Your Resting Heart Rate Is Telling You More Than You Think

Your Resting Heart Rate Is Telling You More Than You Think

Your Resting Heart Rate (RHR) is your heart rate upon waking in the morning, before you get out of bed and start your breakfast, shower and commute to work. Studies are now finding that your Resting Heart Rate is an indicator of your basic fitness level and a strong predictor of cardiovascular health.

Checking your Resting Heart Rate is a painless way to check your health. Upon waking for 3 consecutive mornings take your RHR. You need to determine heart beats per minute. You can do that by counting your heart beats for 10 seconds and multiplying that number by 6. Take your 3 different days’ numbers add them together and divide by 3. This will give you a Resting Heart Rate number. If you can”t accurately find your pulse a blood pressure monitor often reports heart beats per minute. The best results will be upon waking, if that is not possible make sure your rest quietly and de-stress for at least 15 minutes before determining your beats per minute.

Normal Adult Range is 60-80 Beats per Minute (bpm)
Athletes Range is 35-50 bpm
The better shape you are in the fewer beats per minute.

Your RHR tells you lots about your cardiovascular health. Having a high RHR is a risk factor independent of other risk factors such as; hypertension, diabetes, and smoking. So paying attention to our RHR while effortless in determining; is important.