What You Should Know About Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

When late summer turns to fall, it’s natural to feel a little bit down; however, the depression can be a lot more severe for some people if they suffer from seasonal affective disorder (SAD). Feelings of sadness, unhappiness, or low-level anxiety are things that most of us will experience at one time or another. However, […]

Airplane Travel Causes More Health Problems Than Just Increased Stress

Body Dysmorphic Disease

Some Daily Tricks That Can Help You Fight Your Regular Anxiety Attacks

More than 19% of the American population is affected by generalized anxiety disorders, which makes it one of the most commonly occurring mental illnesses of the country. However, anxiety disorders can take several forms. While some people feel frozen and reluctant to indulge in everyday activities, others adopt a high functioning mode to hide the […]

Can You Ever Truly Go Back To ‘Normal’ When You Have A Mental Health Disorder?

Mental health is something that we are all focusing on a lot more in recent years, and it is becoming more accepted that mental health is just as important as physical health.

Top 5 Ways To Stay Organized At Work

Organization at work is key to getting ahead. It enables businesses to stay focused, and people to work more efficiently and better manage projects. With organization being such a key component to a person’s productivity, many businesses have been trying to improve individual as well as company-wide organization and have been doing so through the […]

How To Ensure Good Mental Health While Attending University

College students live a very stressful lifestyle. For them to excel in their college life, they have to balance their time and energy between studying, socializing with their peers, and communicating with their friends and family back home. College students who choose to work part-time will have to exert more effort to ensure that they […]