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Being unwell and unable to work can have dire consequences, especially in the entertainment or service industry. Your work, which determines your earnings, is often time-sensitive, with practically no provision for sick leave. 

In such an industry, the importance of quick relief from an ailment could never be overemphasized. In this Resistol review, you learn about an immune support supplement that provides relief when and where it is most needed. 

Read along to learn how Resistol could help turn your health and life around. 

What is Resistol?

Resistol is a highly effective immune support supplement developed by doctors at Advanced Bionutritionals. The supplement features a combination of five potent natural ingredients that have been used in Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine for centuries. 

This combination of centuries-old herbal medicines creates a powerful formula for fighting cold and flu, bringing relief in a fraction of the time other solutions take to do the same. 

The societies that have used some of the main ingredients in Resistol have kept them a closely guarded secret that most people in countries like the US have remained completely in the dark regarding these herbs. Still, the correct formula for achieving the desired treatment outcomes remains something under study in most areas. Resistol is one of the main breakthrough products that have resulted from a successful study of these herbs’ working.

Each of the ingredients in Resistol has its specific immune support quality that contributes to cold and flu-fighting. Additionally, each of these ingredients can work wonders on its own. Therefore, combining them takes the curing and restorative power to an unprecedented level. 

According to the manufacturer’s information and user feedback, this nutritional supplement helps you recover much faster from flu and minor illnesses. It also helps prevent new infections from spreading and becoming more severe. 

If you take Resistol soon after noticing the symptoms of common illnesses such as cold, you can immediately stop the infection from spreading and reverse the symptoms. The supplement will immediately give you a boost of energy while stabilizing your immunity to fight disease better. 

Alternatively, you can use Resistol for preventive purposes by taking it daily to support your immunity. This approach will go a long way in reducing the risk of contracting sickness and keeping you healthier and safer.

According to the manufacturer, people can also use Resistol to provide them with additional protection from COVID-19 infections.

Product name



✅ Boosting the body’s immunity against disease and curing common colds, flu, and minor illnessess.

Summary of ingredients

Andrographis, Platycodon, Eleuthero, Licorice, and Prickly Chaff Flower


$29.95 per bottle


60 capsules per bottle


Take two tablets three times a day

Shipping information

Free shipping is available when you purchase six bottles

Refund policy

90 days money-back guarantee

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What are the ingredients of Resistol?

Resistol gets its potency from its unique formula comprising some of the oldest and most cherished herbal medicines in Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine. Each one of these herbs has a rich history of use to treat various ailments throughout the centuries. While some of them have been known in the West for some time, others have remained a closely guarded secret in parts of Asia and have only recently been discovered by Western medical researchers.  

What are the ingredients of Resistol?


This is a shrub from tropical Asia with a reputation for fighting various ailments in multiple ways. It is one of the main ingredients in Resistol because it fights cold and flu in three different ways. 

  • Stopping viruses from attacking body cells

Andrographis is top on the list of the most powerful traditional Chinese medicines. It has antiviral and antibacterial properties, making it cherished by traditional Chinese doctors. For centuries, they have used and continue to use it for treating respiratory problems like congestion and runny noses. 

The herb is also well-known for reducing pains, aches and fever. Andrographis is able to perform these roles due to its remarkable ability to attack and destroy viruses before they enter the body cells.

More than virus types are always targeting your body cells and could cause disease if they enter the cells. Your white blood cells do a good enough job at identifying and fighting these viruses and other potentially disease-causing microorganisms like bacteria. However, these cells can typically get overwhelmed in the event of a viral or bacterial invasion, and they need additional help. 

Antiviral treatments like Andrographis come in handy as powerful reinforcement against such invasion in your body. So, if you take medicine in time, they will fight the invading viruses and defend your body cells from them. 

If your body receives the reinforcement late, the medicine will have to target the viruses from inside the body cells, which is an added layer of work. 

Viruses also mutate and change their form all the time. These mutations are the viruses’ adaptation mechanism to escape your body's natural immune system. By forming mutations, viruses are able to trick the body and escape the fangs of the white blood cells, which is how you end up with flu or cold.

Thankfully, Andrographis can do the grunt work, fight these various viruses quickly, and restore your health. It does the same to disease-causing bacteria, healing the body through a holistic approach. 

  • Calming inflammation

Inflammation occurs when your body's immune system is fighting an infection. The affected body part becomes swollen or reddened and often sore or painful in the process. 

