What’s Causing Constant Acne On Your Cheeks?

If you are prone to acne breakouts, it can be frustrating when you feel you are doing everything you are supposed to do but are still getting breakouts, often in the same areas. Acne is an issue cultures have faced through history, ancient Indians created a face mapping called Ayurveda that linked certain parts of acne breakouts on the face to certain organs. Acne can result from physiological imbalances in the body if the acne is aggressive or persistent. Acne in the cheeks is thought to be from an imbalance in the liver and lungs and there are several causing factors.

Binging on alcohol can affect the liver, causing breakouts, it’s recommended to drink in moderation.

Cell phones can get filthy during the day and contaminate your skin. It’s best to use a Bluetooth to talk or at least wipe your phone with antibacterial wipes between uses.

Pillowcases can be a bacteria breeding ground, it’s important to wash them often. People with oily skin could use bamboo fabric cases, they are anti microbial and infused with essential oils that are healthy for your skin.

Poor dental health can cause breakouts, it’s important to brush and floss everyday to keep healthy and prevent breakouts.

If these things do not help, there are treatments available for at home use to clear acne.

Key Points:

  • 1Having acne breakout on your cheeks can be very frustrating.
  • 2When acne flares up there are some techniques to help fix the physiological imbalance.
  • 3Alcohol, cell phones, pillow, and dental hygiene are all contributing factors to acne flare up.

If you are experiencing breakouts in a specific area of your face, say cheeks, there might be an imbalance in the liver or lungs.

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