Sunday Scaries CBD 2024 Review: Real CBD Stress Reliever or a Scam?

Sunday Scaries CBD Reviews

Sundays can be scary! With a new week of uncertainties quickly approaching, we often find ourselves down with both justifiable and imaginary fears and worries. 

Unfortunately, today’s fast-paced life is packed with stresses that show up not just on Sundays but daily. For instance, juggling between the never-ending demands of work and family can be a handful. In such moments, what we all need is a little stress reliever.

Thank goodness for CBD stress and anxiety relief products such as Sunday Scaries. Not only do some of these products help you live a productive and stress-less life, but they also promote your overall health.

This article reviews Sunday Scaries-the most applauded stress relief CBD in the market. Does Sunday Scaries really work, or is it just another “CBD-this CBD-that hype”? Is it worth your money or not? Is it safe for your use?

Read on to find out.

What is Sunday Scaries CBD?

Sunday Scaries is the brand name for a US-based company specializing in CBD products that help people chill out from daily life stresses. Apart from reducing anxiety, Sunday Scaries CBD is said to also help you in the following ways:

  • Relieving stress and depression.
  • Eliminating hangover after a long, eventful weekend.
  • Preventing emotional and nervous breakdowns.
  • Relaxing your muscles after a long day.
  • Giving you better sleep.
  • Giving you fresh and irritation-free mornings and much more!

What is Sunday Scaries CBD?

What are the most common Sunday Scaries CBD products?

Unlike most manufacturers, Sunday Scaries prides in sourcing its organically grown hemp from certified fields in Colorado. The Sunday Scaries founders (Mike and Beau) are confident to report frequently visiting the firms to ascertain the CBD’s quality.  As a result, all their products are processed from top-notch hemp oil professionally extracted in the best facilities.

For instance, all Sunday Scaries production chain facilities are approved by the FDA (certificates available on their website). Besides, the company meets the highest Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs) standards. It also utilizes the safest screening and testing protocols. This ensures that all Sunday Scaries products are free from harmful elements like pesticides and metals.

What’s more? The ISO 9001 audits and license of operation from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment available on the Sunday Scaries website are all pointers to their value for quality CBD products.

Another plus? Sunday Scaries edibles beat their competitors with the premium CBD infusion method. Instead of spraying their products with CBD (common among scam manufacturers), Sunday Scaries goes the long way to ensure that each edible is thoroughly infused with the proper amounts of CBD and other ingredients. The result is an exceptionally effective and uniformly flavored product.

Apart from CBD, Sunday Scaries also utilizes other natural ingredients that make their products more effective than their competitors. For instance, Sunday Scaries combines CBD with Vitamins D3 and B12 to enhance the users’ experience. These essential nutrients support the key ingredient (CBD) to relieve anxiety and stress while defending one’s immunity and overall health.

Sunday Scaries is famous for its wide range of CBD products, including gummies, candies, essential oils, bath bombs, energy shots, and other wellness products. According to the manufacturers, all their products are free from THC (the compound with psychoactive effects), making them a favourite for most healthy living enthusiasts.

Sunday Scaries CBD products?

Let’s take a look at some of the most loved Sunday Scaries CBD products. They include:

  1. Sunday Scaries CBD Gummy Bears
  2. Sunday Scaries Strawberry CBD Gummies
  3. Sunday Scaries Vegan AF CBD Gummies
  4. Sunday Scaries Unicorn Jerky CBD Gummies
  5. Sunday Scaries Holiday Spice Drops
  6. Sunday Scaries YOLO Energy Shots
  7. Sunday Scaries CBD oil
  8. Sunday Scaries Big Spoon CBD Sleep Oil
  9. Sunday Scaries Cub CBD Bath Tub Bombs
  10. Sunday Scaries Side Piece Bundle
  11. Sunday Scaries Rando Bundle
  12. Sunday Scaries Everyday Scaries CBD

And now, let us dive into the details of each Sunday Scaries product, shall we?

