Is It Traumatizing For Children To Watch Their Mother Give Birth?

Is It Traumatizing For Children To Watch Their Mother Give Birth?

Traumatic experiences can occur at any time and at any age. That’s why children-related PTSD diagnoses have increased recently. A child can experience trauma through negative experiences or poor outcomes in their environment. A recent childbirth trend has been identified as the reason some children are being diagnosed with PTSD.

Childbirth trauma is usually associated with the mother mostly because she undergoes labor after nine long months of pregnancy. However, a recent trend with families allowing their children to see their mother go through labor is being diagnosed with PTSD as well. According to the BBC, parents want to involve their older children in the childbirth experience of their younger siblings so that they won’t feel jealous because of the new baby.

This practice has caused traumatic experiences on the young minds of children who see their mother going through such a painful experience. In addition, the foul language sometimes used by the mother while going through intensive labor pain can traumatize their children. It is very important to treat such kind of trauma with highly appropriate treatments, otherwise, it will drastically affect the mind of children.


Advice for Parents to Treat Childbirth Related Trauma of their Children


If you want to create a family bonding event by involving your younger children in the childbirth process, then you have to make it age-appropriate so that this experience won’t negatively impact your child. Some suggestions to involve children are listed below.

Discuss childbirth properly –

Before involving your child in the childbirth process, you need to discuss the entire process with them. You can show them brief childbirth videos or show them books on childbirth. If your child has any questions, then you should address them as best as possible. There’s no point in shying from a discussion when you will be incorporating them into the experience. You need to prepare your child in advance so for the experience and you can do that by explaining the childbirth process in detail.

Don’t leave your child unattended –

The entire process of childbirth is chaotic and no matter how much you prepare your child in advance, your children will see something that will shock them. It is a good idea to ask a close family member or friend to stay with your child during labor. This way your child won’t feel scared when you go into the labor. Moreover, if at any point it becomes too much for your child, then he or she can leave the room as there will be an adult present to help them out.

Involve your child in some parts –

You don’t have to involve your kid in the entire childbirth pr