Bathmate Ultramale Kit Reviews 2024 – Proven Results Before and After

Bathmate ultramale kit reviews

The age of male sexual enhancement has seen countless inventions to help men in improving their sex life. The Bathmate Ultramale Kit is one of these creations, and it distinctly stands out.

Why? The Bathmate Ultramale Kit is a complete set of numerous male enhancement items contained in one casing. This is not something you will find in other male enhancement projects in the market. Could this be the reason for the endless “wow” customer reviews on the internet, or is there more?

We are here to help you discover…, and that’s why in this article, we review the Bathmate Ultramale Kit extensively to help you decide whether it is worth your penny or not. We take a detailed look at each kit’s component to point out its effectiveness in supporting your penis health goals.

What is Bathmate Ultramale Kit?

The Bathmate Ultramale Kit is a comprehensive set of male sexual enhancement items. It is a one-of-a-kind creation by Bathmate to help men get the best of results from their Bathmate workouts.

The Bathmate Ultramale Kit consists of all the items you need to help treat mild Erectile Dysfunction (ED). Not only does it enable you to get and keep erections, but the erections are also harder and last longer. With the complete Bathmate Ultramale Set, you boost your sexual confidence, enjoy satisfying sex with your partner, and experience overall wellbeing.


Bathmate Ultramale Kit

Bathmate Ultramale Kit

  • Boost blood flow, health and well-being.
  • Approved by doctors, clinically tested.
  • Improve your erection size and hardness.
Side Effects
  • No side effects
Package includes HydroXtreme Pump, HydroVibe, Bathmate Trim,
Shower Strap, Max Out, Bathmate Control,
Cleaning Kit, Power Rings, Ultramale Guide.
Price from $609.00
Shipping Free Shipping
Rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5/5
Refund Policy 60 Days

Below is a list of what you should expect from your Bathmate Ultramale Kit:

  • The HydroeXtreme Penis Pump: This is the world's most potent hydro pump that guarantees you the best results from your penis pump workouts.
  • Bathmate Shower Strap: This is the first-ever special belt created to add convenience to your Bathmate workout routine. Simply attach it to the HydroeXtreme and enjoy a hands-free exercise.
  • Bathmate HydroVibe: A set of detachable vibrators that make your workout more pleasurable.
  • Bathmate Power Rings: A collection of powerful sex toys to aid with your erections.
  • Bathmate Trim: A set of trimmers to make your Bathmate workout uninterrupted by pubic hairs.
  • Bathmate Cleaning Kit: The set that ensures your kit is hygienic and safe to use.
  • The Bathmate Max Out: Two bottles of clinically approved gel to aid you in Jelqing and overall Bathmate workout.
  • Bathmate Control: A medically proven delay gel to help you enjoy longer sexual encounters.
  • Bathmate Ultramale User Guide: A lengthy informative to help you get the best results from the Bathmate Ultramale Kit.

How does Bathmate Ultramale Kit work? Does Bathmate Ultramale Kit really work?

What we love about the Bathmate Ultramale Kit is the proven effectiveness of all its components. Each piece in this collection is specifically designed to serve one purpose: To help you achieve better gains from the Bathmate penis pump exercises.

Does Bathmate Ultramale Kit really work

Let us take a look at how each of these items works in achieving this goal.

The Bathmate HydroeXtreme Penis Pump

The Bathmate HydroeXtreme Penis Pump

The Bathmate HydroeXtreme series of pumps is the largest and most effective water-based penis pump. This powerful pump is effective in exercising penile muscles. It also creates maximum pressure to stimulate increased blood flow to the penis during the workout. With frequent and correct Bathmate exercises, this pump helps you attain significant gains of hard and long-lasting erections, increased libido, and growth in penis size.

Bathmate has done a recommendable job in ensuring that regardless of your penis size, you get the perfect HydroeXtreme pump to fit. The Bathmate Ultramale Kit comes in different sizes to cater to this need.