1.Sunday Scaries CBD Gummy Bears

These bear-shaped squishy and delicious gummies are tagged the #1 selling CBD gummies by Best Products, Forbes, and Cosmopolitan because they are the most loved gummies by consumers at the moment.Not only do they contain the right amounts of CBD for lifting you from the pit of worries, but they also come with a blend of flavors that make the experience unforgettable. With a serving of 20 gummies per bottle, you can be assured of enough supply throughout the week when you stick to the recommended dosage of 2-3 pieces each day. However, you can scale to higher doses after establishing the CBD’s interaction with your body.Each Sunday Scaries Bear is professionally infused with 10 mg of broad-spectrum CBD that helps you eliminate weekend hangovers and stress. They also support a relaxed and focused mood all week while giving you restful nights.Apart from CBD, these yummy gummies are also enhanced with 400 IU of Vitamin D3 and 11 mcg of Vitamin B12. These vitamins increase the CBD bioavailability while benefiting your body by reducing anxiety, boosting immunity, improving nervous health, and much more.

Sunday Scaries CBD Gummy Bears

2.Sunday Scaries Strawberry CBD Gummies

If you can’t resist Strawberry, Sunday Scaries got you covered!Also commonly known as Bra Bearies, these Strawberry-flavored CBD gummies are another favorite of many. They are formulated with quality ingredients that boost your mood, promote quality sleep, and support immunity.What adds to their popularity is the manufacturer’s commitment to supporting a worthy cause from the Bra Bearies profits. The manufacturer faithfully contributes to breast cancer research, awareness, and patients support. Every time you purchase a bottle of Sunday Scaries Bra Bearies, 2 dollars are handed over to the Pink Agenda.Sunday Scaries Bra Bearies are packed in a 20 gummies bottle like their Bear sisters.  Each gummy contains 10mg of broad-spectrum CBD, 400 IU of Vitamin D3 and 11 mcg of Vitamin B12, alongside other ingredients. The manufacturer recommends taking 2-3 gummies any time of the day whenever you feel overwhelmed.

Sunday Scaries Strawberry CBD Gummies

3.Sunday Scaries Vegan AF CBD Gummies

What a mindful company? Sunday Scaries is among the few CBD manufacturers with a unique product for non-bacon lovers and works towards protecting our animals.They take the day with this sour but healthy CBD option enhanced with Vitamins B12 and D3. It also consists of other ingredients free from gelatin and other animal substances.The 20-pieces bottle of animal-friendly gummies comes in 4 flavors: tangerine. Lime, cherry, and lemon. The manufacturer recommends taking 2-3 gummies before scaling up for starters.

Sunday Scaries Vegan AF CBD Gummies

4.Sunday Scaries Unicorn Jerky CBD Candies

For only $19.00, these colourful rainbow-like candy stripes are ideal for when you need a little extra vibe to your gloomy day. The incredible fruity flavors make Sunday Scaries CBD gummies exceptionally sweet.They are coated with sugar to elevate your mood and energy levels for the rest of the day. Besides, each stripe of Unicorn Jerky is infused with CBD to make you relaxed and free you from the stresses of daily work.Take 2-3 stripes of Unicorn Jerky whenever the jitters kick in.

Sunday Scaries Unicorn Jerky CBD Candies

5.Sunday Scaries Spice Drops

Sunday Scaries understands the pressure that comes with holidays. From long, delayed, and tiresome flights to the gifting pressures, these spicy creations help you to go through the holidays scare-free.Holiday Scaries gummies are formulated with 10 mg of broad-spectrum CBD, cinnamon and spearmint spice drops, 5 mcg of Vitamin B12, and 5 mg of L-Thiamine. This perfect combination of ingredients helps you relax and enjoy the holiday.Each bottle of Holiday Scaries contains 20 gummies. The manufacturer recommends the beginner dosage of  1-2 pieces whenever you feel overwhelmed.

