How can Attention Deficit Disorder in Adults be Diagnosed and Treated?

How can Attention Deficit Disorder in Adults be Diagnosed and Treated?

Adult ADD is known as Adult Attention Deficit Disorder. This is a term used to describe a group of neuro-psychiatric conditions that make an adult unable to remain focused on a particular task for a given amount of time.

What Are the Problems That People with Adult ADD Face?

Adults afflicted with attention deficit disorder have problems with self motivation, self regulation, procrastination, prioritization and organization. They are easily distracted and cannot focus on any one topic for a long period of time. They are impulsive, and can also have a problem with hyperactivity.   The overall intelligence and learning capability is not affected in adults with Attention Deficit Disorder.

Who Are More Prone to Developing Adult ADD?

Children who have been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder are 60% more prone to developing Attention Deficit Disorder as adults. This disorder can affect the education; inter-personal relationships and even the employment potentials of adults if it precedes them into adulthood. The hyperactivity behaviors linked with Attention Deficit Disorder do decrease in frequency, but they are more impulsive individuals, overall.

What are Common Problems Faced by Adults with ADD?

Most adults that suffer from Attention Deficit Disorder lead a very chaotic and disorganized life. Their coping mechanisms easily get over loaded and they turn to illicit drug usage, smoking and alcohol intake. Most adults with Attention Deficit Disorder also remain depressed and suffer from frequent anxiety and panic attacks. Dyslexia may also be present with Adult Attention Deficit Disorder, which makes learning very difficult for them.

What is The Treatment of Adult ADD?

One of the most common ways to treat Adult Attention Deficit Disorder is with the help of stimulant medicine. Unfortunately this medicine has a small abuse potential, and for this reason non stimulant medication can also be prescribed. Antidepressant drugs have also been successfully used to treat adult Attention Deficit Disorder. Behavioral, vocational and cognitive interventions may also be required along with medication. Medicine will help develop focus, but many of the skills that are necessary in adults such as organization, prioritizing, communication etc will require some time and cognitive therapy to develop in adults with Attention Deficit Disorder.

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