Blue-Light Special: How LEDs Can Help Your Acne

Blue-Light Special: How LEDs Can Help Your Acne

There’s a new, drug-free, acne treatment on the scene: LED blue light exposure. The way it works is that the particular light wave used kills the bacteria that are responsible for acne eruptions. There are two main types of treatment: those that are professionally delivered in a dermatologist’s office and those you do yourself at home. The professional treatments are more powerful than the ones you do at home because the machines used contain a stronger battery and cover a broader surface area than the personal ones, therefore delivering a bigger punch for the amount of time spent under the light. Additionally, the professional machines can deliver multiple frequencies of light, which not only helps kill the acne-causing bacteria but also helps heal and condition the skin. For the preceding reasons, professional treatments are recommended for moderate to severe acne. This is a somewhat costly solution, but will likely be worth the expense for those whose acne is truly problematic. For mild to moderate–or only occasional–acne, the in-home treatments are likely to be sufficient and will be more affordable.

Key Points:

  • 1Bacteria makes the world go ’round — and keeps our faces balanced and healthy.
  • 2Blue LEDs eradicate the bacteria that cause inflammation during breakouts, reduce pore size, stabilize oil production, and promote healthy cell growth.
  • 3If you want to see results, you have to commit to using blue lights with the same frequency as any other skin treatment routine.

According to recent research, the presence of the bacteria alone is not enough to cause acne — oil production and blocked pores are the co-conspirators that brew up that inflammation.

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