For instance, when a flu virus infects the respiratory tract, it can lead to an extreme inflammatory response, potentially leading to a condition called sepsis. 

Sepsis is when the body overreacts to an infection. As a result, a cascade of changes can ensue, damaging multiple organ systems in the body. This situation can be life-threatening, with symptoms including difficulty breathing, fever, low blood pressure, confusion, and a fast-beating heart. 

On the brighter side, Andrographis has an incredible ability to switch off hundreds of inflammation-causing chemicals and bring relief. Because it works so fast, Andrographis can be the go-to solution when a severe inflammatory response strikes.

Studies show that this herb is one of the most potent anti-inflammatories available worldwide.

  • Increasing white blood cell count

As already mentioned, the white blood cells make up the body’s natural defense system. They circulate through the bloodstream in search of potentially disease-causing microorganisms. When there is an infection, the cells rush to that site, target and destroy the foreign materials. 

A higher number of white blood cells equals a stronger immune system. By increasing the white blood cells count, Andrographis goes a long way in helping strengthen the body’s natural defense. This makes you safer against viral, bacterial ad other infections. 

ingredients of Resistol


The second ingredient, eleuthero, is known in Chinese medicine for its incredible ability to fight off stress and increase the body’s levels of life energy, or “chi.”

Traditional Chinese doctors kept the secret of eleuthero a closely guarded secret for thousands of years, making it remain largely unknown to the rest of the world. 

The earliest group of people to discover the herb outside of China were the soviets. The plant grew somewhere in a Russian forest. After a few studies, a scientist from the country realized its medicinal qualities. With this discovery, the plant became adopted for use in Russia, mainly for boosting athletic performance. 

Eleuthero has the ability to boost people’s energy and make them perform better. This is because it is an adaptogen.

Medical journals define adaptogens as herbs or mushrooms with health benefits, mainly the ability to help people deal with stress. Manufacturers use adaptogens to make energy-boosting treatments that help the body adjust to biological, physical, or chemical stress.

According to some studies, this property explains why Russian athletes outperformed the United States in the Olympics after taking eleuthero.  

For treatment purposes, adaptogens can be used to help a patient’s body adjust various functions that are not working correctly or optimally. For instance, an adaptogen like eleuthero can help you feel more animated if you have low energy levels.

It can also help you calm down if you are panicky or on edge. So, unlike an energy supplement that increases your adrenaline and makes you more active for a moment, adaptogens correct the body's function and optimize it based on the user’s unique needs.

  • How eleuthero helps with flu and colds

Common colds, flu and various ailments are the results of weakened immunity. Usually, any form of stress can weaken a perfectly working immune system, lowering its effectiveness. If this is the case, taking eleuthero can help restore the affected body by strengthening its immunity. 

A weak immune system lets you get sick easily. When the immune system is made stronger, your likelihood of getting sick reduces.  

Taking Resistol continuously for preventive purposes can therefore provide your body with a good supply of eleuthero defending you against various viral and bacterial infections. 



Platycodon has a rich history of relieving sore throats and coughs across different Southeast Asian countries, including China, Korea, and Japan. 

Studies have also linked the herb with releasing chest congestion and unclogging lungs and the chest. According to researchers, platycodon release a staggering amount of mucus, clogging the airways due to cold and flu. 

This historical use in relieving symptoms of common cold and flu makes platycodon an essential ingredient in Resistol. 


Chinese licorice 

Many people in the West are familiar with Chinese licorice. 

In traditional Chinese medicine, this herb is commonly used due to its ability to improve the working of other ingredients. Chinese doctors have mainly included it in their traditional medicine to facilitate the better working of their various treatments. 

Licorice acts as a transporter ingredient. It supports and facilitates the working of other herbs by transporting them to where they are required to work in the body. It also makes it easier for the body to absorb these ingredients.

Chinese licorice 

Prickly chaff flower

Our last Resistol ingredient is an herb that grows naturally in the rural areas of India. The herb is loaded with anti-inflammatory properties that do an excellent job promoting good health.  

India’s Ayurveda doctors have used this herb for centuries to prevent disease and promote overall good health. 

In Resistol, this ingredient helps keep cold and flu symptoms at bay, ensuring they do not settle in the chest.

Normally, you will first experience the symptoms of cold in your nose. That is where the cold virus first pitches camp. If you can target it there and fight it, you can contain the infection and prevent it from entering the lungs—that is where the prickly chaff flower comes in handy.

