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If you are thinking of using a resistance training mask to improve your breathing performance, this video will give you useful information on the elevation training mask 2.0. This equipment is designed to help you develop more breathing capacity which will help increase your stamina. It also includes an instructional video on how to begin your training which is very specific and shows how long each warm up exercise should be, including arm circles, squats and other preliminary exercises. It shows the various parts of the mask and how to use the filters to adjust them to different altitudes to increase your breathing ability so that your lung capacity will grow, thus giving your body the ability to perform your running, bike riding, etc. better and longer than before.

Key Points of Video:

  • 1Extreme exercise training is heightened by using a new training mask.
  • 2Put the training mask on before starting routine.
  • 3The mask will simulate altitude, forcing the user to breathe and thereby intensify the workout.

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