Fruits And Veggies – Smart Order

Fruits And Veggies – Smart Order

Superfood Nutrition Delivered Monthly to Your Door

  • Pure plant-based nutrition from green foods and slow burning carbohydrates
  • Antioxidants of 10 servings of fruits and veggies
  • May help improve digestive system
  • May help improve Circadian rhythms

Forget minimum requirements, this is your daily dose of AWESOME! This superfood power pack insures you get optimal nutrition every day. With the Fruits and Veggies Pack you will have greens every morning for energy and alkalinity and sour cherries every evening for deep sleep, stress reduction and antioxidants.

Servings per container of Power Shake: 30

Instructions for Power Shake: Mix 2 slightly rounded scoops (36g) with 10-20 oz of water or juice (carrot or apple would be ideal). Take on an empty stomach (or 2 hours after eating) 1-4 times per day. Great prior to, during, and after exercise or activity.

Servings per container of Apothe-Cherry: 16/32

Instructions for Apothe-Cherry: Add 1/2 oz to 1 oz (1 – 2 tbsp) of concentrate to 8 -10 oz of water or juice and drink daily. Works best when taken thirty minutes to an hour before going to bed or after a workout.


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Greg lost 18 pounds and his wife lost 6 pounds with the 10 Day Transformation. The Purium product line is something he highly recommends and uses himself every day. Greg founded HealthStatus in 1998 and continues to deliver high quality products and services to HealthStatus visitors.

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