them money and headache.

Is Terramycin reputable, or are there any warnings about Terramycin on the internet?

Terramycin is currently a trademark of Pfizer Inc. F.D.A. approved (NADA #095-143). So, there is no question about its authenticity.

In terms of awareness, people need to consider its source. Because there is no strict regulation regarding this outside of the U.S. and Europe, there may be lots of counterfeit, and it’s really harmful. It ruins the reputation of an effective treatment. Thus, more monitoring is needed.

Terramycin (oxytetracycline) Intramuscular Solution should be injected well into the body of a rather big muscle, as with all intramuscular preparations. The upper outer quadrant of the buttock (i.e., gluteus maximus) and the mid-lateral thigh are the recommended locations for adults. For children, intramuscular injections, ideally in the mid-lateral muscles of the thigh, are advised. To avoid damaging the sciatic nerve, the perimeter of the upper outer quadrant of the gluteal area should only be utilized in newborns, young children and when absolutely essential, such as in burn patients.

Some people using tetracyclines have had photosensitivity, which manifests as an exacerbated sunburn reaction. Patients who are likely to be exposed to direct sunlight or U.V. light should be informed that tetracycline medications can cause skin erythema, and therapy should be stopped as soon as skin erythema appears.

Tetracycline’s antianabolic effect may result in a rise in rashes. Higher blood levels of this medicine may cause azotemia, hyperphosphatemia, and acidosis in individuals with considerably decreased renal function, which is not an issue in those with normal renal function.

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What do I need to consider if I want to discontinue Terramycin?

Without proper prescription and without the supervision of professionals, one should not take drugs. So, there are a few factors to consider here:

  • Always use oxytetracycline/polymyxin B sulfate ointment during treatment. Otherwise, the drug may not be able to completely eliminate the infection. Bacteria can also be less sensitive to this and other medicines. This can make it more difficult to treat infections in the future.
  • The symptoms are completely gone, and no more side effects such as rash and itching. Moreover, improved condition.
  • The doctor/Vet recommended stopping entirely.

Where can you buy Terramycin over the counter? Terramycin price comparison & deals for sale:

Terramycin over the counter can be found at online retailers and veterinary pharmacies.

  • PetMedmart $19.99
  • Amazon $22.99
  • Chewy $23 – $47
  • Also, it can be found in different countries with different price ranges.

Can you buy Terramycin in a pharmacy?

Since it is an over-the-counter drug, it is possible to buy it from a pet pharmacy.

Can you buy it in pharmacy?

Terramycin Review Conclusion - Our experience and recommendation:

Terramycin is an ointment for the eye that helps to enhance your symptoms and cure the underlying infection. Follow your doctor's directions exactly for administering this medication within the eye. It ought to be used frequently at equally spaced time intervals as prescribed by your doctor. Don't skip any doses and end the total course of treatment though you're feeling higher. Stopping the medication too early might cause the infection to return or worsen

After a range of benefits and side effects, Terramycin is still a consistent medication. Oxytetracycline is primarily an organic process and is assumed to exert its antimicrobial result by the inhibition of macromolecule synthesis. Hydroxy tetracycline is active against a large variety of gram-negative and gram-positive organisms.

The medicines within the antibacterial category have closely similar antimicrobial spectra, and cross-resistance among them is common. It is recommended to take medication under the observation of experts and depending on the situation.

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Frequently asked questions about Terramycin:

What is Terramycin?

What does Terramycin do?

How to take Terramycin?

How much does Terramycin cost?

Where can I buy Terramycin without a prescription?

Are there any criticisms of Terramycin, or is it recommended to take Terramycin?

Does Terramycin have any risks or side effects?

Is it safe to take Terramycin continuously?

Do I need a prescription to buy Terramycin?


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