Guide to Pre-Workout Supplements

Guide to Pre-Workout Supplements

Have you ever noticed how some workouts come easier than others? Like most people, there are probably times when you’re on fire with your training and times when you can barely make it through a session. Random though it may seem, this phenomenon has a lot to do with the nutrients that you ingest prior to exercising. Instead of leaving things to chance, top athletes rely on pre-workout supplements to ensure that they get the most out of each and every workout.

Learn the basics of pre-workout supplements to start maximizing your workouts today.

What are Pre-Workout Supplements?

As the name implies, a pre-workout supplement is one that you take before hitting the gym. It is specifically designed to address common issues that occur during training, such as fatigue, muscle breakdown, lack of focus and more.

What are Pre-Workout Supplements For?

Today’s best pre-workout supplements are designed to deliver the following benefits:

  • improved performance
  • improved focus
  • improved energy
  • improved nutrient delivery
  • increased strength
  • increased endurance
  • increased metabolic rate
  • increased protein synthesis
  • decreased muscle breakdown

First-rate pre-workout supplements also produce an optimal hormonal environment for making the most out of training sessions. Stressing the body with exercise can throw various hormones and hormonal processes out of whack, and these supplements typically contain ingredients that counteract these effects.

Unfortunately, it’s easy for supplement manufacturers to make big claims without really backing them up. Therefore, it is crucial to educate yourself about pre-workout supplement ingredients as well as their benefits and ideal dosages. Without doing so, you cannot guarantee that you will enjoy all or most of the above benefits.

Primary Goals of Today’s Best Pre-Workout Supplements

The overarching goal of any pre-workout supplement is to arm you with the ingredients that you need to make the most of the effort that you expend while working out. Whether you’ve hit a plateau or aren’t getting the results that you want no matter how hard you try, pre-workout supplements may be the answer.

Three primary goals of any well-designed pre-workout supplement are:

Improved Work Volume – Nothing is worse than falling short of your workout goals. Issues like fatigue, muscle soreness and recovery can all interfere. An effective pre-workout supplement addresses these issues. By doing so, they improve your work volume, allowing you to squeeze every last benefit out of every last workout.

Enhanced Power Output – Giving it your all is the best way to make gains in the gym. Ideal