Acne Caused by Physically Irritating the Skin. It’s a Real and Pervasive Problem.

Over use of skin products and physical irritation of skin can lead to a condition named acne mechanica, which means an increase in acne. Years of studies have concluded that scrubbing your zits only seems to make them worse. These finds come as a surprise to millions of people who have been meticulously working on keeping their facial skin scrupulously clean, only to find that their breakouts breakout even more – it seems that less really is more when it comes to fighting the pustule! There’s a web site that provides a bunch of information on how to reduce factors that may encourage acne mechanica, and it’s at The Regimen. Another consideration is glycolic acid which is a game changer when it comes to calming and healing skin.

Key Points:

  • 1Physical irritation to the skin can cause acne which is called acne mechanica.
  • 2Nowadays, most cosmetics companies test products to ensure that they will not directly cause acne.
  • 3While you cannot completely eliminate irritation, you should try to find ways to reduce it where you can

The cases in this article are severe, but millions of people suffer with acne caused by everyday physical irritation. You can’t eliminate physical irritation altogether, and you shouldn’t aim to do this since it will likely drive you pretty crazy. Instead, take a few minutes to become aware of sources of physical irritation and try to reduce or eliminate them when you can.

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