4 Common Misconception about Binge Eating Disorder

4 Common Misconception about Binge Eating Disorder

Most everyone on occasion eats to excess, and we can refer to this as binge eating.  “I ate the whole…..fill in the blank.  (Box of cookies, bag of chips, carton of ice cream.  But this is not what Binge Eating Disorder is.  Binge Eating Disorder is when there is a loss of control when eating, food choice isn’t important, you are unable to stop eating and this is happening at least once per week.

One of the misconceptions is that “Binge eating isn’t a big deal” When in fact it’s actually a severe mental issue that should be treated when it can be to help that person who’s going through those disorders.

A very interesting one is that “Binge Eating is only seen in overweight people” and while it does usually give people a big increase in weight, it’s not always the case.

“Binge eating and overeating is the exact same thing” When it’s really not even the same thing and they carry very distinct meanings because binge eating is a very big disorder and needs to be worked on when it can.

“There’s nothing that can help me; I just need stronger willpower.” Thinking like this according to the article is dangerous because it can cause more harm than it can do good for you and the issues that you have with a binge eating disorder.

In closing the article mentions that this disorder is nothing insignificant and you should seek help and find it whenever you can find it to make yourself a better person overall.

Key Points:

  • 16 to 8 million Americans are affected by Binge Easting Disorder.
  • 2This is the most common eating disorder in the United States.
  • 3Binge Eating Disorder is a mental health condition.

Persons of all body sizes are impacted by binge eating disorder

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