The Bathmate Shower Strap

Although Bathmate hydro pumps can work well outside water, they are designed to give you optimal results when used in water. As a result, most users find it helpful to use them while taking a bath in the shower or bathtub. The downside to this arrangement is that it requires you to pay a lot of attention to your pump, distracting you from the bath.

The Bathmate Shower Strap is a relief to this inconvenience. With this strap, you enjoy a hands-free Bathmate workout while bathing at the same time. All you need to do is attach it to the pump and place it around your neck, and you are good to go! The result is more fun, easier, and more convenient workouts for more gains.

The Bathmate HydroVibe

Bathmate Hydro Vibe

Designed with the latest IPX7 technology, this set of two detachable vibrators is a safe and effective addition to your Bathmate workout routine. The vibrators are corseted with comfy waterproof material to indulge your manhood into wild sexual fantasies. The Bathmate HydroVibe makes exercising your penile muscles and blood vessels not just effective but also fun.

The Bathmate Power Rings

Choose Bathmate Power Ring

At the heart of the invention of the Bathmate Ultramale Kit is the desire to help every user enjoy better sex. The power rings help you hold the erect penis in place long enough for mutual sexual satisfaction. These rings are made from quality non-allergenic materials to protect you and your partner during intercourse.

The Bathmate Trim

A clean-shaven pubic area is essential in ensuring the HydroeXtreme firmly fits on the body. Proper fitting means maximum pressure necessary to stretch the penile muscles and increase blood flow to the genital area.

The Bathmate Trim is a set of hair trimming attachments that make your Bathmate workouts clean, seamless, and effective.

The Bathmate Cleaning Kit

Bathmate clean and trim

To get the best from your Bathmate penis workout routines, a hygienic and safe Bathmate kit is vital. Designed to ensure that all the other components are stored in a clean place, the Bathmate brush and antibacterial cream give you stress-free workouts.

The Bathmate Max Out

The Bathmate Max Out is a medically proven serum formula created to assist you with your Jelqing exercises. Jelqing supports your Bathmate workouts to facilitate natural penis growth and better erections.

Each Bathmate Ultramale Kit contains two bottles of Max Out to give you the best results in a long time.

The Bathmate Control

The Bathmate Ultramale Control is a unique gel formulated to help men enjoy longer-lasting sex. This gel allows you to delay your ejaculations while with your partner or while exercising.

The Bathmate Ultramale User Guide

The Bathmate user guide manual contains detailed information to help you have a seamless experience using the HydroeXtreme penis pump and the other accessories. Besides, the manual provides you with additional advice and tips on how to improve your sex life.

How do you use Bathmate Ultramale Kit for best results?

All Bathmate hydro pumps and accessories are designed to be easy to use. To get the best results from Bathmate Ultramale Kit, follow the user guide instructions outlined in the manual or on Bathmate’s official website. However, if you are not much of a reader, we have summarized the guide for you into these simple tips:

Bathmate Tips
  • Frequently clean your Bathmate Ultramale Kit (use the kit included) and keep it in a hygienic place. This protects your gear from attracting germs and other objects that might be unsafe for your use.
  • Use your HydroeXtreme pump in water (preferably in the shower or bathtub) to ensure maximum pressure necessary, exercising penile muscles and blood vessels.
  • Stick to the recommended 15 -20 minutes of Bathmate exercise within 24 hours. Using your HydroeXtreme pump for a more extended period may result in muscle fatigue and skin irritation.
  • Use the recommended maximum pressure necessary to achieve a proper erection. Too much vacuum pressure and vigorous pumping might result in bruising your penis.
  • Make use of all the components of the Bathmate Ultramale Kit. All the items in the kit are designed to make your Bathmate workout experience better and more effective.
  • Be consistent. Having regular and correct Bathmate workouts using your Ultramale Kit will help you achieve and maintain optimal results.

