5 Ways to Get Your Family to Sleep on Christmas Eve

5 Ways to Get Your Family to Sleep on Christmas Eve

Christmas can be an exciting time, especially for children, and particularly when family has filled the house for the event. Parents often struggle to get their kids to drop off into sleep, so they can creep around the house helping the Santa Claus magic happen. With so much about to happen, even the most well behaved child can have a tough time going to bed and quieting down enough to slip into slumber. What’s a frustrated parent, eager to see the bright smiles the next morning as the proof of Santa is presented to them via the presents, supposed to do?

Some tricks might help convince your kids it’s okay to sleep rather than stay up. A good first step is to fill Christmas Eve with activities designed to tire the poor kiddos out. Some sort of trip, especially one where there’s walking or moving about, something that can engage and focus their attention, can help wear them out enough to be ready to drift into dreams later that night.

Once bedtime does arrive, following the usual routines can lull your kids into bed without incident. Further, let them see and know you’re also going to bed; as the house quiets down and mom and dad are asleep, the kids will likely follow suit. And if all else fails, serve a bedtime snack designed to induce slumber.

Key Points:

  • 1Try to do something active with your kids to tire them out
  • 2Make sure to follow a normal bedtime routine so that they don’t think anything is different.
  • 3Let your kids know that Santa Claus won’t be coming until they fall asleep!

Anticipation over a visit from Santa Claus, excitement about the soon-to-be-opened presents, lots of sweet treats, and a complete shift from their normal schedule can make even the easiest kid impossible to put to bed.

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