Sunday Scaries Spice Drops

6.Sunday Scaries YOLO Energy Shots

The YOLO energy shots are the newest babies in the Sunday Scaries CBD family. The YOLO shots are energy boosters blended from caffeine and CBD to give you the alertness you usually crave from coffee.Worried about the annoying jitters? These genius creations from Sunday Scaries are professionally processed with other relaxation ingredients such as Vitamin B12, Vitamin B6, Ginseng, and Taurine. The perfect combo eliminates the dreaded restlessness, unwanted anxieties, and headaches we hate about coffee.Sunday Scaries YOLO shots are available in 3 varieties of your choice: Coconut Lime, the Sour Fruit Punch, and the juicy Tropical Pineapple flavor. Depending on your energy needs, YOLO shots can be taken at any time of the day to get that energy boost.

Sunday Scaries YOLO Energy Shots

7.Sunday Scaries CBD Big Spoon Sleep Oil

The Big Spoon formulation is praised for its ability to soothe the user into baby-like sleep, and it does precisely that-spoon you to sleep!With the combination of CBD and other rich ingredients, this oil has won the hearts of many individuals. The use of natural therapeutic elements such as Vanilla essence, GABA, Cannabinol (CBN), Valerian root, Chamomile oil, 5-HTP, and Lemon balm makes this product a winner.If you prefer an easy-to-use drop kind of CBD, this vanilla-scented formula is perfect for you. Recommended to be used by those who toss and stare in bed, Sunday Scaries Big Spoon has proven to improve the quality of your sleep. It also improves brain functioning, immunity, joint stiffness, mobility, and morning sickness.Although different users have different needs, Big Spoon can be taken in safe recommended amounts of ½ dropper before bed.

Sunday Scaries CBD Big Spoon Sleep Oil

8.Sunday Scaries Tincture CBD Oil

Manufactured under the best cGMP standards, Sunday Scaries is uniquely formulated to give you extraordinary results. Unlike the standard CBD oil, this Tincture undergoes binding with special agents that optimize the concentration of CBD.Due to the high CBD concentration, Sunday Scaries Tincture is best when you require fast relief from pain or restlessness. It is blended with high-end vitamins and other oils that boost your energy levels, improve mood, and enhance other body functions.Sunday Scaries recommends taking only 1/3 of the dropper for beginners because of the high CBD concentration.

Sunday Scaries Tincture CBD Oil

9.Sunday Scaries CBD Cub BathTub Bombs

These must be the most relax-mode CBD bath bombs in the market. The bear-shaped Sunday Scaries are not only cute but are also enriched with rich essential oils that help you unwind after a long day.The Sunday Scaries Cub bath bombs are packed with 100mg of CBD that quickly penetrates your skin to soothe both your body and mind. The different options: lavender, orange, and lemon leave you spoiled for choice because of their aromatherapeutic effects. Consider this option if you love distressing in the bathtub after long days. Place one bath bomb in the tub and soak your stress away for as long as you like.We also looked at Sunday Scaries save-money packages. The bundles are perfect for when you are spoiled for choice or would like to taste a bit of all the worlds. Here are the 3 most common Sunday Scaries bundles.

Sunday Scaries CBD Cub Bath Tub Bombs

10.Sunday Scaries Side Piece Bundle

For only $54, this bundle comes with a bottle of the bespoke Sunday Scaries 10mg CBD gummies and a bottle of the effective Tincture oil. This pair is perfect for the first-timers who love trying before settling for the best option.

Sunday Scaries Side Piece Bundle

11.Sunday Scaries Rando Bundle

The Rando Bundle is for the curious, indecisive, meat haters or for those who are anti-worry “budget-wise.” It comprises the famous Sunday Scaries CBD gummies, the thorough Tincture oil, and the friendly vegan option. This bundle gives you the liberty to use CBD at your convenience and taste preference.

Sunday Scaries Rando Bundle

12.Everyday Scaries Bundle

Are you obsessed with matching your inside to your outside? How about enjoying a taste of every ice cream flavor at the store? The Everyday Scaries bundle comprises a bottle of multiple-flavoured 20 gummies and a black ‘Everyday Scaries’ cap to complete your outfit.