How do you use Bathmate Ultramale Kit for best results

How long does it take for Bathmate Ultramale Kit to work?

The Bathmate Ultramale Kit has proven to show positive results from as early as 2 weeks. Most men can have a firm erection at this stage. However, it would take you at least 2 months to notice a slight increase in penis growth.

To experience maximum gains, we recommend using the Bathmate Ultramale Kit to exercise consistently for at least 9-12 months. Not only will you have harder and long-lasting erections, but your penis will also grow significantly.

Side note: To trace your progress, we recommend measuring your penis (both length and girth) before starting to use the Bathmate Ultramale Kit. Knowing your size beforehand helps you determine the effectiveness of your Bathmate penis workouts. 

How big can you get from using the Bathmate Ultramale Kit?

The Bathmate Ultramale Kit is effective in helping you get firm erections and enjoy the effect of a bigger penis. Data drawn from trials by the manufacturer and customer reviews indicate at least 80% of men can attain a substantial increase in penis size after 9-12 months of using the Bathmate Ultramale Kit to exercise.

On average, most men report gaining at least 2 inches after using the Bathmate Ultramale Kit for 12 months. However, only a few individuals report a higher increase.

What is the packaging for Bathmate Ultramale Kit?

This is another spectacular feature of the Bathmate Ultramale Kit! The manufacturers have invested hugely in ensuring that you receive your male enhancement goodies in a sturdy, durable, and lockable carry case. 

This stylish yet heavy-duty casing ensures that your Bathmate workout essentials are safe. The zipper and coded lock make the case even more desirable. Besides, the packaging is discreet and easy to transport. You can, therefore, easily carry around your male enhancement essentials without drawing any unnecessary attention.

Bathmate Ultramale Kit clinical trial assessment and results 2024: Is Bathmate Ultramale Kit safe to use?

The Bathmate Ultramale Kit comprises several items that have been clinically tested and proven to be safe for every user.

Is Bathmate Ultramale Kit safe to use

For instance, the HydroeXtreme pump underwent rigorous testing before it was confirmed to assist men suffering from ED get better erections. The FDA has approved the use of Bathmate hydro pumps following their effectiveness, as reported by most users. Besides, the materials used in building this power pump are 100% user-friendly; no wonder no adverse side effects have been reported so far.

How about the other components of the Bathmate Ultramale Kit? Whether it be the cleaners, better sex formulations, support accessories, or any other add-ons, you can trust all the items to give you the best results without harming you in the future. Bathmate prides itself in prioritizing customer safety, a fact that is confirmed by anyone who has ever used any of their products.

Bathmate Ultramale Kit results before and after: does Bathmate Ultramale Kit really work, or is it a scam?

This must be the most Frequently Asked Question about the Bathmate Ultramale Kit! The answer to whether the Bathmate Ultramale Kit works or not is: Yes, it works!

About 80% of men who use the Bathmate Ultramale Kit to help them manage ED report experiencing positive results. Most of them can get and keep firm erections that can last up to 30 minutes, allowing them to enjoy penetrative sex with their partners. They claim to feel more confident about their sexuality than before.

Does Bathmate Ultramale Kit really work, or is it a scam

A good number of men report even better news! Up to 60% say they witnessed a penis growth of 1-3 inches (long and wide) after following the recommended routine of 15-20 minutes a day for 12 months. Here is a breakdown of the expected results after using the Bathmate Ultramale Kit for 3 months.

