Genetic Obesity Risk Tied to Smoking

Recent studies show that the amount of body fat that a person has can directly influence his or her likelihood of taking up smoking as a habit. Not only can weight effect how likely a person is to start smoking, a person’s excess body fat can also link to how frequent a person smokes. Previous studies have shown a direct correlation between genetic variations known as SNPs and a person’s obesity and smoking habits. Researches suggest that these particular variations increase a person’s likelihood to overeat as well as smoke. In relation to the body mass index (BMI), researches discovered that for every additions 4.6 kilograms/meter squared a person had, there was a twelve percent higher risk of having ever been a smoker. This same body mass index increment was also linked to a 1.75 cigarettes per day increase. When researchers then looked at the genetic body fat profile, they realized that an increase in body mass index based solely on those genetic SNPs was linked to a 24 percent higher likelihood of a person being a current smoker and in 18 percent higher likelihood of a person having ever smoked before. Due to the fact that smoking is often associated with a decrease in appetite, researchers suggest that the reasoning for these results is due to the fact that people start smoking in order to help themselves lose weight.

Key Points:

  • 1Smoking has negative health implications like shortness of breath and yellow teeth.
  • 2Excess mid section fat is associated with an increase in taking up smoking.
  • 3Addictive behaviours such as overeating and smoking may be linked.

These results highlight the role of obesity in influencing smoking initiation and cessation, which could have implications for public health interventions aiming to reduce the prevalence of these important risk factors,
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