What Your Skin Is Trying To Tell You

What Your Skin Is Trying To Tell You

Your skin is the first thing people see when you go out into the world. There’s a reason those of us who are concerned with first impressions and not just general beauty, but also overall health, will focus so heavily on our skin and how to care for it. And it turns out, paying attention to your skin can be a good first step in becoming aware of what might be happening below it.

A number of health conditions can be signaled by changes or symptoms that appear on the skin. Consider rosacea, where the skin can become flushed or turn reddish. While this can be treated topically, and indeed many dermatologists will often prescribe antibiotic medication to help clear it up, the root cause of rosacea is often changes or problems with the microbes in your digestive system.

Pigmentation changes can be the result of sunlight.  So make sure to wear sunscreen when outdoors.

Your skin needs hydration.  So drink plenty of water on the inside a use a water based moisturizer on the outside.

As we age we wrinkle.  But not only aging is the cause of wrinkles.  Excess sugar consumption, sun exposure and dehydration can lead to fine lines and wrinkles.

Small white bumps around your eyes may be fatty deposits under the skin.  This can be caused by a vitamin or mineral deficiency, genetics or poor cleansing.

Acne another condition that’s often treated as only a skin problem. But the cause is usually bacterial, where pores become clogged and infection begins growing. This is why acne will swell and usually become not just unsightly, but also painful. The proper treatment is to address the cause of the infection, and sometimes it can be as a result of things happening throughout your body; not just on your skin.

Key Points:

  • 1What shows on the outside can often be a sign of what’s happening on the inside, so treating the problem instead its symptoms, can really get to the root of better skin.
  • 2Harsh cleansers over strip the skin, resulting in it producing more oil to compensate.
  • 3To avoid dehydration: drink plenty of water and it is better to stick to water-based skin lotions.

You can cleanse, tone and moisturise to your heart’s content – but if your skin isn’t improving, there may be a deeper reason why.

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