Anxiety Disorder

Mental health problems are a very common illness that is overlooked due to a negative stigma. People often feel ashamed and embarrassed about seeking treatment for mental health problems that leads to underdiagnoses and under-treatment of these type problems. Although depression is the most common mental illness, anxiety is also a very common problem that people deal with on a day to day basis and can become a significant problem in their lives. It is common for us to experience anxiety throughout the week; however someone with an anxiety disorder can have problems functioning normally. There are several ways to combat anxiety without prescription medications. Exercise is a safe and effective way to relieve anxiety levels and creates a healthier you. Eating various foods like oranges, blueberries and almonds may help as well. Finally, a good night’s rest can significantly impact your anxiety levels.

Key Points:

  • 1Social anxiety disorder is characterized by fear of social situations and interactions, it involves a fear of judgement and can hamper professional and personal growth.
  • 2Obsessive compulsive disorder is characterized by ritualized behaviors that people feel compelled to do, getting in the way of their daily lives.
  • 3Cognitive behavioral therapy can help to treat these disorders by changing the way the person thinks, replacing the negative and obsessive thoughts with positive ones.

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