  • Bathmate Ultramale Kit results after 2 weeks: Most users report they can have a firm erection after 2-3 minutes of Bathmate workout. This erection allows them to have penetrative sex, although this lasts for only a short while.
  • Bathmate Ultramale Kit results after 1 month: After exercising daily for 1 month, most men say they get their erections faster and harder. They can enjoy a firm erection, and they can easily penetrate their partners. Using the HydroVibe and Bathmate Max Out intensifies stimulation, increasing their sexual libido.
  • Bathmate Ultramale Kit results after 2 months: At 2 months, most men seem to have gained a noticeable ability to get and keep firm erections for about 20 minutes. Those who frequently use the Bathmate Control also experience more delayed ejaculations than before. 4/10 men report noticing a slight increase in their penis size (especially in girth).
  • Bathmate Ultramale Kit results after 3 months: There is a tremendous improvement after 3 months of correct Bathmate workouts. The erections are more rigid, happen faster, and last for at least 30 minutes. When accompanied by Jelqing and the aid of Bathmate sex toys, lubricants, and the Max Out serum, the Bathmate workouts' effectiveness becomes evident. A few men also report slight growth in their penis.

Bathmate Ultramale Kit results

Side note: It is essential to understand that just like every other muscle exercise, it requires both effort and commitment from your end to get the best results from using the Bathmate Ultramale Kit. We recommend exercising some patience when working out to experience the best gains. You also have to keep using the kit to maintain the gains.

Our Bathmate Ultramale Kit review and rating: Bathmate Ultramale Kit pros and cons

We have combed the internet and forums to determine what users have to say about the Bathmate Ultramale Kit. We have highlighted some of the customer reviews, Bathmate Ultramale Kit advantages, and Bathmate Ultramale Kit disadvantages to help you in your buying decision.

Bathmate Ultramale Kit Positive Reviews

  • Dan Green, Bathmate Fan: I feel really, really positive about everything that's happened. As you've seen, I've made some pretty, pretty good results... I have longer erections... I'm a lot more confident... absolutely on point. 
  • Dr James Barada, Urologist: The Bathmate hydropump works because it increases the size of the penis by drawing blood into the penis and expanding the natural vascular channels that are found there...You get a lot of advantages by regular use of this device... I advocate for the Bathmate for people who are concerned about erection quality.
  • Ellis Lacy, Model: I've been having some incredible gains... I feel a lot more confident in myself, a lot healthier.

Bathmate Ultramale Kit negative reviews

  • Patrick R: I wish there was a way that this can be integrated with the HydroMax pumps. There are rings specifically designed to go around the base of a penis pump so that way putting the ring on while taking the pump off is virtually seamless. That is not the case with this power ring.

Ultramale Kit Pros

  • You get to save on costs. The Bathmate Ultramale Kit costs less than when you buy the items separately.
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty to protect you from fraud and a defective kit.
  • It comes with a 60-days return policy. If you are dissatisfied with the Bathmate Ultramale Kit purchase, you get no questions and a complete package money refund.
  • 24-7 customer support team to respond to your inquiries and concerns.
  • The components of the kit are made from durable material.
  • Buying the complete package means getting the best results.
  • All the items are made from quality and safe materials.
  • Comes in discreet packaging.
  • Includes a detailed user manual that makes the kit easy to use.
  • It comes with added benefits, e.g., better foreplay (using hydro vibes, lubes, cleaners), long-lasting erections (using the power rings), penis growth (using Max Out serum for Jelqing), and user manual sex life advice and tips.
  • Easy to carry about.
  • Free worldwide shipping.
  • Different kit sizes for every man (from size 1-9 inches) when erect.
  • Security lock to keep your Bathmate essentials safe.

Ultramale Kit Cons

  • You must keep using the kit to maintain the gains.
  • It might be an expensive option for some users.

Bathmate Ultramale Kit reviews on the internet and forums like Reddit

The Bathmate Ultramale Kit receives positive reviews on discussion forums, review websites, and social media. It is majorly praised for being the world’s number 1 male sexual enhancement kit that comprises all that a man needs to get and keep better erections. This kit is a favorite of many, from the HydroeXtreme power pump to the cleaners and secure casing.

Is Bathmate Ultramale Kit reputable, or are there any warnings about Bathmate Ultramale Kit on the internet?

