Transform Your Bedroom into a Sleep Sanctuary

Transform Your Bedroom into a Sleep Sanctuary

There is no need to splurge to get the benefits of a good nights sleep, simple affordable changes to your bedroom can accomplish this. One easy change comes from thinking of the color tone in your bedroom. Adding bedding or painting a wall in a cool-toned blue or grey shade can help promote good sleep, instead of reds and oranges which can increase heart rate and blood pressure. Another idea is using aromatherapy to induce relaxation with scents like lavender or jasmine. Essential oil diffusers are a good option for anyone who is sensitive to allergies but would still like to use aromas in their bedroom. In order to not disrupt melatonin (the body’s sleep hormone), limiting bright and artificial light an hour before bedtime is a good tactic. An automatic dimmer installed to your ceiling light can help with that. It’s also wise to refresh your pillow roughly every year and a half for health reasons due to the dead skin cells and dust mites, but this change doubles as an affordable comfort solution which will also help you sleep better by keeping your head in a neutral position. There are many affordable options available to help turn your bedroom into a space that promotes a good night sleep.

Key Points:

  • 1Changing your sheets to cool tone colors will help you be more relaxing.
  • 2The right aroma, like vanilla or jasmine in the bedroom will make you more relaxed.
  • 3Dimming the bedroom light to a soft glow will create a relaxing atmosphere.

Exposure to bright, artificial light before bedtime can disrupt the production of melatonin, the hormone that helps shift your body into sleep mode.

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