3 Steps To Menstrual Regularity Day 2: Menstrual Regularity & Ovulation

Hey, this is Robin Nielsen and this is Day Two of Three Steps to Menstrual Regularity training. Last time we rocked it with kind of discovering the root causes of menstrual irregularity and it’s different for all of us. You know, I heard from so many of you about what’s going on for you around your menstrual cycle and I totally understand and I understand your frustration and your worry and your pain and your fatigue and all of that. I shared a little bit about my story and I’m gonna share a little bit more of it today so we can get into what we’re experiencing now, but then also be able to visualize what can actually happen for us. Like, you know, what if we did feel great and talk a little bit about that and explore the possibilities because you totally can get there. But until you kind of had a taste of it, it’s hard to believe for yourself. I’m really excited to dive in today. So today is actually the three steps to menstrual regularities. I’m going to share with you what those secrets are a little bit later.

Last time I asked you to post what other symptoms you are experiencing along with menstrual irregularity. Look at all these things that really come right along with menstrual irregularity; it’s not happening all by itself. It’s a complete metabolic issue that you can see. Acne, sometimes hot flashes, weight gain, thinning hair, facial hair, skin tags, anxiety, fatigue, hormone imbalance in general, insulin resistance, a big driver of menstrual irregularity, infertility, digestive problems, blood sugar issues, depression of variances, decreased libido. I know many of you have said anxiety, so that’s sort of what’s going on when you have irregular menstrual cycles. It’s not just irregular menstrual cycles. There is a whole bunch going on in your bodies.   I shared with you a little bit about my story around my menstrual cycle. I actually had a really heavy cycle.

I always had a lot of pain with it, so I had a lot of cramping. I had, you know, a lot of PMS symptoms, so I was really irritable, very short tempered. The saying goes something like, “If you don’t like your husband two weeks out of the month, it’s probably not your husband,” that can go with the rest of your family too, right? If you’re really barking at the rest of your family a couple of weeks out of the month, it’s probably not your family or your friends or anybody else in your life. It’s what’s going on with you. I want to make sure that you understand that, that it’s just your body that is out of balance. That’s how it was for me. With my period, it was really my husband, he was listening to the radio one day and he heard that women who take calcium and magnesium can really help to alleviate some PMS symptoms, specifically cramping…


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