Dump Sugar, Eat Fat and Cure Diabetes?

Dump Sugar, Eat Fat and Cure Diabetes?

Old medical text books (before insulin) recommended that diabetic patients be put on a low carb high fat diet. The discovery of insulin was in 1921 by Fredrick Banting, a Canadian orthopedic surgeon.  January 11, 1922 insulin was first used to treat diabetes.  Before insulin those suffering from Type 1 diabetes did not live very long.  Today insulin is the only effective treatment for Type 1 diabetes.

However there are more people suffering from Type 11 diabetes than ever before.  And some doctors are going “old school” and recommending diet changes to combat diabetes.  Type 11 diabetics have too much sugar in their blood stream.  Which often leads to expensive medication and continual blood sticks to monitor sugar levels.

Dr. Eric Westman from the Duke Lifestyle Medicine Clinic has successfully reversed diabetes through his diet only approach.  According to Dr. Westman, there are many factors that contribute to diabetes, but food and beverages are a major cause.

Diet Basics:

  • Eliminate sugar intake in all foods and beverages (beware of sodas, sweet tea and juices).
  • Eliminate starch – like bread, pasta and rice.
  • Eat fats – like olive oil, avocados, coconut oil and butter.
  • Don’t over worry about eating saturated fat.

Article Tip:  To curb a sweet craving have sugar-free jello.

The good news people are actually getting off all medication by following this diet.  They are losing weight and gaining energy.

Key Points

  • 126 million Americans suffer from diabetes.
  • 290% to 95% of all diabetes is Type II.
  • 3Eliminating sugar in the foods you eat can help you reverse or avoid diabetes.

“Diabetes and obesity is complicated,” Westman explained. “There are lots of factors that are involved, but most experts agree that it’s the foods and the beverages that people eat that are the major cause for diabetes and obesity in the U.S., and so that should be the major focus of treatment.”


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