5 Simple But Effective Ways To Burn Fat (FAST)

5 Simple But Effective Ways To Burn Fat (FAST)

Burning fat isn’t easy, sure you can do more exercise and eat less calories to lose weight, but this doesn’t target fat loss. This type of approach can result in fast weight loss, however, this generally doesn’t involve fat burning, and the weight that you lost, is generally followed by fast weight gain.

If you want to burn fat, don’t think in terms of a diet; think in terms of a lifestyle. Sure you’ve probably heard this before, but it’s true.

In this article, you are going to learn 5 simple yet effective ways to burn body fat fast, without having to go on a diet. Simply follow these quick and easy tips, every day, and you will be quickly waving goodbye to those love-handles and stubborn belly-fat.

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1   Thermogenic Fat Burners


Of course there is no magic weight loss pill that you can swallow that is going to make you miraculously lose weight. I mean there are a ton of so called “fat burners” out there that do nothing for weight loss other than reduce the weight of your wallet. That said, there are a small number of very effective natural ingredients that are proven by science to help burn fat.

A good thermogenic fat burner is able to effectively burn fat by increasing what is known as thermogenisis, a process whereby fat is broken down to release heat energy. Compounds such as capsaicin (derived from chilli), is proven to increase energy-expenditure and fat loss (1). Other ingredients such as forskolin (coleus forskohlii) have been shown to exhibit favourable changes in body composition by reducing fat mass and increasing testosterone in men(2).

Synephrine derived from the peel of bitter oranges (citrus aurantium) is also another known ingredient in thermogenic fat burners that is proven to work. If you are considering using a fat burning supplement to help you burn fat faster, it is important to look for a fat burning supplement that contains all of these effective fat burning ingredients, that are based on science rather than expensive and ineffective marketing hype.


2   Reduce Sugar Intake


Weight loss coaches still preach about following calorie deficit diets to lose weight, these so-called “gurus” claim the most important thing of all is that you must be in a calorie deficit to lose weight. However this a