The Bathmate Ultramale Kit is reputable for its effectiveness, safety, convenience, and ease of use. With more than a million buyers, the HydroeXtreme package has attracted a lot of praise worldwide. 

The comprehensive collection that consists of the most powerful water-based penis pump and other assistive accessories has been recorded to help men gain better erections and bigger penises. The results are better sex, happier spouses, and better general wellbeing.

On the other hand, there is only one warning about using the Bathmate Ultramale Kit. This is a concern for men who suffer from blood clotting disorders. Continuously stretching your penile muscles and increasing blood flow into the genital blood vessels may worsen the problem. Ensure you consult your doctor before resolving to order for your Bathmate Ultramale Kit.

What do I need to consider if I want to discontinue using Bathmate Ultramale Kit?

When used correctly and consistently, the Bathmate Ultramale Kit helps you enjoy better erections that are essential in satisfying you and your partner. After 3 months of Bathmate workouts, you should be able to enjoy sex for up to 30 minutes, with the added advantage of delayed orgasms.

What’s more! You get a plus in your penis girth and length when you maintain your exercises. 

However, despite all these benefits, you might decide to discontinue the use of the Bathmate Ultramale Kit. For instance, if you notice blood clotting disorder symptoms, immediately stop using the kit and talk to your healthcare provider.

Should you worry about discontinuing Bathmate Ultramale Kit? No. All the Bathmate Ultramale Kit components are designed from safe materials and ingredients that do not pose any side effects when you withdraw. Therefore, you can stop using the Bathmate Ultramale Kit whenever you please.

Where can you buy Bathmate Ultramale Kit? Bathmate Ultramale Kit price comparison and deals for sale

Where can you buy Bathmate Ultramale Kit

You can buy the Bathmate Ultramale Kit from a few drug outlets with affiliate links with the official manufacturer-Bathmate. Unfortunately, buying from such vendors might be risky considering the increased cases of frauds imitating Bathmate products.

We recommend buying the Bathmate Ultramale Kit from the manufacturer’s official website to avoid such pitfalls. This option also comes with extra advantages such as:

  • Reduced costs of purchase.
  • Free worldwide shipping and delivery.
  • 24-7 customer support for your inquiries and concerns.
  • A 60-days no-questions total package money return if you are dissatisfied with the kit's results.

  • A lifetime warranty to cover potential defects.
  • Sale offers and coupon codes.
  • Free advice on improving your male sex health from experts.

Can you buy Bathmate Ultramale Kit in a pharmacy?

Can you buy Bathmate Ultramale Kit in a pharmacy

Yes. You can buy the Bathmate Ultramale Kit from a pharmacy. However, there are only a few pharmacies that sell the complete Bathmate package. To get the best prices for a Bathmate Ultramale Kit, consider buying from the official Bathmate website.

Bathmate Ultramale Kit review conclusion - our experience and recommendation

Thousands of male enhancement penis pumps claim to improve a man's ability to get and sustain proper erections. Sadly, very few of these gadgets deliver on their promises. However, the Bathmate Ultramale Kit is an exception and a relief for most men. The collection comprises the world's most powerful penis pump-HydroeXtreme, and other accessories have proven to be magical!

With over 80% of users reporting success stories for better erections after several months of use, we highly recommend trying the Bathmate Ultramale Kit. Besides, the extra advantage of having a slightly bigger penis is a plus for every man. 

Although the results on the effectiveness of the Bathmate Ultramale are mainly anecdotal, different users give positive feedback. With this in mind, we are convinced that the Bathmate Ultramale Kit really works, and you can order it to better your ED condition and increase your penis size.

Bathmate Ultramale Kit review conclusion - our experience and recommendation

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Are there any criticisms for Bathmate Ultramale Kit, or is it recommended to use the Bathmate Ultramale Kit?

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Is it safe to use the Bathmate Ultramale Kit continuously?

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When should I use the Bathmate Ultramale Kit?

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