This bundle is a child of the collaboration between Sunday Scaries and Everyday California to help reduce the skyrocketing cases of suicide in the LGTBQ community.

Everyday Scaries Bundle

Sunday Scaries Product

Sunday Scaries CBD Gummy Bears

Vegan AF CBD Gummies

Sunday Scaries Cub Tub Bath Bombs

Sunday Scaries CBD Big Spoon Sleep Oil


✓ Deal with anxiety, stress, and depression.

✓ Better sleep.

✓ Improve mood.

✓ Improve overall health.

✓ Reduce anxiety, stress, and depression.

✓ Better sleep.

✓ Improve mood.

✓ Promote mindfulness.

✓ Improve overall health.

✓ Relax joints and muscles.

✓ Better sleep.

✓ Improve mood.

✓ Improved skin.

✓ Promotes an active mind and concentration.

✓ Deal with anxiety, stress, and depression.

✓ Better sleep.

✓ Improve mood.

✓ Promotes active mindfulness and concentration.

✓ Improved overall health.

Side Effects

X Nausea

X Diarrhea

X Changes in appetite.

X Changes in weight.

X Nausea

X Diarrhea

X Changes in appetite.

X Changes in weight.

X Nausea

X Diarrhea

X Changes in appetite.

X Changes in weight.

X Nausea

X Diarrhea

X Changes in appetite.

X Changes in weight.



✓ Vitamin B12

✓ Vitamin D3


✓ Vitamin B12

✓ Vitamin D3


✓ Lavender oil

✓ Lemon essential oil

✓ Orange essential oil.


✓ Vanilla essence


✓ Cannabinol (CBN)

✓ Valerian root

✓ Chamomile oil

✓ Lemon balm

CBD Potency





Recommended dosage

-Bottle of 20 10mg CBD

-Take at least (2-3) anytime you feel anxious or are overwhelmed

-Bottle of 20, take (2-3) gummies whenever you are overwhelmed.

-100mg of CBD per bomb.

-Drop 1 bomb in your bathtub, preferably at night.

-750 mg CBD per bottle.

-Place ½ of the dropper under your tongue, in tea, water, or favourite smoothie at night.

-Scale to full dropper progressively.






Discount available






Shipping at a small fee, only in the US.

Shipping at a small fee, only in the US.

Shipping at a small fee, only in the US.

Shipping at a small fee, only in the US.

Customer Rating


What are the Ingredients in Sunday Scaries?

Different Sunday Scaries products are made from different ingredients, depending on their intended function. However, this is the list of the most common ingredients.

  • CBD Broad Spectrum-This is the main ingredient in all Sunday Scaries products, and it is helpful for its exceptional ability to calm the mind.
  • Vitamin B12-balances your moods, increase the bioavailability of the CBD, calming effect on the nervous system.
  • Vitamin D3-It is majorly used to increase the bioavailability of CBD, help eliminate negative thinking and support the body’s immunity.
  • Lavender Essential Oil-Lavender oil is used in Sunday Scaries products because of its exceptional therapeutic abilities. It promotes relaxation, reduces anxiety, insomnia, and depression.
  • Lemon Essential Oil-The lemon essential oil in Sunday Scaries helps reduce anxiety and depression, improve sleep, reduce morning sickness, relieve pain, improving skin health, among many other benefits.
  • Orange Essential Oil-This popular aromatherapy ingredient makes Sunday Scaries products suitable for managing anxiety and depression. It is also beneficial for pain relief, weight loss, anticancer activity, antioxidant activities, etc.
  • Cannabinol (CBN)-CBN is used in Sunday Scaries sleep oil like its sister CBD because of its sedative effects. It is also thought to be potent at managing pain and neurologic conditions.
  • Chamomile oil-Known for its great relaxation and anxiety relief prowess, Chamomile oil is crucial for some Sunday Scaries products. Apart from easing inflammation and pain, it also supports the digestive system while promoting sleep quality.
  • Lemon Balm-Lemon balm is used alongside CBD and other ingredients in creating the Big Spoon formulation because of its ability to soothe symptoms of stress and anxiety. It is said to help one relax while boosting the mood simultaneously.
  • Valerian root-This native herb is used in Sunday Scaries sleep oil to help improve your sleep, promote relaxation, and reduce anxiety.
  • GABA-This natural brain relaxant triggers your brain to relax and gives you a feel-good effect.