It fights the microorganism by containing them inside the nasal cavity and impedes their ability to spread down to the lungs. Meanwhile, the other herbs in the supplement come in to fight and kill the virus.

Prickly chaff flower

How does Resistol work? How good is the effect of Resistol on colds and flu?

Resistol works through the combined activity of the various ingredients to target and battle cold-casing viruses. The ingredients also protect the body against viral infections and other microbes, especially when taken continually. 

Specifically, the potent plant and herbal extracts in Resistol work together to help make the body more capable of defending itself against viral and other infections responsible for colds and flu. 

Andrographis, in particular, is known for its powerful ability to raise the number of white blood cells in the body, eventually enhancing the body’s ability to defend itself against infectious viruses and other microbes.

Moreover, the majority of the ingredients in Resistol have adaptogens, meaning they help the body manage stress. Reduced stress levels mean a stable immune system that stands well against daily stressors and environmental factors.

Resistol also works by calming inflammation. Your immune system is typically overworked when the body experiences inflammation. By switching off the hundreds of chemicals responsible for causing inflammation, Resistol helps alleviate the burden your natural immune system has to deal with.

As a result, the body can focus on targeting and fighting disease, ensuring prolonged wellness. In this manner, Resistol supports the body’s immunity and reduces both the duration and risk of illness.

How does Resistol work? How good is the effect of Resistol on colds and flu

How do you use and does Resistol for best results? Our dosage recommendation

Resistol provides quick relief from common colds and flu. Consider taking the capsules immediately after noticing the symptoms to get the fastest relief. Usually, the viruses or bacteria have not invaded your body cells at these initial stages. So, the treatment will quickly locate and destroy the pathogens.

In any case, take two capsules three times a day if you feel a cold coming on. The supplement will immediately go into action and reduce your symptoms. Taking Resistol has been found to reduce the duration of a cold to only about two days or less. 

Your body’s response to the supplement plays a role in determining how soon you get well. Persons whose bodies are responsive tend to get complete relief in just one day. That is only a matter of hours since the attack. 

If your body responds slowly, it might take up to five days for the symptoms to disappear completely. Still, this is a very short time compared to the regular 10 to 14 days it usually takes people to get over a cold or flu.

How do you use and does Resistol for best results

Using Resistol for long term protection

An even better way to use Resistol is for preventive purposes. All you have to do is take one capsule every day to optimize your immunity. This will enhance your immune system by increasing your body’s white blood cell count while also acting as an added layer of protection for your body against disease. 

Your body will develop a strong resistance to getting sick, preventing colds and flu even during seasons when they are most prevalent.

Just a single bottle should be sufficient to last you two full months since it contains sixty capsules. 

You can also opt for four to six months of protection. To do this, order one to two additional bottles of the supplement. 

Buying more of the supplement means getting them at only 24.95 dollars each. This is a good way to get yourself some much-needed free shipping to your chosen location. The company offers free shipping with their bulk package. Using Resistol for long term protection

How long does it take for Resistol to work?

People typically start feeling better the day after taking Resistol. If your body responds to treatment quickly, your cold symptoms should be gone in a day or two of taking the treatment. Otherwise, if your body is less responsive, it could take up to four to five days for your cold to be completely gone.

So, it all depends on your body’s biology. In any case, you can expect the cold to be gone in three to five days.

2024 clinical trial assessment and results—Is Resistol safe to use?

The individual ingredients in Resistol have undergone multiple clinical studies and continue to provide some consistent results with each subsequent study. Each herb in the supplement has a major contribution toward better immunity, and together they create a powerful formula highly effective against diseases. 

So, is Resistol safe to use? The formula has no artificial ingredients that may affect the body negatively. With zero binders, fillers and chemicals in the supplement, you can expect it to be reliable and safe for anyone to use. 

The researchers are keen to use FTIR spectrometers to evaluate the product for purity before releasing it to the market. This extra measure is intended to ensure only the highest quality product reaches the user.

Is Resistol safe to use

Resistol results before and after: does Resistol really work, or is it a scam?

Many customers report getting relief from the symptoms of cold and flu within a day of taking the supplement. This is the quickest any medication has ever treated flu or common colds. These results only indicate that Resistol is dependable and provides the results it promises. 

