9 Struggles—and Solutions—to Working While Pregnant

Being a pregnant working mom isn’t easy but it is doable. The first trimester you may not look pregnant but you will be exhausted.   Keeping up with your work load may be tough.   If possible, work from home where you will feel more comfortable.   Don’t expect a lot of sympathy from your co-workers at this point, they may not even realize  you are pregnant. Here are some hacks to help you get through the worst of it:

Stay hydrated and keep a snack handy.

Wear compressions stockings if you are on your feet at your job.   Your legs will thank you.

Choose maternity clothes that will still work for work post pregnancy.   You won’t go right back into your pre-pregnancy clothes.   Pick up a few professional flowy tops that don’t scream “I Am Pregnant”.

You can have a little coffee if necessary for an energy boost.   Check with your doctor on how much is acceptable.

Key Points:

  • 1Pregnant women who take public transportation often don’t feel well especially while travelling in the morning.
  • 2To maintain blood sugar levels, pregnant women should always have water and a snack for the trip.
  • 3The first weeks of pregnancy can deplete a pregnant woman’s energy.

The first weeks of pregnancy can deplete your energy and cause your productivity to tank.

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