What are the Ingredients in Sunday Scaries?

How Does Sunday Scaries CBD Work in your Body? How Good is the Effect of Sunday Scaries CBD?

The main ingredient in Sunday Scaries products, CBD, works alongside the other elements to calm you down anytime you feel jittery. How?

The broad-spectrum CBD in Sunday Scaries is thought to promote a properly functioning Endocannabinoid system (ES). The ES is the primary regulator for most key body functions such as mood, sleep, and memory. As such, Sunday Scaries CBD interacts with the ES to reduce restlessness (anxiety), stress, insomnia, headaches, migraine, memory imbalance, and much more.

Sunday Scaries CBD also interacts with your brain cells to boost your cognitive capacity. CBD is thought to supply the brain cells with essential nutrients that help promote better concentration and focus, boost your mood, and improve memory and retention.

Lastly, Sunday Scaries CBD also interacts with the neurologic path, calming your muscles and joints. This is no wonder Sunday Scaries is praised for being the #1 unwinding CBD product.

Sunday Scaries CBD?

How do you use Sunday Scaries CBD? How much Sunday Scaries CBD Should you Take?

Sunday Scaries CBD is served in 4 main options: Gummies, candies, oil tinctures, and bath bombs. Depending on your preferred intake method, the how and when of using Sunday Scaries varies. 

For instance, the recommended dosage of Sunday Scaries gummies is 2-3 pieces at any time to relieve anxiety and stress. On the other hand, it is advisable to use the Big Spoon oil at night before getting to bed for a restful sleep.

Also, the manufacturer advises taking the least recommended dosage of your choice Sunday Scaries product before scaling consistently. This enables you to progressively monitor the ingredients’ reaction with your body. Because of the high-end quality of Sunday Scaries CBD, you are bound to enjoy even better results with the increase in dosage over time. They are really good Stress CBD Gummies.

How do you Use Sunday Scaries CBD?

Is Sunday Scaries CBD Clinically Tested? Is it Safe to Use Sunday Scaries CBD Products?

Sunday Scaries products are primarily made from broad-spectrum CBD. Broad-spectrum CBD is the type of CBD that contains a blend of cannabinoids except for THC.

According to preliminary research and studies, this type of CBD is a promising potent treatment for anxiety and related disorders. For instance, in a study investigating the effects of CBD on patients suffering from Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD) and other underlying brain mechanisms, it was observed that the compound significantly reduces anxiety.

In another study seeking to determine whether CBD can improve sleep, the results showed an improvement in sleep scores in 66.7% of the patients. It was also observed that all but 3 out of the 25 patients tolerated well with the CBD compound.

Although there is a need for more scientific research to explore the use of CBD in treating anxiety, stress, depression, poor sleep, and pain, among others, the existing evidence is convincing. Therefore, the use of CBD and the other ingredients in Sunday Scaries is well-researched and confirmed to be both safe and effective. Besides, users have yet to receive any adverse reports about Sunday Scaries.

Is it Safe to Use Sunday Scaries CBD Products

How Long Does it Take for Sunday Scaries to Work? Does Sunday Scaries CBD Really Work? Is it a Scam?

Different Sunday Scaries products work differently. For instance, the onset of the effects of Sunday Scaries edibles such as gummies and candies takes between 20-30 minutes. On the other hand, you are likely to feel the impact of Sunday Scaries oils and bath bombs immediately after intake.

Regardless of which product you settle for, the table below illustrates the typical results for using Sunday Scaries CBD in most individuals.

Sunday Scaries results after


1 day

✓ Most users report feeling more relaxed, restful, and less anxious.

