Heavily Used Herbicide Tied to Shorter Pregnancies

Fewer than one in ten women studied in Indiana did not have glyphosate concentrations present in their urine. Worse; the higher the level found in their urine, the earlier their pregnancy reached labor and the baby was delivered. The most popular herbicide used around the world, including in the United States, glyphosate is sold under its brand name of Roundup.

Though Roundup is used throughout the world with great frequency, and is a major part of many farming operations, there is a surprising lack of clinical medical research into its effects upon humans. The recent study conducted by the Indiana Fairbanks School of Public Health is drawing tremendous attention because many people are worried about the results, and because there’s no where else to turn for answers.

The Indiana study looked at a number of pregnant women living in central Indiana. After controlling for diet, lifestyle, and other factors, they provided a pair of samples of tap water from where they lived, and also two samples of their urine. When the samples were tested for glyphosate, researchers found ninety-three percent had glyphosate in their urine. Rural women’s levels were higher than suburban women’s. Pregnant women were found to deliver earlier if they had measurable glyphosate in their bodies than women who did not.

Key Points:

  • 1Pregnant women should not use any kind of herbicides on their lawn or inside during their pregnancy.
  • 2Other than Herbicide, Glyphosate level is also associated with consuming high levels of caffeine.
  • 3Luckily, when tested, glyphosate was not present in the drinking water otherwise other people could get affected.

Women who drank more than 24 ounces of caffeinated beverages per day also had higher glyphosate concentrations than others. However, none of the drinking water samples had detectable glyphosate.

See the original at: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-pregnancy-herbicide-glyphosate/heavily-used-herbicide-tied-to-shorter-pregnancies-idUSKCN1H91F7?feedType=RSS&feedName=healthNews


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