  • Resistol results after two weeks: If you take Resistol to cure a common cold or flu, you can expect to achieve full recovery in three to five days. After two weeks, your health will be fully restored, with all the symptoms gone completely.  
  • Resistol results after one month: After one month of using Resistol, your immune system experiences a boost as your white blood cell count goes up. With such immunity, cold and flu symptoms are unlikely to recur, as they tend to do during cold and flu seasons. 
  • Resistol results after two months: After two months of using Resistol, your immune system will be much stronger. This keeps you adequately protected against colds and flu, along with other common illnesses. 
  • Resistol results after 3 months: Three months of using Resistol creates significantly improved health. Overall, you feel better physically and mentally, with incredible resistance against common ailments and common disease attacks. 

The manufacturer is so confident in the supplement that they have backed it with a whopping 90 days’ full refund policy. If the supplement does not work for you, the company will refund 100 percent of your money—no questions asked.

Resistol results before and after: does Resistol really work, or is it a scam

Our Resistol review and rating: Resistol pros and cons

The supplement contains some of the most powerful traditional Chinese and Ayurveda medicines ever. With these potent herbs put in one collection, the resulting medicinal power is incredible. 

After using the tablets to test their potency, we found that no other cold and flu medication has ever provided quicker results. Our assessment is that this supplement is currently the best treatment for colds and flu.

The pros of Resistol

  • Resistol provides quick relief and recovery from symptoms of flu and common colds.
  • It has no side effects reported so far, making it a highly effective and risk-free treatment. 
  • The supplement contains the optimal blend of adaptogens, ensuring better results with each use. 
  • The treatment is quite affordable, especially given its effectiveness. A single bottle contains sixty capsules, yet you need to take only two tablets three times a day to achieve full recovery.  
  • A 90-day full refund policy backs the supplement. 
  • Resistol has no artificial ingredients or GMO substances. It is entirely natural, making it safe to use in whichever way.  

The cons of Resistol

  • Resistol is exclusively available on the manufacturer’s website, which some users may find limiting.

Resistol pros and cons

Resistol reviews on the internet and forums like Reddit or Consumer Reports

Customers who have used Resistol tend to give it a five-star rating. The supplement is already a favorite product among users even though it is relatively new in the supplement marketplace. 

Was Resistol in the Shark Tank?

Resistol or Advanced Bionutritionals that manufactures it has never featured on the Shark Tank program. This means neither the company nor the product is affiliated with the Shark Tank program.

Resistol reviews on the internet and forums like Reddit or Consumer Reports

Is Resistol reputable, or are there any warnings about Resistol on the internet?

There are no warnings about Resistol on the internet, probably because the manufacturer maintains high standards of practice ensuring they always sell the finest quality to the user. 

The company uses ingredients with known medicinal properties, and they are transparent about this. All the information about the ingredients is available on the company website, so you can always learn about them at will. This practice is a good indication of the company’s reputation.

What do I need to consider if I want to discontinue Resistol?

Resistol is a nutritional supplement with advanced health benefits. It supports your immunity, giving you a better defense against viral, bacterial and other pathogen attacks. This way, you can use and discontinue using the substance at will. It will only leave your immune system at the point it had reached by the time you discontinue it without affecting you in any way.

Where can you buy Resistol? Resistol price comparison & deals for sale

Resistol is available for purchase through, where you can buy it at 29.95 dollars per bottle. 

You can also opt for the three bottles package at 26.65 dollars or six bottles at 24.95 dollars per bottle. 

This is an excellent deal and the lowest price for the supplement. You could also consider buying it from leading retailers like Amazon, but you may pay much more for it. On Amazon, for instance, a bottle of the supplement will set you back 49.99 dollars, plus the shipping fee that may drive up the cost much further depending on your current location. 

Where can you buy Resistol? Resistol price comparison & deals for sale

Can you buy Resistol in a pharmacy?

Some pharmacies may have the supplement in stock since it is a nutritional product. However, these are often not sanctioned by the manufacturer, and you may not have a way to determine if you are getting the genuine product. 

The product also comprises rare ingredients, so it may be rare to find in pharmacies. Because of these challenges, it is recommended to purchase your bottle directly from the manufacturer through their official website.

Can you buy Resistol in a pharmacy

Resistol Review Conclusion - Our experience and recommendation:

If you are looking for quick relief from colds and flu, we believe you can get the best results with Resistol. It is currently the fastest way to get full relief from these ailments and protect your body from further viral and bacterial attacks.

experience and recommendation


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