✓ Reduced fatigue

✓ Better sleep.

✓ Some users report experiencing a few side effects such as nausea, diarrhea, and a change in appetite.

1 week

✓ A significant improvement in the quality and quantity of sleep.

✓ Some users report an improvement in other areas such as mobility and joint pain.

✓ Few side effects.

4 weeks

✓ Relief from stress and depression.

✓ Reduced fatigue.

✓ Significant improvement in sleep patterns.

✓ Few side effects.

8 weeks

✓ Most users report feeling more relaxed, restful, and less anxious.

✓ Reduced fatigue.

✓ Better sleep.

✓ Improved joint mobility and stiffness.

✓ Improvement in general mental and physical wellbeing.

✓ No side effects.

What are the Benefits of Using Sunday Scaries CBD?

Sunday Scaries have the potential to benefit your body in numerous ways. Here are some:

  • Relieving stress
  • Eliminating hangover
  • Preventing emotional and nervous breakdowns
  • Relaxation/dealing with anxiety
  • Improving the quality and quantity of sleep.
  • Managing morning sickness.

Other benefits

  • Can relieve pain.
  • Can reduce inflammation.
  • Can improve mobility and joint health.
  • It can protect your body against diseases.
  • It can support your digestive system.
  • It can boost your immunity.
  • It can help improve skin health.
  • It is a natural way to heal your body.

Benefits of Using Sunday Scaries CBD

Sunday Scaries Company Reputation

Because of the lack of regulation in the production and sale of CBD-related products, the market is filled with a lot of scams that are not only ineffective but could also be unsafe. Therefore, it is vital to do some due diligence about the product’s company before clicking the “buy” button.

We grazed Sunday Scaries and discovered why it is the world’s number 1 CBD company. Here are some of the common features that make it stand out.

  • The company meets all the CBD quality assurance tests.
  • Reasonable pricing, especially when you buy the products in bundles. There are also coupons and discounts on all subscriptions.
  • Exceptional transparency on the source of their ingredients. They even provide their customers with a comprehensive COA on all their products; wow!
  • 3rd-party labs to verify the quality of Sunday Scaries ingredients.
  • They provide a range of CBD products that allow customers convenience and freedom of choice.
  • No hidden charges on all Sunday Scaries purchases. Instead, the company contributes a share of its sales to community services such as breast cancer awareness.
  • Due to their legit quality products, Sunday Scaries are yet to receive warning letters or lawsuits from the FDA like most of their counterparts.
  • Most Sunday Scaries products receive high rankings from reputable media outlets, e.g. Forbes, Healthline, Discover Magazine, Best Products, and Cosmopolitan.
  • Sunday Scaries is faithful to its 100% money-back guarantee.
  • Non-robotic customer support to assist with inquiries.
  • Fast and efficient shipping.


Sunday Scaries Company Cons

  • The CBD extraction method is not specified.
  • Sunday Scaries does not offer products with the other spectrums of CBD-Full spectrum, CBD Isolate, and Terpenes.
  • The company only ships to the US.
  • Sweeteners are added to some products, making them inappropriate for some individuals, e.g. Diabetic patients.

Are there any Sunday Scaries Reviews on the Internet and Forums like Reddit? What do Sunday Scaries CBD users say about it?

Yes. There are numerous reviews about Sunday Scaries CBD on the internet and in forums like Reddit. Most of users praise the Sunday Scaries products for helping them deal with the anxiety and stresses of everyday life. Here is what some users say.

Was Sunday Scaries CBD featured on Shark Tank?

To prevent 3rd party interest that may interfere with products’ sanity and efficacy, Sunday Scaries is committed to self-fund all their projects. As a result, none of the Sunday Scaries CBD products has ever been featured on Shark tank or any other investor TV show.

What Happens when you Stop Using Sunday Scaries?

Sunday Scaries products are formulated from scientifically safe ingredients free from harmful stimulants and other additives. Therefore, withdrawing from Sunday Scaries does not have any side effects.

Sunday Scaries CBD Forum

Where can you Buy Sunday Scaries? What is the Cost of Sunday Scaries CBD?

You can buy Sunday Scaries from various outlets like Amazon, eBay, and other select reputable stores such as Walgreens and CVS. However, the manufacturers recommend ordering directly from their official website –

When you make orders directly from Sunday Scaries, you are guaranteed the highest quality products. With most imitators scaling the CBD business, purchasing from a reliable source is the safest bet. 

All Sunday Scaries products are professionally prepared and are free from pesticides, harmful metals, and other contaminants. This is not a feature you might find in counterfeit products.

How else will you benefit from ordering directly from

  • Saves you the time and energy to get to the store.
  • Saves you money when you get a subscription.
  • You enjoy reliable customer support for all your inquiries.
  • You have a 100% return guarantee if the product fails to impress you.
  • You receive endless gifts, e.g. fun inserts to make you laugh.
  • You become eligible for the Sunday Scaries rewards program.
  • You enjoy fast and efficient shipping.
  • You are guaranteed a secure checkout page.

Here is the price list breakdown for all Sunday Scaries products. Note that you can enjoy lower prices with a subscription and when you join the loyalty programme.

Where can you buy Sunday Scaries CBD



Bear CBD Gummies


Bra Bearies CBD Gummies


Vegan AF CBD Gummies


Unicorn Jerky CBD Candies


Spice Drops CBD


YOLO CBD Energy Shots


Sunday Scaries CBD Oil


Big Spoon CBD Sleep Oil


Cub Bath Tub CBD Bombs


Side Piece Bundle


Rando Bundle


Everyday Scaries


Is Sunday Scaries CBD available in Pharmacies?

No. Sunday Scaries is not a prescription-based CBD, so you cannot buy it in pharmacies. Sunday Scaries products are available online from the official manufacturer’s or other reliable supplement stores.

What we like about Sunday Scaries

How it scores

Range of products


Quality of ingredients




Potential side effects


Sunday Scaries company reputation


Customer support


Customer reviews


Since its birth in 2017, Sunday Scaries Sunday Scaries has stayed committed to its mission to “help people get out of their own heads and live their lives scare-free.  In times when many people are filled with angst and social media pressure, Sunday Scaries CBD’s timing can only be perfect. 

In a market filled with innumerable CBD products, we found out what makes Sunday Scaries stand out from the noise-the quality and transparency combo!

Sunday Scaries prides itself on delivering quality products that have proven to work for many individuals over time. Besides, the brand is very forthright with its ingredients and source, a factor missing from most CBD supplement manufacturers.

For instance, Sunday Scaries CBD producers take the extra mile to provide their customers with COAs (Certificates of Analysis) for all their products. This ensures that before purchasing any Sunday Scaries products, you fully understand what you are getting into.

What’s more! Unlike most CBD manufacturers who hype you with an endless list of what their products can do without showing you how Sunday Scaries is very clear on what their products can deliver. None of those who have used Sunday Scaries CBD have reported feeling depressed after taking a dose of these heaven-sent products.

And judging from its reputation in media outlets such Forbes and Cosmopolitan, Sunday Scaries CBD does its job well. Yes, it can help you lead an anxiety and stress-free life!

Can you buy Sunday Scaries CBD in pharmacy?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Sunday Scaries

Is Sunday Scaries good for me, or are there any warnings about it?

Where can I buy Sunday Scaries CBD at the lowest price?

Do I need a prescription to buy Sunday Scaries?

Are there any Sunday Scaries CBD sale deals or coupon codes?

Is it possible to buy Sunday Scaries on eBay and Amazon?

Do Sunday Scaries products have any risks or side effects?

Is it safe to take Sunday Scaries continuously?

Will I get high when I use Sunday Scaries CBD?

How much Sunday Scaries should I take?

How do I choose the best Sunday Scaries CBD product?

How long does Sunday Scaries CBD last?

Why are Sunday Scaries the best CBD products?

Who is behind the manufacture of Sunday Scaries CBD?

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